What’s New Features Comes In Apple Pencil 3 Update?


Apple recently unveiled its latest iteration of the popular iPad stylus, the Apple Pencil 3. This new generation brings some exciting updates and enhancements to the accessory, delivering an improved experience for creatives, professionals, and everyday users. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the key new features of the Apple Pencil 3 and what they mean for users.

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More Affordable Price Point

One of the most noticeable changes with the Apple Pencil 3 is its new lower price point. At $99, the latest Apple Pencil costs $30 less than the previous generation. This makes the stylus more affordable and accessible to a wider range of consumers. For many users, the high $129 cost of the older Pencil was prohibitive, especially for those who just wanted basic note-taking and drawing capabilities.

The reduced price lowers the barrier to entry for the Apple Pencil, while still retaining core features. For students, hobbyists, and general users, the more budget-friendly Pencil 3 presents an attractive option for adding stylus functionality to their iPad workflow. While professional artists and designers may still opt for the higher-end Pencil 2, the Pencil 3 opens up digital drawing and writing to a broader audience.

New Matte Finish and Flat Edge

Apple has updated the industrial design of the Apple Pencil 3 to incorporate a matte finish and a flat edge. Previous generations had a glossy finish and a fully round barrel. The new matte texture provides a better grip and feels more natural when writing or drawing. It avoids the slipperiness that a glossy stylus can have after extended use.

The addition of a flat side serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. The flat edge allows the Pencil to magnetically attach to the side of a compatible iPad for pairing, charging, and storage. This makes the stylus much more convenient to carry around and keep track of when not in use. The flat side also provides another surface for users to grip, adding to the ergonomics. Visually, it gives the Pencil a sleek, modern look that aligns with the minimalist style of other Apple products.

Swappable Magnetic Tips

One of the most exciting new features of the Apple Pencil 3 is its swappable tips. Previous models relied on a single fixed tip. But the Pencil 3 introduces magnetic tips that users can conveniently switch between.

The box includes two distinct tips: one soft tip optimized for drawing, sketching, and freehand art, and one firmer tip for writing, note taking, and precise illustration. Each has a unique feel and level of friction with the iPad screen. Users can swap tips based on the specific activity they are engaged in, choosing the option best suited for the task.

The tips attach securely using magnets that ensure proper alignment. Changing tips only takes a few seconds, allowing for easy transitions between writing and drawing. Having multiple tips to choose from gives users more flexibility and customization options with their Apple Pencil experience.

New Hover Capabilities

While previous models supported basic tap and swipe gestures, the Apple Pencil 3 introduces more advanced aerial functionality thanks to the iPad Pro’s hover detection capabilities. With the Pencil 3, users can now hover the tip just above the iPad Pro screen to interact with apps and preview marks.

Hover allows users to dynamically preview their sketches, drawings, and brush strokes before actually making them. They can fine tune marks and make more precise illustrations by seeing their results in real time before touching the screen. Hover makes the experience more natural and lifelike, mimicking the real feel of drawing or writing with a pencil.

For note taking and writing, hover enables users to easily navigate documents and view content without having to mark up the page. Overall, it makes the Apple Pencil an even more versatile and intuitive tool for creative work, design, illustration, and everyday tasks.

Enhanced Integration with iPadOS 16

To take full advantage of the Apple Pencil 3’s capabilities, Apple has optimized integration with its latest iPadOS 16 software. All of iPadOS’s robust stylus-driven features, like Scribble, Shape Recognition, and new Freeform app, work seamlessly with the updated Pencil.

Scribble, which allows handwritten text entry anywhere text is accepted, now recognizes Pencil input more accurately than ever. Shape recognition enables users to draw perfect lines, arcs, and geometric shapes just by hand. Freeform serves as a flexible canvas for collaborative brainstorming and project planning using the Apple Pencil.

In addition to smarter palm rejection, iPadOS 16 adds a new visual cursor when hovering that mirrors Pencil’s position accurately. Across the system, iPadOS 16 supercharges what’s possible with the Apple Pencil through thoughtful enhancements and tight integration.

Potential New Colors and Design Tweaks

Rumors and leaks have suggested the new Apple Pencil 3 may introduce some subtle tweaks to color and design. While the first two Pencil generations were white-only, some reports indicate Apple may launch a black version this time around. A sleek black finish could give the Pencil a more sophisticated, pro-level aesthetic.

In terms of construction, Apple may shrink the length slightly for better balance and implement a glossier finish on the bottom section for an enhanced look. These small changes could provide visual differentiation between the 2nd and 3rd gen models while retaining the overall iconic Pencil shape. Potential new colors and design touches add variety and modern flair.

