Will iphone xr get ios 17 or Not?

Will iphone xr get ios 17 or Not?Apple’s iPhone XR was released in 2018 as a lower-cost alternative to the flagship iPhone XS and XS Max. Now over 4 years old, the iPhone XR is nearing the end of its typical 5-year software support lifespan. This has led many users to wonder – will the iPhone XR get the upcoming iOS 17 update?

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An Overview of iOS 17

iOS 17 is the next major version of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, expected to be released in Fall 2023 alongside the rumored iPhone 15 lineup.

While details on iOS 17 features are still scarce, we can make some educated guesses on what to expect based on previous iOS releases:

  • Refined design and UI changes: Apple tends to tweak the iOS interface every couple years. iOS 17 could bring visual refreshments like new system fonts, app icons, and wallpapers.
  • New stock apps: Key apps like Weather, Maps, Mail, and Messages often get redesigns and new capabilities in major iOS releases.
  • Siri improvements: Apple continuously works on making Siri more capable as a digital assistant. iOS 17 could bring enhanced voice recognition, deeper app integrations, and more smart Siri suggestions.
  • Privacy and security enhancements: Apple has been doubling down on privacy lately. We can expect more transparency around app data access, tighter default restrictions, and new tools to protect sensitive user information in iOS 17.
  • Home architecture upgrades: HomeKit, AirPlay, and other home connectivity services tend to evolve each year. iOS 17 could introduce new automation triggers, improved Handoff experience, and better smart home device integration.
  • Under-the-hood improvements: Core iOS elements like battery life, performance, accessibility, and connectivity get refinements with each update. iOS 17 should bring optimizations across the board.

Of course, some iOS 17 rumors suggest more ambitious changes like a refreshed multitasking system, always-on display for iPhone 14 Pro models, and satellite emergency connectivity. But Apple’s software updates typically focus more on iterative improvements versus major rewrites.

Will the iPhone XR Get iOS 17?

So Will iphone xr get ios 17 or Not when it debuts later this year? Let’s consider a few key factors:

Hardware compatibility

From a hardware perspective, the iPhone XR should be capable of running iOS 17 smoothly. Here are its core specs:

  • Apple A12 Bionic chip: Apple’s A12 processor first debuted with the iPhone XS in 2018. It remains fast and efficient by today’s standards. And it’s still supported by Apple – the 2022 iPad 10th generation runs the A12 Bionic.
  • 3GB RAM: The iPhone XR has less RAM than newer iPhones, but 3GB remains sufficient to handle modern iOS versions. The iPhone 11 also has 3GB RAM and supports up to iOS 16.
  • Storage options up to 256GB: The iPhone XR shipped with 64GB or 128GB storage standard, with a 256GB option added later. Storage capacity is not a limiting factor.
  • Full iPadOS support: Apple brought iPadOS multitasking features like Split View to the iPhone XR with iOS 14. This suggests it has enough headroom and memory for sophisticated iOS capabilities.

Software support history

The iPhone XR launched with iOS 12 and received updates up through iOS 16, the latest version as of early 2023. In general, iPhones get approximately 5 years of software support. The iPhone XR is now in its 5th year of availability.

However, Apple sometimes provides 6 years of updates for its lower-cost iPhone models, like the iPhone 6s and original iPhone SE. The iPhone XR could follow suit with support extending into 2024.

iOS 17 estimated compatibility

Based on hardware capabilities and past software support timelines, the iPhone XR should be capable of running iOS 17 smoothly when it launches.

Apple has not confirmed compatibility yet – that won’t happen until much closer to iOS 17’s public release later in 2023. But we expect the iPhone XR to receive the update given its specifications and support history.

Benefits of Updating to iOS 17

Here are some of the benefits iPhone XR owners can look forward to by installing iOS 17:

  • Latest features – iOS 17 will bring Apple’s newest innovations like augmented reality upgrades, Siri enhancements, major stock app redesigns, new Home architecture, and more. Staying up-to-date ensures access to all the latest capabilities.
  • Security – Apple fixes bugs, patches vulnerabilities, and adds privacy protections with each iOS release. iOS 17 will make the iPhone XR safer and more secure.
  • App support – Most new apps target the latest iOS versions. Supporting iOS 17 will allow the iPhone XR to run more apps and games into the future.
  • Performance boosts – Optimization and under-the-hood improvements with each iOS update keeps older devices running smoothly. iOS 17 could bring speed and battery life gains.
  • Peace of mind – Knowing your iPhone will continue receiving the latest updates for multiple years brings peace of mind. Updating provides assurance your device won’t be left behind anytime soon.

