What’s New Journal App in the iOS 17.2 Beta?

Apple has released the first developer Journal App in the iOS 17.2 Beta, which introduces an array of new capabilities to the operating system. One of the most anticipated features is the new Journal app, which provides users with a dedicated place to record their thoughts, memories, and daily activities.

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An Overview of the Journal App

The Journal app allows users to make entries about their day, adding text, images, audio clips, location tags, and more. Apple has implemented optional prompts within the app to help inspire journalers and make it easy to quickly create entries.

When you first open the Journal app, you’ll see a “+” button to start a new entry. Tapping this pulls up a view where you can select one of Apple’s suggested prompts like “Reflect on your day” or “What’s on your mind?” or simply start with a blank “New Entry”.

No matter if you use a prompt or not, your entries will be automatically tagged with the current date. The Journal app uses that date metadata behind the scenes to keep your entries neatly organized by when they were created.

Recording Your Activities, Thoughts, and Memories

The Journal app provides a versatile canvas where you can capture a variety of content as part of your entries. You can type out text to record stories, thoughts, and feelings. Images can also be added from your photo library or snapped directly in the Journal app. Voice recordings are another option if you want to verbally recount part of your day.

Location tags can also be embedded in Journal entries, making it easy to document experiences you had at specific places. For example, you could tag a museum visit, restaurant meal, or park outing with the corresponding address.

Apple has optimized the Journal app for quickly jotting down ideas and happenings throughout your day. The ability to rapidly create journal entries with various types of content makes it easy to use the app to chronicle your daily activities.

Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning

While Journal entries can be completely open-ended, Apple has implemented some machine learning-powered features to make it easier to come up with content.

The app can suggests prompts based on factors like your photos, workout data from the Health app, locations you’ve recently visited, and more. If you’re ever unsure what to write about, the intelligent prompts can give you inspiration personalized to your own activities and interests.

This machine learning capability helps make journaling more approachable and fun by providing thought-starters tailored to your life. The AI behind the Journal app will continue learning about you over time to offer up increasingly relevant prompts.

Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Maintaining a personal journal has a wide range of benefits. Here are a few of the top reasons you may want to make journaling a habit with the new Journal app:

  • Improves mental health: Activities like journaling can help reduce stress and anxiety. The process encourages reflection and provides an emotional outlet.
  • Boosts memory: Recording events and thoughts cements them in your long-term memory. Looking back on past journal entries also cues recall.
  • Increases self-awareness: A journal helps you recognize patterns, track progress on goals, identify issues to work on, and generally be more in tune with yourself.
  • Enhances well-being: Journaling about things you feel grateful for has been linked to increased happiness and life satisfaction.
  • Provides comfort: Writing about painful experiences can help you process emotions and find closure. Your journal can provide comfort during difficult times.
  • Captures your personal history: There’s no better way to preserve memories than through a consistent journal habit. You’ll treasure being able to look back on life events.

The convenience and versatility of the new Journal app for iOS makes it easy to integrate journaling into your everyday routine. Taking just a few minutes each day to jot down notes will allow you to reap the many benefits of keeping a personal journal.

Key Features of the Journal App

The Journal app provides several capabilities that make journaling on iPhone a breeze:

  • Suggested prompts: Optional prompts offer inspiration when you don’t know what to write. Prompts are intelligently suggested based on your photos, activities, location history, and more.
  • Photos and media: Easily embed images, audio clips, and location tags to enrich your entries. Photos can be selected from your library or taken directly within the Journal app.
  • Memories feature: This visual view shows your journal entries plotted on a dynamic timeline, giving an overview of your memories and life events.
  • Password protection: The app allows you to set a passcode to restrict access and keep your journal private. Face ID or Touch ID can also be enabled.
  • Organization: Entries are automatically organized by date so you can easily scroll through your chronological thoughts and stories.
  • Bookmarking: Flag important entries to revisit them easily.
  • Sharing: You can share individual journal entries or a collection of entries as a PDF.
  • iCloud sync: Your Journal entries are synced across devices via iCloud so you can pick up where you left off when switching devices.

Together these features help elevate journaling into a modern digital experience while retaining the classic appeal of penning your thoughts in a diary.

Other New Features in iOS 17.2

In addition to the new Journal app, iOS 17.2 contains a range of other useful updates:

  • iMessage contact key verification: This new security feature helps confirm the identities of who you’re communicating with over iMessage. If you have contact key verification enabled with someone, you’ll be alerted in case of suspicious activity that could indicate impersonation.
  • Shared Apple Music playlists: You can now share playlists you’ve created with friends and follow along as they add songs. This makes it easy to collaborate on playlists for events, activities, moods, and more.
  • Translate action for iMessage: When you press and hold on a message in iMessage, a new Translate option is available via the action menu. This will translate the text of the message into your chosen language.
  • iMessage reactions updates: You can now react to iMessages with customized stickers beyond just the standard emoji. There are over 200 stickers to choose from currently.
  • Gaming controller support: PlayStation DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers are now supported. This expands the controller options for anyone who likes using controllers to play games on their iPhone.

The iOS 17.2 beta provides our first glimpse at the new capabilities coming in the public release expected later this year. Apple will likely add additional refinements and improvements as the beta period continues.

The Bottom Line on the Journal App

The new Journal app arriving on iOS 17.2 has the potential to transform the iPhone into an even more indispensable personal assistant. By providing a dedicated space to chronicle your days, thoughts, memories, and experiences, the Journal app meshes seamlessly with your mobile lifestyle.

While you can currently use notes and photos apps to record some journal-like content, the Journal app offers next-level convenience and organization. The machine learning-powered smart prompts help encourage consistent journaling, even when you don’t have something specific you want to write about.

The benefits of journaling are extensive, ranging from stress relief to cementing memories. The accessibility and ease of use of the new Journal app will hopefully turn more iPhone users onto the advantages of making journaling a daily habit.

Time will tell how many customers end up embracing the Journal app on a regular basis, but the initial potential is certainly promising. For those interested in self-improvement, preserving memories, or exploring their inner thoughts, the Journal app will provide a helpful tool right at their fingertips. It’s one of the most exciting features slated for the upcoming iOS 17.2 release.

Key Takeaways

  • The Journal app in iOS 17.2 beta allows users to keep a private, digital diary with text, photos, audio and more.
  • Optional smart prompts are powered by machine learning to suggest potential journal topics personalized to the user.
  • Keeping a journal aids mental health, boosts memory, increases self-awareness, enhances wellbeing and captures personal history.
  • iOS 17.2 brings additional new capabilities like shared Apple Music playlists, iMessage contact key verification and more.
  • The Journal app’s convenience could turn more iPhone users onto the benefits of daily journaling.

Table Summarizing Journal App Features

Suggested PromptsPrompts powered by machine learning give inspiration for journal entries based on your photos, activities, locations, etc.
Photos/MediaAdd images, audio clips, location tags to entries from your library or directly within the app.
MemoriesVisual timeline gives an overview of your journal entries and life events.
Password ProtectionSet a passcode or use Face/Touch ID to restrict access and keep your journal private.
OrganizationEntries are automatically organized by date for easy chronological viewing.
BookmarkingFlag important entries to easily revisit them later.
SharingIndividual entries or a collection can be shared as a PDF.
iCloud SyncJournal is synced across devices so you can switch devices seamlessly.

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