Where are Gifs on iOS 17

iOS 17 brought some exciting changes to how users can access and share GIFs on iOS 17 on their iPhones. GIFs remain a popular way to express emotions and reactions, and iOS 17 makes them even easier to find and use in messages. This article will explore the new GIF features in iOS 17, troubleshooting tips if you encounter issues, and instructions for accessing GIFs in the Messages app.

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GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are animated images that often convey emotions, reactions, or short video clips without sound. They are commonly used in digital communications like messaging, email, and social media.

iOS 17 did not radically change how GIFs function on the iPhone, but it did make some helpful improvements to the user experience. The key changes impacting GIFs include:

  • Tighter integration with the Messages app
  • Streamlined GIF search and sharing
  • New effects like echo and loop

These updates aim to make sharing GIFs faster, more creative, and more fun. While basic GIF usage remains the same, there are some new tricks to try.

Accessing GIFs in Messages

The best place to find, view, and share GIFs on your iPhone continues to be the Messages app. iOS 17 makes GIFs even more discoverable within Messages through the revamped iMessage apps drawer.

Here are instructions to access GIFs in Messages:

  1. Open the Messages app and select a conversation.
  2. Tap the plus icon (+) to the left of the text entry field.
  3. Scroll down and select the GIF Keyboard app icon. This opens the full GIF keyboard.
  4. Browse trending GIF categories or search for a keyword or phrase.
  5. Tap any GIF to send it instantly. The viewer will see it animate right in the conversation.

The GIF keyboard also allows you to explore trending sticker packs and creates seamless transitions from static stickers to animated GIFs. With everything right inside Messages, iOS 17 makes finding and sharing your perfect GIF easier than ever.

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New GIF Tools and Options

In addition to the GIF keyboard, iOS 17 introduces new ways to customize and enhance GIFs:

Echo: Adds a motion trail effect so a GIF appears to have an echo.

Loop: Makes the GIF repeat continuously instead of only playing once.

Captions: Adds text captions to a GIF, editable right from Messages.

Draw: Annotate GIFs with digital ink, signatures, shapes, and text.

Crop: Trims down the start or end of a GIF.

Effects: Just like with photos and videos, you can now apply filters, text, and stickers to GIFs too. Popular effects include Comic Book, Watercolor, Vibrant, among many others.

These new options help you get creative and tailor GIFs to match the exact reaction or emotion you wish to convey. They’re fun to play around with next time you jazz up a conversation with a well-timed GIF.

Troubleshooting GIF Issues

While iOS 17 makes some helpful upgrades to the GIF experience, you may occasionally run into problems sending, receiving, or viewing GIFs. Here is some troubleshooting guidance:

Can’t find GIF keyboard: If the GIF keyboard is missing from your iMessage apps drawer, check that you have the latest iOS update installed. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to check and install available updates if needed.

GIFs not animating: If GIFs appear static instead of animating, the file format may not be supported. Most online GIF sources will indicate if a file is optimized for iPhone or iOS. Try finding a GIF labeled as iOS/iPhone compatible.

Can’t send GIFs: Send failures when trying to attach GIFs typically indicate a poor internet connection. Check if other content like photos or links also fail sending. Switch to a stronger Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

GIFs not looping: The new loop feature requires iOS 17 or later on both the sending and receiving end. If your friend’s GIFs don’t loop continuously, their iOS likely needs updating to enjoy the latest GIF innovations.

Slow or laggy GIFs: Large file sizes can cause GIFs to animate slowly or lag. iOS may compress extremely dense GIFs on import. For smooth playback try finding GIFs optimized for iOS under 3MB in file size.

Following standard connectivity and software update best practices can prevent most GIF glitches. Reach out to Apple Support if issues persist across multiple GIFs, connections, or conversation partners.


GIFs remain a quick, emotional, and entertaining way to communicate on iOS devices. iOS 17 makes them more discoverable, customizable, and expressive through tight integration with Messages plus new effects tools. Finding great GIF content is easier than ever with a dedicated keyboard and search right in your messaging threads.

A few tips to recap:

  • Open the GIF keyboard in Messages to browse or search
  • Make GIFs stand out with echoes, loops, captions, and drawings
  • Confirm GIF file sizes and formats if experiencing issues
  • Check for iOS updates if the GIF keyboard or features are unavailable

Have fun bringing your conversations to life with lively GIFs in iOS 17! The new tools offer creative ways to make messaging more emotionally expressive. Update today to access the latest GIF innovations.

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