What’s New In Apple TV App Redesign tvOS 17.2?

Apple has unveiled a major redesign for the Apple TV app in the latest beta version of tvOS 17.2. The updated app features a refreshed look and feel intended to make it easier than ever to discover and watch your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, and more on Apple TV.

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The Apple TV app is the central hub for video entertainment on Apple TV. It provides access to content from a wide variety of sources including the iTunes Store, Apple TV Channels subscriptions, Apple TV+ originals, and third party apps. With the redesign in tvOS 17.2, Apple has streamlined navigation and discovery while introducing new features to enhance the overall viewing experience.

Some of the most notable changes include:

  • A new sidebar for quicker access to content sections
  • Enhanced discovery with curated collections and recommendations
  • Up Next queue for tracking shows and movies to watch
  • Easy access to sports scores, schedules, and recommendations
  • Immersive movie browsing with trailers, behind-the-scenes, and more

The updated design presents a more engaging and intuitive way to browse, search, and discover new favorites across the Apple TV app. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features and changes coming in the redesign.

New Sidebar for Faster Navigation

One of the most significant changes in the tvOS 17.2 redesign is the addition of a persistent sidebar. Located along the left side of the screen, the sidebar provides one-tap access to the main content sections of the Apple TV app:

  • Watch Now
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Library
  • Search

The sidebar presents a clean, organized way to jump between sections. No longer do you need to back out to the main menu just to access a different part of the app. Everything is just a tap away now.

The sidebar is available from any screen in the Apple TV app, enabling quick transitions between browsing for a movie, catching up on a TV show, or checking sports scores. The ever-present navigation pane makes the large catalog of content on the Apple TV app feel far more manageable.

Enhanced Content Discovery

In addition to easier navigation, the redesign aims to connect viewers to content they love faster through:

  • Curated collections – The Watch Now section features collections of movies and shows curated by Apple’s editorial teams around themes, directors, stars, genres, and more. For example, there may be collections like “Beloved Comedies” or “Award-Winning Dramas from the 90s”. These collections allow you to quickly surface great content that fits a certain mood or interest.
  • Personalized recommendations – The app leverages on-device intelligence to study your viewing history and preferences, serving up personalized suggestions on what to watch next. The more you use Apple TV, the better tailored the recommendations will become over time.
  • Trending and new releases – You can easily discover what’s popular at the moment through dedicated rows highlighting trending movies and shows. Additional rows showcase the latest new release movies and episodes.

With thoughtfully organized collections, intelligent recommendations, and dedicated sections for what’s hot, the Apple TV app redesign removes the friction of deciding what to watch. Great entertainment options are surfaced right up front.

Up Next Queue

The Up Next queue is a handy feature that keeps track of what you are currently watching and makes it easy to resume a movie or show. As you watch and add titles to Up Next, you’ll be able to quickly continue where you left off directly from the sidebar.

Up Next will display Continue Watching rows for both movies and shows you’ve started but haven’t finished yet. This provides a helpful way to maintain context as you jump between several titles, picking up where you left off in each one. No more forgetting which episode you were on or where you paused a movie.

For episodic series, Up Next also displays the next unwatched episode, letting you seamlessly continue on to the next episode. And as new episodes are added to a series, they are automatically added so you can stay current.

Overall, Up Next adds a valuable layer of utility, enabling you to easily pause and resume watching sessions across all your favorites.

Improved Sports Experience

Sports fans will appreciate updates aimed at enhancing the sports viewing experience on Apple TV. At a glance from the sidebar, you can now view scores, schedules, and recommendations from your favorite leagues, teams, and competitions.

For live matches available through TV channels, the new Live Tune-In feature lets you quickly jump to live coverage already in progress. You’ll never miss a key play again.

Games and matches you follow will automatically appear in Up Next so you can pick up where you left off or start from the beginning if you missed it. And as game times approach or live coverage starts, you’ll receive notifications so you can tune in.