Reasons to Delay Upgrading to iOS 17

While we expect the iPhone XR to fully support iOS 17, some users may want to wait before installing the latest update when available later this year:

  • Bug risks – Brand new OS releases sometimes introduce stability or performance issues. Delaying a few weeks allows Apple to patch any major bugs reported after initial release.
  • App compatibility – Similarly, many third-party apps have not been tested against major iOS updates immediately after launch. Lagging 1-2 months allows apps to release compatibility updates.
  • Jailbreaking – Those interested in jailbreaking their iPhone XR will need to wait for iOS 17 jailbreaks to become available after launch. Jumping to iOS 17 right away could cut off jailbreaking options.
  • Change aversion – iOS visual overhauls and new features can be jarring for some users. Staying on iOS 16 a bit longer lets you ease into the iOS 17 changes at your own pace.
  • Performance concerns – Though unlikely, there’s a small chance iOS 17 could slow down older iPhones like the XR upon release. Waiting allows testing on your specific model before committing.

Will iOS 17 Be the Last Update for the iPhone XR?

iOS 17 will likely be the last major iOS release the iPhone XR receives. However, there are a few scenarios where the iPhone XR could get additional updates beyond iOS 17:

  • iOS 17.x point releases: After iOS 17 launches, Apple typically releases periodic bug fix and security updates like iOS 17.1, 17.2, etc over the following year. The iPhone XR should get these smaller “.x” updates even after iOS 18 launches.
  • iOS 18: If Apple provides 6 full years of software support, the iPhone XR could be eligible to jump to iOS 18 in 2024 as a final update. However, only 5 years of support is more probable based on past timelines.
  • Special extended support: In rare cases, Apple provides iPhones an extra year of updates if hardware issues emerged shortly after launch, like “Touch Disease” on the iPhone 6 Plus. There are no indications of such manufacturing defects on the iPhone XR, however.
  • Security updates: Apple sometimes issues critical standalone security updates to older devices no longer getting full iOS releases. So the iPhone XR may continue getting vital fixes even without new iOS versions.

Overall, we expect iOS 17 to be the iPhone XR’s final major iOS update given its age and Apple’s typical 5-year software support policy. But the XR should continue receiving iOS 17 point releases, and potentially iOS 18, throughout 2023 and into 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the iPhone XR get iOS 17?

A: Yes, we expect the iPhone XR to be compatible with iOS 17, based on its specifications and Apple’s history of providing approximately 5 years of software support. However, Apple has not officially confirmed compatibility yet.

Q: When will iOS 17 be released?

A: Apple has not announced an iOS 17 release date yet, but based on past schedules it should debut in September 2023 alongside the rumored iPhone 15.

Q: How well will iOS 17 run on the iPhone XR?

A: Thanks to its fast A12 Bionic processor and ample 3GB RAM, the iPhone XR should run iOS 17 smoothly without major performance issues. Under-the-hood optimizations may even provide speed/battery gains.

Q: Will updating to iOS 17 be required?

A: No, iOS updates are always optional. However, updating is recommended for the latest features, security protections, and app compatibility. You can delay updating for a few weeks/months if desired.

Q: What if I want to keep iOS 16 on my iPhone XR?

A: You can stay on iOS 16 indefinitely if you wish. However, keeping your iPhone XR on older iOS versions is not recommended for optimal security, compatibility, and performance.

Q: Will iOS 17 break any apps on my iPhone XR?

A: Some older apps may not be fully compatible right when iOS 17 launches. But most developers quickly release updates. Waiting 1-2 months after iOS 17’s release gives apps time to catch up.

Q: Can I restore my iPhone XR to iOS 16 after updating to iOS 17?

A: No, you cannot downgrade iOS versions after installing an update. Make sure to back up your iPhone before updating in case you later want to restore back to iOS 16 and start fresh.


Based on its capable hardware and Apple’s strong software support history for older iPhone models, we expect the iPhone XR to receive the upcoming iOS 17 update likely arriving in September 2023.

While not guaranteed until Apple confirms compatibility, the iPhone XR should be able to run iOS 17 smoothly and benefit from its latest features and improvements. This will require at least 5GB of free storage space.

Updating to iOS 17 will keep the iPhone XR feeling modern and secure into the future. But users can optionally delay a few weeks or months if desired to allow any bugs to be fixed and third-party apps to release compatibility updates.

Either way, iOS 17 will likely represent the last major version upgrade for the iPhone XR, which is now in its 5th year of availability. But it should continue receiving iOS 17 point releases and security updates into 2024, even after iOS 18 arrives for newer iPhones.

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