Whiteout Survival Gift Codes for January 2024      

Whiteout Survival is an exciting survival game set in a post-apocalyptic, frozen wasteland. As players struggle to survive the harsh environment, gift codes provide a welcome source of free in-game rewards and resources. With the new year now underway, this article provides a comprehensive look at all currently available gift codes for January 2024.

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Gift codes are an easy way for Whiteout Survival players to get their hands on premium in-game items, resources, and other rewards for free. These codes are usually shared by the game developers through social media and other platforms. Players simply need to redeem the codes in the game to immediately claim the rewards.

Codes are time-limited and expire after a certain period. New codes are regularly released, often coinciding with special events and updates. As such, keeping track of active, working codes can be tricky. This article aims to provide the most up-to-date list of codes for January 2024 so players can maximize the freebies they can claim this month.

Active Codes List for January 2024

Here is an overview of all the currently active and working Whiteout Survival gift codes for January 2024:

SURVIVE202430 Common Weapon Scrap, 10 Rare Armor Scrap
WASTELAND1 Epic Weapon, 1 Epic Armor
FROZENHAZARD$15,000 in-game cash
NEWYEAR1 Epic Weapon, 5 Epic Weapon Scrap

To redeem codes, launch the game and head to the Settings menu. Click on the “Redeem Code” button and enter any of the active codes exactly as listed above. Make sure to avoid any typos.

These codes provide some great items like scrap materials to upgrade gear, cash to use in the in-game shop, and high-tier epic weapons and armor. The NEWYEAR code is particularly valuable for its epic weapon which is difficult to obtain otherwise.

Make sure to use these codes quickly, as they could expire at any time as we go through January. Also keep an eye out for new codes which may be released this month!

Recent Expired Codes

Here are some Whiteout Survival codes that were active previously but have now expired:

DEVELOPERGIFT1 Legendary Weapon
100KSUBS$10,000 in-game cash
WINTERISHERE20 Common Weapon Scrap

These codes were limited time and are unfortunately no longer valid. Players who had redeemed them in time would have received the listed rewards.

It is common for codes to expire when special events or celebrations end. For example, the WINTERISHERE code expired once the in-game Winter Event concluded. The DEVELOPERGIFT and 100KSUBS codes were likely tied to one-off occasions as well.

Make sure to use active codes quickly before they meet a similar fate! Expired codes cannot be redeemed.

How to Find New Codes

With codes frequently expiring and new ones being released, you may be wondering what the best sources are to stay updated with the latest Whiteout Survival gift codes. Here are some tips:

  • Follow the official Whiteout Survival social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Special codes are often announced there first.
  • Join the game’s official Discord server. The developers and community are very active there.
  • Check for code lists on reputable gaming news and wiki websites. But beware of expired codes on such lists.
  • Look for gift code videos from popular Whiteout Survival YouTubers and streamers. They are sometimes given exclusive codes to share.
  • Sign up for the Whiteout Survival newsletter if they have one. Developers may email new codes to subscribers.

Staying active in the game’s community and regularly checking for any new code drops is the best way to never miss out on free rewards.

How to Redeem Codes

Redeeming Whiteout Survival gift codes is easy but there are a few important steps to keep in mind:

  • Launch Whiteout Survival and look for the Settings menu. On mobile, this is typically accessible via the menu button in the top-right corner.
  • Within Settings, look for the “Redeem Code” option and tap on it. This will open an input field to enter codes.
  • Enter any active code exactly as listed above, taking care to avoid any typos or errors. Capitalization does not matter.
  • Finally, hit the “Redeem” button once you’ve entered a code to collect your rewards!
  • If a code has expired or you have made a mistake, the game will display an error. Double check the code and retry if needed.

Following these simple steps allows you to easily redeem all the active Whiteout Survival codes listed in this article. Just be sure to avoid typos. Redeemed codes also cannot be used more than once.

Recommended Uses for Code Rewards

With so many great freebies available through gift codes, you may be wondering how best to utilize the rewards. Here are some recommendations:

  • Craft epic weapons/armor: Codes like NEWYEAR and WASTELAND provide high-tier epic weapons and armor. These are extremely valuable, so use code rewards to craft and upgrade your best gear.
  • Buy premium supplies: In-game cash from codes like FROZENHAZARD allow you to purchase useful premium items like medical kits, resources, and ammo from the in-game shop.
  • Upgrade common gear: Use scrap from codes like SURVIVE2024 to upgrade common weapons and armor to make them more powerful.
  • Save for later: Hoard extra resources from codes for future use. Having spare gear and upgrade materials will prove useful.
  • Give to faction members: Share some code freebies with friends and teammates in your in-game faction for mutual benefit.

Use code rewards wisely to get a headstart and power up your character in the harsh world of Whiteout Survival!


Gift codes provide quick and easy access to free rewards in Whiteout Survival. This January 2024, there are some great codes active offering weapons, armor, scrap, and cash. Be sure to redeem SURVIVE2024, WASTELAND, FROZENHAZARD, and NEWYEAR before they expire for epic gear, upgrades, and supplies.

Keep an eye out on social media and gaming news sites for any new gift code drops this month. Follow the redemption steps carefully to avoid errors. Use your code rewards to craft epic gear, buy premium supplies, and share with your faction.

Happy surviving in the frozen wasteland! May these gift codes help you tackle the challenges ahead in 2024 and beyond. Stay tuned for any additional code updates.

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