How to Use iPhone as a Webcam on MacBook with iOS 16

We love Apple devices, whether it is an iPhone or a MacBook. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the MacBook webcam is not that great when compared to the latest iPhone models’ front-facing cameras. Plus, buying additional webcams can burn a big hole in your pocket.

But luckily, Apple has come up with a solution. With iOS 16, you can use your iPhone camera as a webcam on your MacBook. This might be a useful feature for many MacBook users. No more spending money on expensive webcams from now on.

In this article, let me show you how to officially use your iPhone as a web camera on your Mac. This procedure is straightforward, and you will not require any additional third-party applications or microphones.

In addition to using your iPhone as a webcam, you can also use it as a two-camera setup, using a new feature called desk view.

Compatibility and Requirements:

Before we go further, let’s check what requirements should be met to use your iPhone camera as a webcam on your MacBook.

  • Your Mac needs to be running on macOS Ventura.
  • Your iPhone should have iOS 16 installed.
  • If you do have an iPhone 8 or above, you will be able to install iOS 16.
  • Your iPhone and Mac should be logged in with the same Apple ID.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) should be turned on.
  • Enable the Continuity Camera Webcam on your iPhone from the Settings app.

Go to settings => General => AirPlay & Handoff => Continuity Camera Webcam => Enable.

Once you have fulfilled all the above requirements, you may automatically see a screen message that asks you to continue with using your iPhone as a webcam.

How to Use iPhone as Webcam on iOS 16:

Step 1: Open Zoom on your Mac.

Step 2: Go to Preference => Video.

Step 3: Here, you will see an option named Camera.

Step 4: Choose your iPhone camera or whatever you have named your iPhone.

Step 5: If you are using Skype.

Step 6: Go to settings > Audio & Video.

Step 7: You will be able to see your iPhone in the list.

Step 8: You may use your iPhone as a Webcam in any of the applications. You just need to go to settings and select the preferences automatically.

Step 9: If you are using facetime on your Mac, open the FaceTime app.

Step 10: Go to video option from the menu bar.

Step 11: You will find your iPhone name listed in the video camera section. Select it.

Step 12: If you want to use your iPhone as a microphone on the Mac, then simply follow the above-given process and go to the settings of any app you are using.

Step 13: Find the “Audio options” and select your iPhone or the name of your iPhone.

Other Features:

There are many small features when using the iPhone as a webcam on your macOS Ventura.

In addition to shooting video, you can use the microphone that’s built right into your iPhone. You don’t have to get an external microphone. Once you have setup the camera, you can go into the Mac settings and change a few things.

If you go to the Control Center on your Mac and choose “Video Effects,” you will get 2–3 options, such as: Center Stage, Portrait, Studio Light, and Desk View. You can even combine all the modes together.

Center Stage: This feature will have the camera follow you and try to keep you in the center.

Portrait: In this mode, all the focus will be on you and the rest of your background will be blurred. This mode is perfect if you are sitting in one position in a meeting.

Desk view: It gives you the second camera view in addition to the main camera. It’s basically using another camera on the front of your iPhone to capture what the image looks like.

This is a great mode if you are recording any demonstration with you narrating it. But the picture quality might not be as good as the main camera.

That’s it, folks! I hope you have learned something new today. You just need to install iOS 16 on your compatible iPhone and you are good to go.

If you face any trouble, you can approach us through the comment section.

Stay tuned!

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