An expanded sports section with easier discovery, notifications, live tune-in, and Up Next integration makes it simpler than ever to stay on top of the sports you love.

More Immersive Movie Watching

The Apple TV app has upped its movie watching game by introducing immersive movie browsing. For many movies, you can now dive into curated behind-the-scenes looks providing additional commentary, interviews, photos, and more. This delivers a more cinematic experience from home.

Movies also come alive with auto-playing trailers and clips as you browse titles under a genre or collection. Instead of just a static poster, you get to preview selections right on the browsing screen.

Out of ideas on what movie to watch? Browse by moods like happy, sad, scary or family friendly. Or try curated collections like blockbusters, comedies, award winners and more. There are so many ways now to be inspired to find your next movie night selection.

Library Tab for Purchased Content

In the sidebar, you’ll find a new Library tab that houses all of your purchased movies, TV shows, and sports content from Apple. This provides a dedicated destination for the content you own, separating it out from the massive catalog available to browse or rent.

From within your Library, you can play purchased movies and episodes, view downloaded content for offline viewing, and manage your library by hiding or deleting titles. Think of it like your personal home viewing collection.

The Library tab joins Watch Now, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and Search to complete the Apple TV app navigation sidebar.

My Channels for TV Subscriptions

If you subscribe to any of the Apple TV Channels such as HBO, SHOWTIME, CBS All Access, etc., you now have a dedicated My Channels section accessible from the sidebar.

Here you can directly access all the titles included in your channel packages. For example, jump right into HBO Max content without any browsing. My Channels provides quick access to the shows and movies you pay for through dedicated subscriptions.

Shared Experiences via SharePlay

The redesigned Apple TV app integrates SharePlay, the feature that enables co-viewing and shared experiences while on a FaceTime call. With SharePlay, you can watch movies, TV shows, sports, and more while sharing reactions over video chat.

Content remains in sync as you watch together with friends or family, even if you pause or rewind. This opens up a whole new way to connect with loved ones remotely and share reactions and commentary as you enjoy TV and movies together.

SharePlay is enabled across tvOS, iOS and iPadOS devices, so you can initiate shared viewing directly from your Apple TV setup. SharePlay also works with Apple Music, allowing shared listening sessions.


The extensive redesign coming to the Apple TV app in tvOS 17.2 focuses on making it easier than ever to find and enjoy new movies, shows, sports and more on Apple TV.

Key highlights include:

  • Sidebar navigation providing quick access to app sections
  • Curated collections and intelligent recommendations
  • Up Next queue with playback syncing across devices
  • Enhanced sports experiences with live tune-in and notifications
  • More immersive movie browsing with trailers and clips
  • Dedicated library for purchased and downloaded content
  • My Channels section for subscription content
  • SharePlay integration for shared viewing sessions

With the new streamlined interface and enhanced discovery features, the Apple TV app is set to become the ultimate central home for entertainment on Apple TV. The public release should come in December.

Give the redesigned Apple TV app a try in the tvOS 17.2 beta on compatible Apple TV models and experience the refined way to browse, watch, and share the movies, shows, sports, and channels you love.

Table 1: Key New Features in Apple TV App Redesign

Sidebar navigationQuickly access different sections of the app from a persistent left sidebar
Curated collectionsDiscover movies and shows grouped around themes, people, genres etc.
Personalized recommendationsShows and movies suggestions based on your viewing history and preferences
Up Next queueTrack and easily resume movies and shows you’re currently watching
Live sports tune-inJump to live games and matches already in progress
NotificationsGet notified when your favorite teams and matches are about to start
Immersive movie browsingWatch trailers and clips for more cinematic browsing
LibraryAll your purchased and downloaded movies, shows and sports content in one place
My ChannelsDirect access to content from your subscribed Apple TV channels
SharePlayCo-watch movies, TV, sports and more while on a FaceTime call

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