How To Use iOS 17 Map [Guide]

Use iOS 17 Map brings some exciting new features and improvements to the built-in Maps app. Use iOS 17, Maps is more intuitive, detailed, and helpful for planning trips and navigating your day. This guide will walk you through the key features and how to use Maps in iOS 17.

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Explore Maps

The iOS 17 Maps app makes it easy to explore any location in detail. Here are some tips for navigating and viewing map details:

Find Your Location

Open Maps and it will center on your current location using GPS. You can tap the locator button in the top right corner at any time to re-center on your current location.

Search for Places

Tap in the search bar at the top and type in a city, address, business name, etc. Suggestions will appear below – tap one to go directly to it on the map.

Zoom and Scroll

  • Use two fingers to zoom in and out of the map.
  • Drag the map up, down, left, or right to view other areas.
  • Double tap or use pinch zoom to quickly zoom in on a spot.

View iOS 17 Map Layers

Tap the layers button in the top right corner to toggle different map views:

  • Standard: Default street map view.
  • Satellite: Detailed aerial imagery.
  • Hybrid: Satellite view with street labels.
  • Terrain: Color-coded topography and elevation.

3D City Experience (select cities)

Zoom into a supported city like London or New York, then tap the 3D button to see an interactive 3D map. Pan and zoom to view detailed city landscapes and famous landmarks rendered in 3D.


Discover recommendations for places to visit in a city. Tap the Guides button when viewing a supported city to find food, shopping, and attraction guides.

Navigate from A to B

The updated Maps makes navigating simple with door-to-door directions for driving, public transit, walking, and cycling.

Get iOS 17 Map Directions

  1. Tap anywhere on the map to set a starting point.
  2. Tap the Directions button in the bottom right.
  3. Enter a destination in the search bar or select from your Favorites or Contacts.
  4. Select your mode of transport.
  5. Tap Go.

Turn-by-turn directions will begin instantly. You can tap Start to begin active navigation.

Share ETA

When navigating, tap the destination card at the top then tap Share ETA to share your estimated arrival time via Messages, Mail, or other apps. Great for meeting someone or just keeping someone posted on your journey.

Automatic Rerouting

Don’t worry if you miss a turn or exit – Maps will automatically recalculate and update your route so you can keep driving.

Siri Use iOS 17 Map Announcements

With Siri integration, your iPhone can announce upcoming maneuvers out loud through your car speakers or headphones so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Go to Settings > Maps and enable Announce Road Name and Speed Limit Changes to have Siri read out instructions during navigation.

Lane Guidance

For highways and complex interchanges, Maps will indicate which lane you should be in for your route so you don’t miss exits or turns.

Explore Places

Discovering new places is fun and easy with iOS 17 Maps. Here’s how to explore and save spots.

Place Cards

Tap any labeled location on the map to pull up an interactive place card with useful information like address, photos, ratings, opening hours, phone numbers, and more.


Discover food, shopping, nature, and city guides for popular destinations around the world. View recommended spots curated by locals.

Look Around

Get an immersive street view experience of a location with Look Around. Tap a street or intersection, then tap Look Around to open the view and navigate smoothly down the street.

Indoor Maps

Browse detailed floorplans of major airports, malls, transit stations, and venues around the world. Zoom into a building then tap to see different floors.

Share Places

Found a neat spot? Tap the place card, then tap Share to send the location to a friend or app.

Favorite Locations

Favorite important places like home, work, or your favorite coffee shop for quick access later. Tap the heart on any place card to save it to your Favorites in Maps.

Planned Trips

Meticulously plan and organize upcoming trips within Maps for the ultimate travel companion.

Create Trips

Open the side menu and tap on Trips > New Trip. Give the trip a name and start date, then begin adding places from your search history or by browsing the map.

Plan Itinerary

Tap into a trip, then tap Add Day to build a daily itinerary complete with start/end times and transportation mode for each stop.

Share Trips

Invite others to view and collaborate on your trip plan. Tap the Share button from within a trip, choose who to share with, and others can add suggestions.

Download Offline Maps

Avoid data overages abroad and enable offline access to any trip’s destination area. Tap on a trip, tap Options, and choose Download Offline Map.

Track Sharing

When sharing your trip or real-time location with others, Messages will display an app card with a map showing your location, ETA, and navigation progress.

Use iOS 17 Map Features


Maps provides detailed schedules, live departure times, line/platform info, and system alerts for public transit in supported cities.


