20 Best Clipboard Management Apps for iPhone

Clipboard Management have become an essential productivity tool for many iPhone users. These apps allow you to easily access your clipboard history, organize clips into folders, sync across devices, and more. With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to determine which iPhone clipboard manager is right for you.

This article will highlight the top 20 clipboard apps for iPhone in 2023 based on features, ease of use, privacy protections, and value. We’ll go through the key benefits of each app to help you find your perfect clipboard productivity partner.

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Why Use a Clipboard Manager on iPhone?

Before diving into the top apps, let’s quickly go over why clipboard managers are so useful on iPhone:

  • Access clipboard history – Instantly pull up everything you’ve copied for easy pasting later.
  • Organize clippings – Many apps let you sort clips into custom folders or tag favorites for quick access.
  • Sync across devices – Clipboard contents can be synced via iCloud to your Mac, iPad, and other devices.
  • Privacy protections – Leading clipboard managers emphasize encrypted storage and protection of your data.
  • Keyboard integration – Some provide handy keyboards for fast clipping and pasting.
  • Share extensions – Enable clipping links, images, and text from anywhere.
  • Automation – Integrates with Siri shortcuts for streamlined workflows.

Now let’s get into the top 20 clipboard apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023!

1. Paste – Best Overall

Paste is our choice for the best overall clipboard manager for iPhone and iPad. This full-featured app offers excellent cross-device sync, organization options, automation tools, and a user-friendly design.

Key features of Paste for iOS:

  • iCloud sync to Mac & iPad
  • Custom collections to organize clips
  • Favorites tab for frequent clips
  • Clip anything from any app
  • Full clipboard history search
  • Siri shortcut support
  • Biometric or passcode app protection
  • Universal clipboard syncing (iOS & macOS)
  • Handoff support on Mac
  • Comprehensive keyboard

Paste provides the complete clipboard management experience for Apple devices. From simple clip history to advanced automation, Paste has you covered.

2. CLIP+ – Best for Safari and Siri

CLIP+ stands out for its deep integration with Safari and Siri shortcuts. If you do a lot of browsing on iPhone, CLIP+ supercharges your clipboard.

Useful features of CLIP+:

  • Direct Safari extension for web clippings
  • Clip full webpages or just links
  • Custom Siri commands for clipping
  • Organize clips into groups
  • Favorites tab for frequent clips
  • Quick copy pop-up when highlighting text
  • Syncs to Mac and iPad

CLIP+ makes it incredibly fast to save links and snippets from Safari using the extension or Siri. Best suited for heavy web users.

3. iPaste – Most Lightweight

iPaste is a stripped down clipboard manager focused on simplicity. The basic features it does offer all work great.

Why use iPaste:

  • Very simple and clean interface
  • Support for basic clipboard history
  • Organize clips into groups
  • Search clips
  • Paste older clips
  • Universal app works on iPhone and iPad
  • Syncs between devices with iCloud

If you want a basic clipboard history without a lot of extra features, iPaste nails the basics. The lightweight app is fast and responsive.

4. Copied – Best for Clip Organization

Copied shines for its organizational capabilities. The app offers tons of ways to customize and arrange your clips.

Key features of Copied:

  • Create multiple clip folders
  • Tag clips with colors and emojis
  • Search clips and folders
  • iCloud sync across Apple devices
  • Options for clipboard history depth
  • Slide in/out interface
  • Passcode and Face ID/Touch ID support
  • Mac app with Handoff support

Copied helps keep your clips neatly organized with nested folders, tagging, color coding, and more. Great if you save a high volume of clips.

5. CopyClip – Seamlessly Syncs Clipboard Across Devices

CopyClip focuses heavily on syncing your clipboard seamlessly across all devices. It’s quick and simple to use.

Key perks of CopyClip:

  • Real-time iCloud sync with Mac & iPad
  • Universal clipboard support
  • Clipboard history with search
  • Simple sortable clip list
  • Passcode protection
  • Clear clipboard data
  • Mac app with Handoff

If you want your clipboard clips readily available across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, CopyClip excels at live sync.

6. Clips – Simple and Easy Clipboard Manager

Clips delivers a straightforward clipboard manager with no extra frills. The app focuses on fast and easy access to your clipboard.

Key features of Clips:

  • Light and fast clipping
  • iCloud syncs clips across devices
  • Quickly paste recent clips
  • Clipboard history search
  • Simple chronological clip view
  • Passcode or Touch ID locking

Clips offers an efficient clipboard manager for basic functionality. The simplicity makes it easy to quickly save and paste clips.