Of course, these rumored cosmetic changes do not dramatically alter functionality but serve to keep the Pencil fresh and multi-generational users can appreciate the visual updates. For now, colors beyond white remain speculation until Apple formally unveils the final design.

Possible Hidden Features Waiting to be Unlocked

In typical Apple fashion, the company may have some undisclosed tricks up its sleeve regarding the Apple Pencil 3. Looking at patents and developmental milestones, experts speculate there could be additional features not highlighted yet but unveiled post-launch.

One potential hidden capability is the Pencil’s ability to act as a real world color sampler. Engineers may integrate sensors that allow the tip to identify and match colors from objects in the physical environment. By touching the Pencil to a wall, piece of furniture, or other surface, users could capture and utilize that color in the digital space.

An additional rumored feature is multiple gesture recognition directly on the Pencil itself. This could enable actions like swiping up/down on the barrel to change tools or modes. Users could potentially squeeze the Pencil to undo/redo like they do with the iPhone camera button. If these gestures make it into the final product, they would further streamline workflows.

Of course, Apple has not confirmed these possibilities so there is no guarantee they will arrive with the initial launch. But the company does have a history of slowly disclosing new features over time. Once the Pencil 3 is in the wild, Apple’s full vision may come into clearer focus.

Maturity of Core Technology Yields Iterative Improvements

Stepping back, the Apple Pencil 3 represents an evolution rather than revolution of the stylus experience. This is the third generation built atop a solid technical foundation, so flashy changes are less necessary. Instead, Apple focused on refinements that enhance day-to-day use through improved integration, ergonomics, customization, and intelligence.

The core capabilities users expect from an iPad stylus – precision, responsiveness, pressure/tilt detection – were already excellent. Apple is now fine-tuning around the edges, addressing friction points and making additions where there is clear user benefit, like new gestures and hover. For current owners debating an upgrade, the Pencil 3 gains enough new versatility to warrant consideration.

In some ways, the Apple Pencil is maturing similarly to the iPhone – once groundbreaking innovations becoming more incremental. But this iteration demonstrates Apple’s commitment to taking the stylus from novelty to essential creative tool. Less flash, more functionality.

Key Questions:

  • How much does the new lower price point expand the potential target market for the Apple Pencil? What segment of additional customers may now consider purchasing it?
  • Will pro users who rely on the highest level of stylus responsiveness notice any performance differences between the Apple Pencil 2 and 3, given their identical core underlying technologies?
  • Could additional colors beyond white disrupt the stylus market and influence wider adoption? Does color personalization matter for this product category?
  • Do the matte finish and flat edge address common comfort/grip complaints from heavy Apple Pencil users over long drawing/writing sessions?
  • How substantial is the addition of swappable tips in expanding the contexts and use cases for the Apple Pencil vs. a single fixed tip?

The Apple Pencil 3 introduces thoughtful refinements that build on the previous two generations. While not revolutionary, the improvements across price, ergonomics, flexibility, hover, and integration make the latest version the most capable and well-rounded iPad stylus yet for novices and pros alike. It continues Apple’s mission of bringing the Pencil deeper into everyday workflows. The appeal for first time buyers is now even stronger. Meanwhile, existing users get upgrades like hover and swappable tips that meaningfully enhance the experience.

Table Summary of Apple Pencil Generations

FeatureApple Pencil 1Apple Pencil 2Apple Pencil 3
Release Year201520182023
Pressure SensitivityYesYesYes
Tilt DetectionNoYesYes
Interchangeable TipsNoNoYes
Attachment MethodLightning ConnectorMagneticMagnetic
Inductive ChargingNoYesYes
Tap GesturesYesYesYes
Hover SupportNoNoYes (iPad Pro only)
Touchpad FunctionalityNoYesYes
Matte FinishNoNoYes
Flat EdgeNoNoYes
Palm RejectionBasicAdvancedAdvanced
Apple Pencil Supported1st Gen Only2nd Gen Only3rd Gen Only


The Apple Pencil 3 refines and builds upon previous generations to deliver the best iPad stylus experience yet. While maintaining the core capabilities users expect, updates like the new lower price, swappable tips, hover abilities, and enhanced ergonomics make meaningful improvements in day-to-day use. Tight integration with iPadOS 16 extracts maximum versatility from the new features.

For creative professionals, the Pencil 3 brings additional customization and control over their workflows. For students and hobbyists, it lowers the barrier of entry. And for general users, it makes digital drawing, writing, and controlling intuitive. The Apple Pencil continues to mature as an essential iPad accessory and best-in-class stylus. This latest chapter meaningfully moves the needle forward, even if subtly, for users at all levels.

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