iOS 15.8 Release Date

iOS 15 updates are receiving significantly less attention now as iOS 16 is a major update for the latest iPhones. It goes without saying that the significant development in software upgrades before the introduction of iOS 16 was iOS 15.

Plus, iPhone models released before the iPhone 8 series are compatible with iOS 16, so Apple rolls out iOS 15 updates for them.

Hence, the new updates such as iOS 15.7 or iOS 15.8 may not make much difference to the latest iPhone owners, but the mentioned updates are essential for a very large number of users. In addition, many users who have the latest iPhone like to stay on the old iOS 15.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the iOS 15.8 release date and all the other information you need.

Not all iPhone models are compatible!

As stated, the iPhone 7 series and all previous models are incompatible with the iOS 16 update. On the iOS 15 software update versions, they have thrived. Therefore, any devices that are not compatible with the iOS 16 software upgrade are now operating on the iOS 15 version. The iOS 15.7 software update is the latest one.

The fact that older iPhones won’t be receiving any software updates besides iOS 15 releases had me wondering what the next few iOS 15 versions would look like, assuming we receive them at all.

As some of you may already be aware, iOS 15.7 was a bug patch update. It essentially introduced a variety of bug fixes; this might have been an update similar to iOS 15.6.2. Therefore, it’s a rather significant development for Apple to go ahead and promote this as their own iOS 15.8 update.

Will There Be An iOS 15.8 Software Update?

Is Apple going to release iOS 15.8 even if iOS 16 is now out and being used on many phones that still support iOS 15 because we already have iOS 16 that was recently released?

In that instance, the outcome is 50/50. I’m not sure if we will immediately receive an upgrade to iOS 15.8. I don’t believe iOS 15.8 will be released any time soon. If anything, I believe that the spotlight will ultimately be on iOS 16, which will be the primary event.

Date Of Release of iOS 15.8!

If we look at the history of software upgrades for older iPhones, I believe Apple will do the same thing it did with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 series in 2019 when iOS 13 was released. Therefore, the older iPhones received the iOS 12.4.3 upgrade, and so on, until Apple discontinued providing support.

And I anticipate that the same thing will occur this time around with iOS 15. We can anticipate iOS 15.7.2 in the near future, and iOS 15.8 may not arrive until the second half of 2023.

What New Features Will There Be In iOS 15.8?

Even if iOS 15.8 does launch, it won’t include any new features; instead, it will just address bugs from the previous version.

If it were a major update, Apple would have rolled out the iOS 15.8 beta now.

Final Words

In summarizing this piece, I would note that neither an official release date for iOS 15.8 nor a comment from Apple on this update have been announced. But we can expect iOS 15.8 in the future. It is still too early to draw any conclusions because Apple has not yet made any public statements on the release of any software updates following iOS 15.7.

Stay Tuned.

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