7. Clipper – Customizable and User-Friendly

Clipper sets itself apart with a highly customizable interface. The app focuses heavily on user experience.

Why choose Clipper:

  • Reorder clips and folders
  • Customizable themes & icons
  • Multiple view options (list, grid)
  • iCloud sync
  • Clipboard extension
  • Apple Watch support
  • Stacks similar clips

Clipper offers customizable workflows tailored to your specific needs. If you like to tweak and optimize tools to your style, it’s a great pick.

8. Copy Better – Offers Easy Clip Management, Folder Organization, Favorites, Home Screen Widgets, a Dedicated Keyboard, Siri Shortcuts, and a Convenient Share Extension.

Copy Better is another solid all-in-one clipboard manager for iPhone. It features a useful home screen widget and Siri shortcut support on top of robust clip organization.

Top features of Copy Better:

  • Dedicated clipboard keyboard
  • Clip anything from any app
  • Organize clips into infinite folders
  • Tag clips as favorites
  • Share sheet extension for quick clipping
  • Home screen widget
  • Set clipboard history limit
  • Customize clip view

Copy Better combines a full-featured clipboard manager with handy widgets and keyboard to deliver a streamlined experience.

9. Pycopaste – Offers Background Clipboard and Biometric Protection

Pycopaste delivers a couple unique features alongside the standard clipboard management capabilities.

Why use Pycopaste:

  • Runs in background for always-available clipping
  • Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode protection
  • Multiple clip sorting options
  • Easy organization into groups
  • Quick paste from notification
  • Share sheet extension

The background clipboard and biometric locking help Pycopaste stand out from other options. The security and convenience features provide added day-to-day value.

10. Clippo – Great for Link Management and Previews

Clippo excels at handling links copied from apps and websites. You can preview clipped links in the app.

Notable Clippo features:

  • Preview links from the clipboard
  • Grab links from any app
  • Star frequently used clips
  • Sync clipboard history across devices
  • Dark mode support
  • Slide in/out interface for quick access
  • Custom sort order for clips

If you frequently copy links when browsing or sharing online, Clippo makes it easy to visualize and manage everything you clip.

11. Copy ‘Em – Offers Categories Management and iCloud Sync

Copy ‘Em provides a clean interface for saving clips into custom categories. It also covers the basics like clipboard history and iCloud sync.

Key Copy ‘Em features:

  • Create unlimited categories
  • Copy and organize clipping
  • Paste clips from history
  • iCloud sync across devices
  • Customizable interface
  • Universal iOS app

The category-focused clip organization helps Copy ‘Em stand out. Setting up folders tailored to your needs makes accessing clips more efficient.

12. Copied – Another Great Clipboard Manager for iOS with Core Features

Copied is a popular and polished clipboard manager for iPhone and iPad. It nails all the key features you would expect.

Why use Copied:

  • Save, organize, and track clips
  • Search clips for easy access
  • Sync clipboard history across devices
  • Create collections to organize
  • View clip details and previews
  • Passcode lock for privacy

As another well-rounded clipboard manager, Copied offers an excellent overall experience and maintains your data securely.

13. QuickClip – Great for Quick Note Taking on the Go

QuickClip emphasizes quick note clipping and typing directly into the app clipboard.

Notable features of QuickClip:

  • Quickly take text and link notes
  • Clipboard history with iCloud sync
  • Search all your saved clips
  • Star favorite clips
  • Organize clips into folders
  • Direct clipboard access from folders
  • Custom themes

If you often need to jot down notes on the fly, QuickClip makes that process fast and seamless.

14. Jet – Offers Extended Clipboard History

Jet differentiates itself by offering unlimited clipboard history compared to the capped history of other apps.

Benefits of choosing Jet:

  • Save unlimited clipboard history
  • Organize clips with #hashtags
  • Basic Markdown formatting for text clips
  • Share clips as plain text or Markdown
  • Universal iOS app
  • Dark mode

Jet is great if you really need to reference older clipboard items. Most apps limit history, but Jet stores everything for indefinite access.

15. Pastables – Great for Bulk Saving Links with Descriptions

Pastables makes it easy to capture multiple links with attached notes for organizational purposes.

