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The Nintendo DS is one of the most popular handheld gaming consoles ever created, with a massive library of classic games that are still fondly remembered and played to this day. While the DS is long discontinued, its legacy lives on through emulators that allow you to play its games on modern devices like iPhones and iPads.

Emulators provide a way to mimic DS hardware and software on iOS, giving you access to the entire DS catalog without needing to buy an actual DS console. In this article, we’ll look at the best DS emulators for iOS and how to start playing your favorite Nintendo DS games on your iPhone or iPad.

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An Introduction to Nintendo DS Emulation

The Nintendo DS launched in 2004 and introduced innovative dual-screen gameplay with a touchscreen bottom display. It pioneered new ways to interact with games and spawned hit franchises like Nintendogs, Brain Age, and many more.

Emulators work by imitating the DS hardware like the CPU, graphics, sound, and input methods. This allows DS games to run on platforms they weren’t originally designed for, like iOS devices. Emulators also often provide enhancements like save states, video filters, and controller support for a more modern experience.

Playing DS games on your iPhone or iPad using emulation offers many advantages:

  • Convenience: Keep your entire game library on one device instead of carrying around a separate DS console.
  • Customization: Emulators allow graphics/audio enhancements and external controller support.
  • Game Selection: Choose from a massive library of over 2000 DS titles across various genres.
  • Affordability: Play for free without having to buy used DS cartridges or consoles.

However, there are also some disadvantages:

  • Technical Issues: Emulators may have bugs, glitches, or performance issues.
  • Legality: Downloading ROM images may violate copyright. Ownership of a game is generally recommended.

Overall, emulation allows new ways to enjoy classic DS games. With the right emulator, you can relive Nintendo DS nostalgia conveniently on your iOS device.

Best Nintendo DS Emulators for iOS

There are various DS emulators available for iOS, but these 3 are among the best and most recommended options:

1. DeSmuME – DS Player

DeSmuME – DS Player is a browser-based emulator that runs directly on iPhone or iPad within Safari. It requires no jailbreaking or app installation. Some key features include:

  • Web-based with no software install needed, only a browser
  • Supports single and dual-screen modes with configurable screen layouts
  • Save/load states and auto save/load allow resuming from any point
  • Graphics enhancements like anti-aliasing and video filters
  • External MFi or Bluetooth controller support for tactile controls

Performance is excellent, with 3D games running at full speed even on newer iOS devices thanks to the high power A15 chip. The web-based convenience makes this an easy pick for quickly jumping into DS games.

2. NDS4iOS

NDS4iOS is a full-fledged DS emulator that runs as an iOS app. You can install it without jailbreaking using third-party app stores like Panda Helper. Features include:

  • Wide compatibility for games across iOS versions and devices
  • Auto-save with editable save slots and in-game save editing
  • Graphics configuration with aspect ratio control and video filters
  • Controller support through Bluetooth or MFi controllers
  • Multiplayer support via WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Customizable UI with skins and layout options

NDS4iOS provides a polished experience and great game support. The main drawback is the need to re-install it occasionally due to app revoking. Overall it’s one of the best standalone DS emulators for iOS.

3. iNDS

iNDS is an impressive DS emulator focused on usability and accuracy. Like NDS4iOS it runs as a full app. Some key features:

  • High compatibility across iOS versions and DS games
  • Optimized performance with good speeds even on older iOS devices
  • Support for shaking, blowing into mic, and touchscreen controls
  • Audio emulation with SPU sync for full audio accuracy
  • Video filters, aspect ratio options, and upscaling
  • Auto save/load support and save state slots
  • External controllers supported through Bluetooth or MFi

The great performance combined with mic/touch input gives an authentic and smooth DS experience. This is arguably the most accurate DS emulator for iOS for demanding players.

How to Install DS Emulators on iOS Devices

The easiest option is to use DeSmuME – DS Player which simply requires visiting their website on Safari. For full-featured app-based emulators, you’ll need to sideload the apps using third-party app stores. Here are the basic steps:

Step#1.Download and install a third-party installer like Panda Helper or iOSGods.

Step#2.Open the app library and search for your emulator app like NDS4iOS or iNDS.

Step#3.Download and install the app through the third-party store. Follow any additional instructions.

Step#4.The emulator app icon will appear on your home screen for direct access!

The app will work like any normal iOS app. However, due to Apple restrictions these apps may get revoked after some time. You’ll then need to re-install the app using the third-party store again. This process is quite simple and lets you keep enjoying your favorite DS games.

How to Configure Graphics, Sound, and Controls

Once you have your emulator set up, you can customize your experience with graphics tweaks, audio settings, and external controllers.


  • Increase or decrease rendering resolution for crisper or smoother graphics.
  • Select aspect ratios like original 4:3 or fullscreen 16:9 depending on game and preference.
  • Enable anti-aliasing for smoother edges and gradients.
  • Choose video filters like Scanlines for retro effects.


  • Toggle stereo/mono output and adjust volume for optimal sound.
  • Some emulators support mic input for blowing into mic in games.


  • Use on-screen buttons or touchscreen for authentic DS control experience.
  • Connect external MFi or Bluetooth controllers for tactile physical controls.
  • Configure or re-map buttons to suit your playstyle.

Experiment with these settings per game to get the optimal balance of performance, graphics, sound and controls. The right settings can greatly enhance your overall DS emulation experience on iOS.

5 Great Nintendo DS Games to Try on iOS

The Nintendo DS has an enormous catalog of games spanning various genres from platformers to RPGs. Here are 5 must-play classics you should try on your iOS device using emulators:

1. New Super Mario Bros

This quintessential 2D Mario platformer brings back the classic gameplay with new power-ups, enemies, and worlds. Running and jumping through clever stages while collecting coins is perfectly suited for quick play on mobile.

2. Chrono Trigger

Experience one of the greatest JRPGs ever made, now enhanced with dual screen presentation and additional anime cutscenes. The time traveling adventure is still as compelling today.

3. Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Lead armies in strategic turn-based combat across tactical grids. The dual screen presentation adds more depth. Test your skills in the engaging single player and versus modes.

4. Mario Kart DS

The fan favorite Mario Kart racing series debuts on DS with online play, classic tracks, and an expanded roster. Local multiplayer is possible through emulator link cable emulation.

5. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

This groundbreaking mature action game brings the massive open world exploration and crime gameplay of GTA to the DS and iOS with great effect. The touchscreen minigames also add uniqueness.


Playing Nintendo DS games on your iPhone or iPad helps keep classic portable games alive. Emulation makes experiencing the massive DS game library possible conveniently on iOS. Whether you want some quick retro gaming or deeper immersive experiences, DS emulators can satisfy your needs.

With accessible options like DeSmuME DS Player requiring no installation, getting started is simple. More advanced emulators like NDS4iOS and iNDS offer customizable controls, graphics and audio for optimized play. Following the steps in this guide, you can be enjoying your favorite DS titles in no time.

Relive childhood memories or discover new genres by playing the timeless classics of the Nintendo DS era on your iOS device. iOS emulation opens up exciting possibilities to re-experience retro portable gaming from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad – no need for separate DS hardware. So dust off those old DS favorites and dive in to enjoy Nintendo magic directly on your iOS smartphone or tablet!

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