How to Get White Noise on iPhone Without Installing Any App


White Noise on iPhone Without Installing Any App is a soothing, constant background sound that can help block out distractions and help you relax or fall asleep. While there are many white noise apps you can download, you don’t actually need to install any additional apps to get white noise on your iPhone. The iPhone has a built-in background sounds feature that allows you to play various white noise tracks without downloading anything.

In this article, we’ll walk through how to access the background sounds on iPhone and the different white noise options available. We’ll also provide tips on how to customize the white noise to your liking and explain the benefits of using white noise.

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Accessing Background Sounds on iPhone

The background sounds feature is easy to access on any iPhone model running iOS 14 or later. Here are the steps to get started:

Use Control Center

The fastest way to turn on background sounds is through Control Center:

  1. Swipe down from the upper right corner of your iPhone screen to reveal Control Center.
  2. Tap and hold the volume control icon. This will expand the options.
  3. Tap the “Background Sounds” icon (it looks like an ear).

This will immediately start playing the last background sound you had enabled.

Use Settings App

Alternatively, you can access Background Sounds through the Settings app:

  1. Open Settings and tap “Accessibility.”
  2. Select “Audio/Visual.”
  3. Choose “Background Sounds.”

From here you can select which sound you want to play. The sound will not start playing until you exit out of Settings.

White Noise Options on iPhone

The built-in Background Sounds feature provides you with six different white noise tracks to choose from:

  • Balanced Noise: This contains a neutral mix of frequencies and generally sounds like a steady airflow. It’s a great standard white noise option.
  • Bright Noise: Has more emphasis on higher frequencies. It sounds airier and slightly louder.
  • Dark Noise: Puts more emphasis on lower, bassier frequencies. This results in a deeper, rumbling type of white noise.
  • Ocean: Simulates the sound of gentle ocean waves washing up on shore. This is a good option if you find natural sounds more relaxing.
  • Rain: Recreates the pitter-patter sound of a steady rainfall. Another great nature noise choice.
  • Stream: Mimics the bubbling sound of a running stream. The water noises can be soothing.

The balanced, bright, and dark noise options are the purest White Noise on iPhone Without Installing Any App tracks. Ocean, rain, and stream incorporate more nature sounds on top of the white noise. Listen to samples of each to decide which you prefer.

Customizing the iPhone White Noise

One of the best things about using the native Background Sounds is that you can customize the sound to your liking. Here are a few ways to personalize it:

  • Adjust the volume: Use your iPhone’s volume buttons to make the white noise louder or quieter. Get it to the right level for your environment.
  • Set a sleep timer: You can make the white noise automatically stop after a set amount of time. Go to the Timers section in the Clock app and create a new timer.
  • Use headphones: Plugging headphones into your iPhone will play the white noise directly into your ears without disturbing others.
  • Set to always play: Enable the “Always” option in Settings so that your selected sound plays continuously instead of just when media is playing.
  • Use Do Not Disturb: Turn on Do Not Disturb mode so that you won’t get interrupted by calls or alerts while listening to white noise.
  • Adjust equalizer: Use the built-in equalizer in Settings > Music > EQ to tweak the sound profile. For example, reduce treble for darker noise.

Experiment with these adjustments to create the perfect custom white noise mix for sleeping, studying, working, or relaxing.

Benefits of White Noise on iPhone

Listening to white noise on your iPhone offers several advantages:

  • Improves sleep: White noise can mask disruptive ambient sounds that might wake you up at night. The consistent background noise helps lull you into deep, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Boosts concentration: The monotonous and unobtrusive quality of white noise makes it easier to focus on work without getting distracted. The sound helps drown out chatter and other noises.
  • Soothes crying babies: Many parents use white noise to calm down fussy, crying babies. The soothing sound helps infants fall asleep faster.
  • Provides privacy: White noiseplayed through headphones or a speaker can prevent eavesdropping. The dense sound masks nearby conversations.
  • Reduces anxiety: Listening to pleasant white noise tracks lowers physiological arousal and stress. The predictable sound is very zen and relaxing for many people.
  • Masks tinnitus: People with ringing in the ears may benefit from white noise, as it helps cover up the unwanted internal noises.

The fact that you can easily access white noise on your iPhone anytime, anywhere means it can improve your quality of life throughout the day.

Recommended White Noise Apps for iPhone

While you don’t need to download any apps to get white noise on your iPhone, there are some excellent white noise apps worth checking out. These provide additional functionality and audio options beyond the native background sounds:

  • Relax Melodies: Offers over 100 high-definition sounds including different white noise tracks, nature sounds, ambient melodies, and more. Has a ton of customization options.
  • myNoise: Lets you mix different sounds and frequencies to create your own customized soundscape. Great for blocking specific environmental noises.
  • White Noise+: Boasts an extensive library of white noise along with soundscapes, meditation music, and audio stories. Features volume oscillation.
  • Noisli: Combines background noises and ambient music for an immersive audio experience. Includes a mix timer to automatically switch sounds.
  • Sleepiest: Has a clean and simple interface along with advanced features like tempo adjustment and alarm capabilities. Designed specifically for better sleep.

While not required, these apps provide extra white noise capabilities that serious users may appreciate. However, the free and convenient Background Sounds on iPhone are sufficient for most people’s needs.

How to Use White Noise Safely

When using white noise to aid sleep or concentration, make sure to follow some basic safety guidelines:

  • Keep the volume at a reasonable level. Too loud can damage hearing over time.
  • Don’t play white noise constantly at high volume. Take occasional breaks to give ears a rest.
  • Use a timer so white noise doesn’t play all night long while you sleep.
  • Don’t rely on white noise to mask underlying sleep disorders or health issues. See a doctor if problems persist.
  • Place iPhone or speakers far enough away so sound is audible but not blaring.
  • Check that smoke detectors can still be heard over the white noise.
  • Pay attention to your iPhone’s temperature if it’s tucked under a pillow or blanket.

Following these tips will allow you to enjoy the benefits of white noise safely.


The built-in background sounds on iPhone provide an easy way to access white noise without downloading any apps. Options like Balanced Noise, Rain, Bright Noise, and Ocean give you a variety of soothing sounds to block distractions and help you focus or sleep. Customizing the volume, equalizer, sleep timer, and other settings let you personalize the sound to your exact preferences. While supplemental white noise apps can be beneficial, they are not at all necessary. The next time you want to play white noise, simply open your iPhone’s Settings or Control Center rather than the App Store.

Table Summary of Key Information

White Noise TypeDescriptionBest Uses
Balanced NoiseNeutral mix of sound frequenciesGeneral white noise
Bright NoiseMore emphasis on higher pitchesWorking, studying
Dark NoiseDeeper, bassier soundRelaxation, sleep aid
OceanSimulates crashing wavesRelaxation, meditation
RainMimics steady rainfallRelaxation, background noise
StreamBubbling water soundsNature soundscapes

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