iOS 16.6: A Review and Why You Should Stay Away

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Apple’s iOS updates are always a hot topic. Recently, the tech giant released the first beta of iOS 16.6, and it has been a little over a week since its launch. However, this update has raised some eyebrows due to a few concerning issues. Let’s discuss the details of iOS 16.6, its features, and why it might be best to avoid this update for now.

iOS 16.6: The Good and The Bad

The iOS 16.6 update, still in its beta phase, has brought a mix of excitement and disappointment among users. While it introduces some promising features, it also presents some significant setbacks that have left users questioning its stability.

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New Feature: iMessage Contact Key Verification

One of the most notable features of iOS 16.6 is the introduction of contact key verification in iMessage. This feature aims to enhance the security of your conversations by alerting you if someone tries to eavesdrop on your conversation using another device with your friend’s Apple ID.

When this happens, your iPhone will issue a warning, notifying you that the Apple ID of the person you’re conversing with has been assigned to another device. This feature is designed to prevent potential eavesdropping in iMessage conversations, ensuring your private conversations remain private.

However, while this feature has made its debut in the settings, it doesn’t seem to populate properly yet. When searching for ‘contact key verification’ in the settings, the information appears, but the actual feature does not. Despite this minor hiccup, the feature is a promising addition to iOS 16.6, and users are eagerly awaiting its full functionality.

Digital Wallet Driver’s License in Georgia

While not directly related to iOS 16.6, it’s worth mentioning that Apple has enabled the addition of digital wallet driver’s licenses in Georgia. Users can now add their driver’s license to the Wallet app, marking a significant step towards digital identification. Apple continues to work with local government agencies to roll out this feature across more states.

The Downside of iOS 16.6

Despite the promising features, iOS 16.6 has been a cause for concern due to a series of issues that have surfaced since its release. These issues have been particularly noticeable on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, causing significant inconvenience to users.

Lock Screen Issues

One of the most prevalent issues with iOS 16.6 is the unresponsiveness of the lock screen. Users have reported that the screen goes completely dark overnight and does not respond to taps. This issue persists even when the ‘always on display’ feature is enabled, causing the screen to blackout completely.

App Freezing and Crashing

Another major setback with iOS 16.6 is Apple apps’ frequent freezing and crashing. Users have reported that the camera application sometimes freezes and fails to take pictures. Similarly, iMessage has also been reported to crash frequently. When a notification appears on the lock screen, and the user taps on it, the app opens and crashes automatically.

Battery Performance

While it’s common for beta software to have some impact on battery performance, users have reported that the battery performance on iOS 16.6 has not improved. It’s not necessarily worse, but it’s not better either, which is a disappointment for those hoping for improved battery life with the new update.

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The Verdict: Should You Update to iOS 16.6?

Given the issues that have surfaced with iOS 16.6, it’s advisable to avoid this update for now, especially if you’re running iOS 16.4 or 16.5, which have been performing well. It’s important to remember that iOS 16.6 is still in its beta phase, and these issues may be resolved in the final version. However, until further notice, it might be best to hold off on updating to avoid potential inconveniences.

Looking Ahead: iOS 16.6 Beta 2 and iOS 17

Despite the issues with iOS 16.6, there’s still a lot to look forward to in the world of iOS. The second beta of iOS 16.6 is expected to be released in the first week of June, and hopefully, it will address the issues that users have been experiencing with the first beta.

Moreover, we’re just a week away from the much-anticipated WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), where iOS 17 developer beta 1 is expected to be unveiled on June 5th. This upcoming release has sparked excitement among users, and it will be interesting to see what new features and improvements it will bring.


While iOS 16.6 brings some promising features, such as iMessage contact key verification and the addition of digital wallet driver’s licenses, it also presents some significant setbacks. The unresponsiveness of the lock screen, frequent app crashes, and lackluster battery performance have left users questioning the stability of this update.

Therefore, until these issues are addressed, it might be best to avoid updating to iOS 16.6. However, with the upcoming release of iOS 16.6 beta 2 and iOS 17, there’s still a lot to look forward to in the world of iOS. As always, it’s important to stay updated with the latest iOS news and updates to ensure the best user experience.

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