Finally! Turn Off Report Junk in iOS 16 with This Ultimate Solution

Since the release of the iOS 16 beta released back in June, beta testers found that whenever they delete a text thread on their iPhone, two pop-ups appear. One is to confirm the delete command and another one to report the text as junk or spam.

This “report junk” popup is still persistent in the iOS 16 general release. Since you are here to find the solution, you are annoyed with it as well.

If you are used to deleting a message in the old way where you have to confirm it only once to delete it, this must be very irritating. Some users also say that they have mistakenly reported important messages like food deliveries as spam or junk because they are so used to tapping the red button at the bottom of a message to delete it.

If these two popups are driving you crazy and you are looking for how to turn off report junk on iOS 16, we have found the ultimate solution for it.

The Report Junk Popup in iOS 16 Is Region Specific

I am from India and I haven’t found any report spam or report junk option while deleting text messages on my iOS 16 updated iPhone. Even one of my friends in Dubai gets such a second confirmation popup when deleting a message.

Note: With iOS 16.1 beta, there is only one popup to confirm the deletion, but the “Delete and Report Junk” option appears beneath the “Delete” option, which is still annoying because we always tap on the bottom option when deleting a message by accident.

And when I looked on the forums and social media platforms, I found that this popup only appears for American users. I also saw a discussion about this on Reddit, where a user claimed that “report junk” appears only on Verizon.

But when I asked a friend who lives in Seattle about the problem, he told me that AT&T and T-Mobile users also have the same issue.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to hate Apple for this as the Cupertino tech giant has clarified that this new “Delete and Report Junk” popup is implemented by most telecom carriers in the USA.

But you don’t need to hate your carrier because, by getting such reports from the users, carriers want to block spammers from approaching users. In addition, we have solutions to turn off the “report spam” or “report junk” pop-up on the iPhone iOS 16.

How to Turn Off the Report Junk Popup on iOS 16

The “report junk” option only shows up on iOS 16 updated iPhones. Since this feature was introduced to exterminate spammers, I don’t think Apple will try to remove it in the upcoming updates.

Hence, there is not an official solution to this annoying popup, but there are some fixes.

1. Add Contact Numbers

If you receive messages from some particular food delivery apps, hotels, or restaurants and you don’t want to report their messages as junk or spam, a simple solution is to add their phone numbers to your contacts.

When you delete a text message thread from a saved number, you don’t see a “report junk” popup. Hence, adding phone numbers to your contact list may save you from this annoying thing.

However, this is not the ultimate solution, right? You don’t want to save everyone’s numbers on your device. Plus, OTP from banks and other services comes from different numbers.

You can try the solution given below.

2. Select Multiple Messages and Delete Them

This is the definitive solution that has worked for my US friends.

Now you know every time you have to face that second popup to report junk/spam when deleting a message, you can select multiple messages to delete them. This way, either you will not see the “report junk” option or you will see it only once.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Launch “Messages” and tap on the meatball menu (three-dots) located at the top-right corner.

Step 2: Tap “Select Messages” in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Now select all the messages that you wish to delete and then tap the “Delete” option that appears at the bottom-right corner.

Step 4: Now carefully select the “Delete” option in the popup. Don’t select “Delete and Report Junk,” which is in the bottom.

You will not see thesecond “report junk”popup. Thus, this is the ultimate method to turn off the “report junk” popup on iOS 16.

How to Undo Junk Reports in iOS 16?

As stated, we are so used to hitting the red button shown at the bottom of the delete confirmation popup that many of us might have reported several senders as junk accidently.

If you wish to undo messages that are reported as junk, there is a method that might work.

  1. Launch the “Messages” app and open “Recently Deleted.”
  2. Here, you will find all the deleted messages. Select messages that you have accidentally reported as junk or spam.
  3. Now tap “Recover All.” This will restore select messages in the thread.

You can also check the messages in the “Junk” folder in Message Filters. Here, you can select messages and undo the junk report. I haven’t tried the “Junk folder” method, so I am not sure about it, but the recovering messages from “Recently Deleted” will work for sure.

Wrapping up…

If you are waiting for an official solution from Apple to remove the “report junk” option, you will have to wait forever.

Earlier, it used to show two popups, but now Apple has added “Delete and Report Junk” to the single delete confirmation popup.

Try these methods and let us know how they worked for you.

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