See real-time traffic conditions on the map, along with incidents and closures that could impact your drive. Maps will proactively route around heavy traffic.

Flight Tracking

Track flights from your iPhone with detailed status, gates, terminals, delays and baggage claim info. Tap the flight number in Messages or Wallet to track.

Weather Layer

Add a weather layer to view live temperature, precipitation radar, air quality index, and other weather details.

Flyover Tours

Take highly-detailed 3D aerial tours of major metropolises and landmarks with Flyover mode.

AR Walking Directions

Use augmented reality to see turn-by-turn walking directions overlayed on the real world through your camera.


Quickly find essential spots like gas stations, ATMs, restaurants, and more with the Nearby tab. Filter by category or tap Map to see pins around you.

Siri Natural Language Guidance

Get directions by speaking naturally to Siri – no rigid command structure required. For example, “Find me the best route to the closest coffee shop, avoiding highway traffic.”

Mac Integration

Maps syncs bookmarks, collections, search history, and more across iPhone, iPad, and Mac for seamless cross-device experience.

Use iOS 17 Map Settings

Customize Maps to suit your preferences under Settings > Maps.

  • Toggle traffic, labels, and other map elements
  • Enable Announce Road Name and Speed Limit Changes
  • Show Parked Location: See where you parked your car on the map
  • Data Usage: Limit cellular data use for Maps
  • Mileage Unit: Choose miles vs kilometers
  • Share ETA: Control who can view your real-time location and trip progress

Use iOS 17 Map Tips

  • Zoom out to get an overview of a large geographical area. Use satellite view to clearly see regions and terrain.
  • When typing a search, suggested results will appear. Tap one to quickly go to it.
  • Favoriting a location saves it for quick access in a list. No need to re-search each time.
  • Look Around is an immersive street view experience. Zoom into a street intersection and tap Look Around.
  • For accurate travel times, choose your transportation mode – driving, public transit, walking, or cycling. Traffic conditions are factored in.
  • Indoor maps make it easy to navigate airports and malls. Zoom into a building, then browse different floors.
  • Guides provide curated recommendations for places to go in a city, along with links for more information.
  • Turn on Announce Road Name and Speed Limit Changes in Settings for voiced navigation assistance via Siri.
  • Share your ETA and live trip progress from navigation by tapping the sharing icon and inviting others via Messages.
  • Flying somewhere? Add your flight number to Wallet and it will provide gate, delays, and baggage claim info within Maps.
  • Use Maps on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and CarPlay for the full ecosystem experience. Saved places and recent searches are synced across.

Maps FAQs

How do I get directions?

Tap the Directions button in the bottom right corner. Enter a destination in the search bar or choose from your contacts or favorites. Select your mode of transport and tap Go.

Can I save a place to easily find later?

Yes! Tap the heart icon on a place card to save it to your Favorites. Your favorites are accessible from the side menu.

How do I share my location with someone?

Open the place card for your current location, tap Share, then choose a sharing method like Messages, Mail, or AirDrop. Share your real-time location or a pin drop.

Can I use Maps offline?

Yes, open the side menu, tap on a trip, then choose Download Offline Map to save that geographical area for offline use. This is great for international travel or areas with limited connectivity.

How do I view traffic conditions?

Make sure Traffic is enabled in Settings or tap the layers button in the top right corner and select Traffic. Highways and roads will show color-coded traffic info.

Can I track a flight with Maps?

Yes! Add your flight number to Wallet and Maps will show detailed flight status, terminal maps, delays, gates, baggage claim, and more.

Are there maps inside buildings?

Yes, major airports, malls, transit stations, and venues have detailed indoor maps. Zoom into a building and browse different floors. Look for the Indoor Map badge.

How do I customize the map?

In Settings, you can toggle traffic, labels, 3D landmarks, weather overlay, and more. Choose your preferred mile/km unit and map style.

Does Maps work with Siri?

Yes! You can ask Siri to give you directions, find nearby spots like gas stations, share your ETA, and more using natural speech.


The iOS 17 Maps app provides an intuitive yet powerful mapping and navigation experience. With detailed maps, seamless navigation, place discovery features, trip planning tools, and AR directions, Maps makes exploring its surroundings and traveling the world easy and enjoyable.

This guide covers the key features in the latest version of Maps for iPhone. With this knowledge, you can start using Maps like a pro. Find your way around unfamiliar cities, plan upcoming vacations, reduce travel stress, and much more. Maps brings the whole world to your fingertips.

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