How to Use AdGuard DNS on iOS 17

Use Adguard DNS on iOS 17 is a free, open DNS service that blocks ads, trackers, and malicious websites on iOS devices. Using AdGuard DNS can improve privacy, security, and browsing experience on your iPhone and iPad. This guide will show you how to set up and use AdGuard DNS on iOS 17.

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What is AdGuard DNS?

Use Adguard DNS on iOS 17 is a DNS server run by AdGuard that filters requests to block ads, tracking, malware, phishing, and other unwanted or dangerous content. Unlike traditional DNS services which just look up domain name to IP address mappings, AdGuard DNS acts as a middleman to check domain requests against blocklists and return non-existent IP addresses for blocked domains. This prevents connections to unwanted sites and content.

Some benefits of using AdGuard DNS on iOS include:

  • Blocks ads in apps and browsers
  • Stops tracking by ad networks and tech companies
  • Prevents malware infections and phishing
  • Speeds up web page loading
  • Saves bandwidth usage
  • Works across all apps and browsers
  • Easy to set up with no configuration needed

AdGuard DNS is free, encrypted, and respects privacy – they do not log user data or requests.

How to Enable AdGuard DNS on iOS 17

Enabling AdGuard DNS filtering on iOS 17 only takes a few tap. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the AdGuard app.
  2. Tap on the Protection icon at the bottom (looks like a shield).
  3. Toggle on DNS Protection. This will enable encrypted DNS requests through AdGuard’s servers.
  4. Under DNS Protection, tap on “DNS Filtering”.
  5. Select the “AdGuard DNS Filter” option.

That’s it! AdGuard DNS is now enabled and will start filtering all domain name requests on your device.

Using a Custom DNS Filter

You can also use a custom DNS filter or hosts file with AdGuard DNS. This allows you to block additional sites and domains not on AdGuard’s standard filter lists.

To add a custom DNS filter:

  1. In the AdGuard app, go to Protection > DNS Protection > DNS Filtering
  2. Tap on “Custom DNS Filter”
  3. Enter the domain or IP address for your custom DNS server or hosts file.
  4. Toggle on the switch to enable the custom filter.

Any domains or sites in your custom DNS filter will now be blocked across your iOS device alongside AdGuard’s standard filters.

Switching Between DNS Filters

The AdGuard app makes it easy to switch between different DNS filtering profiles:

  1. Go to Settings > General > VPN, DNS & Device Management > DNS
  2. This will display all your configured DNS filters – AdGuard, custom, etc.
  3. Tap on a DNS profile to make it active. The selected filter will have a checkmark next to it.

You can quickly swap between DNS filters to fit different needs. For example, use a stricter custom filter at home and AdGuard DNS when out to maintain better device performance.

Confirm AdGuard DNS Works

To confirm AdGuard DNS filtering is working properly:

  1. Open a browser on your iOS device
  2. Go to
  3. The page will check your DNS settings and report if AdGuard DNS is active.

If it detects AdGuard DNS, then your filtering is working correctly! If not, double check your settings in the AdGuard app.

AdGuard DNS FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about AdGuard DNS on iOS:

Does AdGuard DNS slow down my device?

No, enabling AdGuard DNS has minimal impact on device performance. The DNS queries happen very fast.

Does it use a lot of data?

AdGuard DNS uses very little mobile data – most filtering happens before any content downloads. It may actually reduce data usage by blocking ad content.

What are the DNS server addresses?

AdGuard DNS uses encrypted DNS-over-HTTPS servers at:


Can I use AdGuard DNS with a VPN?

Yes, AdGuard will still filter DNS requests when using a VPN app on iOS. Just make sure AdGuard DNS is enabled.

Is AdGuard DNS safe for my privacy?

Yes, AdGuard DNS is designed to protect privacy. They do not log IP addresses or DNS queries. All traffic is encrypted.

Will it block ads in all apps?

AdGuard DNS will filter ads in any app that uses normal domain name requests. But some apps use hard-coded IP addresses which cannot be blocked by DNS filtering.


AdGuard DNS provides an effective and easy way to block ads, tracking, malware, and other unwanted content on your iPhone or iPad. Configuring it only takes a few taps in the AdGuard app, and it works across the entire iOS system. Plus it’s free, secure, and doesn’t impact device performance. Give AdGuard DNS a try to speed up web browsing, save data usage, and enhance privacy on iOS!

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