Play Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 Pro And iPad? Demonstration


Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 Pro and iPad, is the highly anticipated eighth major installment in the iconic Resident Evil survival horror video game series. Originally released in May 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, fans have been eager to know if the game can be played on mobile devices like the iPad and new iPhone 15 line.

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In this article, we’ll take a close look at whether it’s possible to play Resident Evil Village on an iPad or iPhone 15, based on early hands-on experiences and demonstrations.

We’ll cover:

  • Brief background on Resident Evil Village
  • Early gameplay videos showing Village on iPad
  • Expected compatibility with iPhone 15 Pro models
  • Purchasing and pricing details
  • Using a controller and external display
  • Performance expectations

So if you’re a Resident Evil fan wondering if you’ll be able to play the latest entry on your Apple device, read on for all the details.

Brief Background on Resident Evil Village

For those unfamiliar, Resident Evil Village continues the story of Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7 biohazard as he searches for his kidnapped daughter. The game takes players to a mysterious village filled with dangerous creatures and mysteries to unravel.

Key features of Village include:

  • First person perspective like RE7
  • Exploration of a gothic rural village
  • Battles against lycans, vampires and other creatures
  • Intense boss fights
  • Puzzles and secrets to uncover
  • A variety of extra modes and DLC

The game has received positive reviews for its graphics, action, characters and horror elements. Making the jump to mobile devices could introduce the scares to a whole new audience.

Early Gameplay Videos Show Resident Evil Village on iPad

While Resident Evil Village isn’t officially available for mobile devices yet, some early hands-on videos demonstrate the game running smoothly on iPad.

Several tech reviewers have shown footage of Village gameplay on an iPad Pro with M1 chip. The videos reveal a polished, high-resolution mobile version translating the visuals and controls effectively.

Key takeaways from the gameplay include:

  • Visuals and resolution look impressive on the iPad’s Liquid Retina display
  • Core gameplay mechanics like shooting, blocking and inventory management appear intact
  • Detailed village environments and character models hold up well
  • Audio and visual effects help create an immersive, creepy atmosphere

Based on initial impressions, the iPad version looks promising and captures the console experience. The M1 chip’s power enables smooth performance to really bring the horror to life.

Expected Compatibility With iPhone 15 Pro Models

While gameplay footage has focused on the iPad so far, reports indicate Resident Evil Village will also support the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro lineup.

The key factor is Apple’s new A16 Bionic chip which delivers console-quality graphics. Combined with the Super Retina XDR display on iPhone 15 Pro models, Resident Evil Village should achieve similar performance to the iPad gameplay.

According to Capcom, Resident Evil Village will require an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max to play. The standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus won’t meet the hardware requirements. Support will also extend to iPad models with M1 chips or later.

With the A16 Bionic’s powers, iPhone 15 Pro provides plenty of potential for intense gaming. Village on the iPhone 15 Pro looks to continue Apple’s push into premium mobile gaming experiences.

Purchasing and Pricing Details

Here are the purchasing and pricing details so far for playing Resident Evil Village on Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 Pro and iPad mobile Apple devices:

  • Initial purchase cost: $39.99 on the App Store
  • Release date: October 30, 2023
  • DLC: Additional Winters’ Expansion content available for $19.99
  • In-app purchases: Full gameplay requires one-time unlock after downloading
  • Subscription: No gaming subscription required, only app purchase

The upfront cost is in line with premium game pricing on the App Store. While not cheap, it unlocks the full Village game in all its horror glory. The DLC provides extra story content with new playable characters.

With no subscription needed, purchasing Village on mobile provides permanent access just like the console versions. You just need to grab it upon release before enjoying this thrilling installment on your Apple device.

Using a Controller and External Display

To get the most immersive Resident Evil Village experience on iPad or iPhone 15 Pro, you’ll want to use a compatible controller. Touch controls are serviceable but a controller improves handling greatly.

The DualSense controller for PS5 has been confirmed to work with Village on mobile. The adaptive triggers provide superb haptic feedback for actions like weapon firing. DualSense support allows precision control of Ethan’s movements and attacks.

For larger screen real estate, you can connect your iPad or iPhone to an external monitor or TV. A USB-C to HDMI cable enables big screen gaming while still using the mobile device’s power.

With a controller and external display, the Village mobile version offers a console-quality experience rivaling PlayStation and Xbox. Touch is fine but controller plus big screen takes it to the next level.

Performance Expectations

Based on the specs of the latest iPhones and iPads, Resident Evil Village should provide excellent performance when it launches.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Framerate: Target of 60 FPS sustained, with 120 FPS supported on ProMotion displays
  • Loading times: Significantly faster loading than console versions
  • Visual settings: Resolution up to 4K supported on external display
  • Performance: Stable FPS even during intensive combat and effects

Apple’s silicone combined with software optimizations will deliver buttery smooth gameplay. The results should match or exceed the console experience in some areas.

Of course, hands-on testing will provide the final verdict on performance. But Capcom’s minimum M1 chip requirement indicates solid capabilities to run Village at a high level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about playing Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 Pro and iPad:

Will my older iPad or iPhone run Village?

Unfortunately no. The game requires an M1 chip or A16 Bionic at a minimum for compatible devices. Older A-series chips won’t offer the needed performance.

Do I need a game controller to play?

A game controller like the DualSense is highly recommended for the best experience but not absolutely required. The game will support touch controls if you don’t have a compatible controller.

Can I play on iPhone and iPad with the same purchase?

Yes, the App Store purchase works across iPhone and iPad tied to the same Apple ID, enabling seamless cross-device play.

How large of a download is the mobile version?

Resident Evil Village is expected to require around 22GB of storage space on iPhone or iPad when downloading from the App Store.

Will there be mobile-specific features or content?

Capcom hasn’t indicated any unique mobile features or content. The goal is to provide a faithful translation of the core console and PC experience.

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The prospect of playing the survival horror masterpiece Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 Pro and iPad is an exciting one for gaming fans. Based on early testing, the game runs impressively on Apple’s new silicon, translating the immersive graphical experience effectively.

While hands-on time will reveal more, the mobile version looks to deliver the same great Village gameplay that made the console editions so compelling. For $39.99, survival horror fans may have a scary-good new opportunity to experience Resident Evil’s thrilling realm anytime, anywhere. Just make sure to play with the lights on.

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