How To Download install And Use Spotify Cracked version IOS?


(Use Spotify Cracked version IOS)Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, offering access to millions of songs and podcasts. The free version of Spotify allows you to stream music with ads and has limited skips. Spotify Premium provides an ad-free experience with unlimited skips, offline listening and high quality audio. However, at $9.99 per month, not everyone can afford a premium subscription. This has led to modded or Spotify Cracked version IOS being developed which offer premium features for free.

In this detailed guide, we will show you how to download, install and use a cracked version of Spotify on your iPhone or iPad running iOS.

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Is It Legal to Use Cracked Spotify?

Before we proceed, it is important to note that downloading or using a modded Spotify app is considered illegal in most countries. Spotify’s terms of service prohibit users from circumventing ads or accessing premium features without payment. While it is unlikely for individual users to be penalized, using cracked apps does violate copyright and piracy laws.

We recommend considering a legal alternative like Spotify student discount or family plan split with friends rather than using an illegally modded app. However, the choice is ultimately yours to make. This guide is for educational purposes only.

Downloading Spotify Cracked version IOS

Unlike Android, iOS devices do not allow installation of apps from outside the App Store due to Apple’s restrictions. To download cracked Spotify++, Spotify Plus or similar modded apps, you will need to use a third party ‘app store’ designed for iOS. Some recommended options are:


AppValley offers a wide catalog of hacked, modded and cracked apps for iOS including Spotify++.

Follow these steps to download Spotify++ from AppValley:

  1. On your iPhone/iPad, open Safari and go to Tap on the profile download link.
  2. In Settings, go to Profile Downloaded and install the AppValley profile. This will verify the app store.
  3. Open AppValley and search for ‘Spotify++’. Tap Get and install the app.
  4. If it opens an ad page, click Done and try installing again.
  5. Open Settings and go to General > Profile & Device Management to trust the AppValley developer profile.


You can also find hacked IPAs for Spotify and other apps on portals like iOSGods. To install IPAs on iOS, you will need Cydia Impactor and an Apple ID.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download Cydia Impactor and the Spotify++ IPA file to your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer and open Cydia Impactor.
  3. Drag the IPA file over Cydia Impactor. Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.
  4. The app will be sideloaded onto your device. Go to Settings – General – Profile to trust the certificate.
  5. You can now open Spotify++ to use the modded app.


Another alternative is to use TweakBox which hosts modded apps and games for iOS devices.

To install from TweakBox:

  1. Go to on your iOS browser. Tap ‘Download’.
  2. Open Settings – General – Profile to trust the TweakBox certificate.
  3. Now launch TweakBox and go to Apps – Music to find Spotify++. Tap ‘Install’ to get it on your device.

How to Use Spotify++

Once installed via one of the above methods, Spotify++ can be used to access premium features of Spotify for free on your iPhone or iPad. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Enjoy ad-free music listening experience.
  • Unlimited skips and shuffling of songs.
  • Ability to select any song and listen on-demand.
  • Higher 320kbps audio quality.
  • Unlocked seeking, repeat mode and other playback controls.
  • Download music for offline listening.
  • Get access to exclusive premium content and albums.
  • Create playlists and share with friends.

The interface of Spotify++ is similar to the original Spotify app for iOS. You can browse and search for music, create playlists, follow artists and listen to music just like the regular app.

Some Spotify++ versions have experimental features like lyrics view, equalizer, gapless playback and ability to block certain songs. These may not work reliably though.

Potential Risks

While cracked Spotify offers premium features for free, there are some risks associated with using these unofficial apps:

  • Legal issues: As mentioned earlier, using cracked apps is considered piracy and illegal in most regions. There is a chance of lawsuits or penalties if caught.
  • ** revoked or banned:** Apple routinely revokes certificates of apps sideloaded illegally. This will cause Spotify++ to stop working suddenly.
  • Viruses and malware: Cracked IPAs could potentially contain dangerous malware that can steal your data or compromise privacy.
  • Stability issues: Since not officially released or tested, modded Spotify apps may be buggy and prone to crashes.
  • Limited functionality: Certain features of original Spotify may not work properly or be missing in the cracked versions.
  • Spotify ban: If detected, Spotify can ban your account for terms of service violation using pirated apps.

So it is best to avoid using cracked Spotify if you want a stable and risk-free experience. Consider paying for an individual, family or student plan for full access on iOS. You can also try free alternatives like SoundCloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries regarding using modded Spotify on iOS:

Does the cracked app work on iPhone and iPad?

Yes, Spotify++ works on all iPhone and iPad models currently supported by iOS. That includes iPhone models from 6S to latest iPhone 14, and iPads from 5th gen and above.

Does it need a jailbreak?

No, a jailbreak is not required to install and use Spotify++. The third party app stores use enterprise certificates to allow sideloading cracked IPAs on non-jailbroken devices.

Can I transfer playlists from official app?

Unfortunately, playlists and data will not transfer from the original Spotify app to modded versions as they use different package names. You will have to recreate your playlists manually.

Is my Apple ID safe when sideloading with Cydia Impactor?

There is a small risk of Apple flagging or banning accounts used to sideload unauthorized third party apps repeatedly. Use alternate or dummy accounts if concerned.

How can I get Spotify++ on iPhone if AppValley is not working?

If certificates get revoked, use alternatives like TweakBox, iOSNinja or iOSGods to install working Spotify++ IPAs using Cydia Impactor method.

Does Spotify++ drain more battery than original app?

Yes, unofficial apps tend to be less optimized and hence may consume slightly higher battery, especially on older iPhones. Close background processes if you notice excessive battery drain.


While Spotify Premium is well worth the price, cracked modded versions offer its benefits without spending money. Spotify++ can be installed on your iPhone/iPad using methods like AppValley, TweakBox or manual IPA sideloading. However, being illegal, these modded apps come with risks like stability issues, malware and account bans. We advise relying on legal streaming options, but the choice is up to you. Use this guide only for educational purposes at your own discretion.

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