Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile iOS Pre-Registration and Beta Release Date

At the 2022 Call of Duty: Next Presentation, people who were excited about Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile got good news about when it would be out.

Last month, Activision rolled out the Warzone Mobile beta for the Android platform, but iOS users are still waiting. It is similar to what Madfut 23 did. However, the excitement to get Verdansk on the smartphone and have some action on the iPhone is still intact among the fans.

If you are excited about the arrival of the Warzone Mobile beta for iOS as well as its pre-registration, here’s everything you need to know.

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CoD: Warzone Mobile Pre-register and beta iOS

Well, it has been officially announced that Warzone Mobile will be released for all mobile platforms in 2023. It will be released in the first half of next year.

But what we really need right now is the Warzone Mobile pre-registration date for iOS and the game’s beta for the iPhone. For Android, the Warzone Mobile beta is already released.

I read a thread on Twitter that says the Warzone Mobile beta for iOS may be released on October 28. However, the news source is not trustworthy, so I won’t take its words.

I think Activision might have already applied for the beta version to Apple for approval, but Apple is taking time, just like it did for Madfut. iOS users always have the advantage of getting their hands on new games and betas before Android users, but recently due to some policies, there has been a delay.

So, in the last week of this month or the first half of November, we expect the Warzone Mobile beta for iOS.

The pre-registration for the Warzone Mobile beta on iOS will begin in a few days if its beta release is confirmed next month.

These are just some of the rumors in the gaming world that are giving hope to iOS users. Let’s see how things take shape in reality in the coming months.

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