Key Pastables features:

  • Save multiple links with descriptions
  • Organize saved links into boards
  • View your link clipping history
  • Search links and notes by keyword
  • Drag and drop links to reorder
  • Tag favorite links for quick access
  • Universal iOS app

Pastables excels for researchers, students, and anyone else who needs to frequently copy and organize links from websites. The robust tools for handling multiple links with attached notes set Pastables apart from other general clipboard managers.

16. Clipboard Plus – Offers Home Screen Widgets

Clipboard Plus provides home screen widgets for fast access alongside the standard clipboard management features.

Notable features:

  • Home screen widgets
  • Save clips into custom folders
  • Clip anything from any app
  • Password protect app
  • Light and dark themes
  • Basic clipboard history

The widgets help you quickly paste clips without opening the full app. Convenient for frequently used text snippets.

17. iClip – Great for Cross-Device Clipboard Syncing

iClip focuses heavily on syncing clipboard content seamlessly across all your devices.

Key features of iClip:

  • Real-time clipboard sync with Mac
  • Access clips on iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Clipboard history with search
  • Organize clips into groups
  • Basic Markdown formatting
  • Universal clipboard support

iClip combines wide device support with real-time syncing for easy access to your clipboard everywhere. Reliable syncing makes it stand out.

18. Clipboard History 2 – Another Solid Choice for Syncing Clipboards Across Devices

Clipboard History 2 provides another quality option focused on iCloud sync. It keeps all your devices updated in real-time.

Notable features:

  • Real-time clipboard sync across devices
  • Clipboard history with search
  • Favorites section for frequent clips
  • Simple, chronological clip view
  • Quick access from widgets
  • Customizable themes

Like iClip, Clipboard History 2 delivers a seamless multi-device clipboard experience. Both are great picks if that’s your main priority.

19. PlainClip – Great for Plain Text Clipping

PlainClip provides a simple option designed for plain text clipping. It omits some richer features like images and links.

Key features of PlainClip:

  • Clipboard history just for plain text
  • Quickly paste any snippet
  • Search all clipped text
  • Sync history across devices
  • Passcode protection

If you just need a basic way to manage and reuse copied text snippets on iPhone, PlainClip keeps things simple.

20. Cleppy – Solid Overall Clipboard Manager

Cleppy delivers core clipboard manager functionality without too many extra bells and whistles.

Notable Cleppy features:

  • Save clipboard content from any app
  • Search clipboard history
  • Organize clips into custom folders
  • Link previews for web clips
  • Tag favorites for quick access
  • Basic automation options

As a straightforward clipboard manager, Cleppy competes well with all the top options on this list. It covers the key features at a competitive price point.

Summary – Best Clipboard Managers for iPhone in 2023

Clipboard managers provide a huge productivity boost on iPhone for saving valuable nuggets of information you encounter throughout the day. The top options make reaccessing anything you copy easy and organized.

Here’s a quick summary of our top 5 recommended clipboard apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023:

  1. Paste – Best overall features and sync
  2. CLIP+ – Deep Safari and Siri integration
  3. iPaste – Lightweight with just essential features
  4. Copied – Excellent for clip organization
  5. CopyClip – Reliable real-time sync across devices

Any of these leading clipboard managers will level up your copying and pasting game on iPhone. Find the one that best matches your personal workflow needs. With apps advancing rapidly, we’ll continue to see clipboard management on iOS become even more powerful over time.

Clipboard Manager App Comparison Table

AppBest ForKey Features
PasteOverall FeaturesiCloud Sync, Collections, Siri Shortcuts
CLIP+Safari and SiriSafari Extension, Custom Siri Commands
iPasteLightweightSimple Interface, iCloud Sync
CopiedClip OrganizationFolders, Tags, Search
CopyClipCross-Device SyncReal-time iCloud sync
ClipsEasy to UseLightning-fast clipping
ClipperCustomizationThemes, Layouts, Stacks
Copy BetterClip ManagementKeyboard, Widgets, Extensions
PycopasteSecurityBackground Clipboard, Biometrics
ClippoLink ManagementLink Previews, Star Links
Copy ‘EmCategoriesClip Folders, iCloud Sync
CopiedCore FeaturesSync, Search, Passcode Lock
QuickClipNote TakingDirect Typing, Folders
JetHistoryUnlimited Clipboard History
PastablesSaving LinksBoards, Descriptions
Clipboard PlusWidgetsHome Screen Widgets
iClipCross-Device SyncReal-time Multi-Device Sync
Clipboard History 2SyncingiCloud Sync, Universal History
PlainClipPlain TextSimple Text Snippets
CleppyOverallWell-Rounded Features

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