Mobiblog APK iOS: Can I Get for iPhone


Mobiblog APK iOS is a popular blogging app available for Android devices that allows users to easily create and manage blogs right from their mobile devices. However, iPhone users often wonder if they can also get the Mobiblog app for their iPhones.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. As of February 2024, there is no Mobiblog app available for iOS or iPhone devices. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why Mobiblog is not on the App Store for iPhones and explain alternative options for iPhone users who want to blog on the go.

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Overview of Mobiblog App

First, let’s provide some background on what exactly Mobiblog is. Mobiblog is a free mobile blogging app developed by Mobiblog Tech for Android smartphones and tablets. It allows users to create new blog posts, edit existing posts, manage comments, view analytics, and customize their blog theme all from their Android device.

Some key features of Mobiblog include:

  • Create new blog posts with rich text formatting
  • Edit published posts on the fly
  • Moderate and reply to comments
  • View detailed blog statistics and analytics
  • Completely customize blog theme and design
  • Sync across devices, with web version also available
  • 100% free to use with no ads

Since its launch over a decade ago, Mobiblog has become one of the most popular mobile blogging apps, with over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It provides an easy way for Android users to blog on the go without needing a computer.

Why No iOS App Store Version

Now that we’ve covered what Mobiblog is, let’s discuss why it is not available on the Apple App Store for iOS devices like iPhones. There are a few key reasons that the developers have not created an iOS version of Mobiblog.

Developed Initially Only for Android

The first reason is that Mobiblog was developed exclusively for Android devices when it first launched. The developers optimized the app specifically for the Android platform, using Android SDK and Java programming language.

Porting the app over to iOS would require rebuilt large portions of the codebase in Swift/Objective-C instead of Java. The developers likely did not see enough demand or incentive to put in this extra work initially.

Significant Development Work Needed

Even today, releasing Mobiblog on iOS would require significant development work. The developers would need to rebuild the user interface and adapt other parts of the codebase to work properly on iOS.

Apple’s App Store review process is also more stringent than Google Play’s, so Mobiblog would likely require code changes to comply with iOS app guidelines. Doing all of this development work requires substantial time, effort, and resources.

Limited Resources as a Smaller Company

As a smaller company compared to tech giants, Mobiblog Tech has more limited resources available to them. Developing an entirely new iOS app requires dedicated developers, designers, testers, and product managers.

Mobiblog likely does not have the financial resources or team bandwidth to take on such a large product expansion at this time. Their focus has remained on improving the Android app over the years.

Less Demand Among iPhone Users

Furthermore, there appears to be less demand for Mobiblog among the iPhone user base compared to Android users. The developers may have done market research and concluded that iOS revenue potential did not justify the development costs.

Since Mobiblog is free without ads, there is no direct monetization advantage in being on both platforms. With fewer iPhone users requesting the app, developing an iOS version has not been a top priority.

Alternative Blogging Options for iPhone

So while iPhone users cannot download Mobiblog directly, there are a few alternative mobile blogging options:

  • Use Web Version: Mobiblog does have a web-based version that works on iPhone browsers just like the desktop website. It provides the same key features, although the interface is not optimized for mobile.
  • Try WordPress App: WordPress offers an official iOS app that provides similar functions for managing WordPress blogs on the go. However, it does not have all the same customization options.
  • Use Third-Party Apps: Apps like BlogTouch and iBlog let you manage different blog platforms from your iPhone, but also have limitations.
  • Convert to Web App: There are ways to convert the Android APK file into a web app for iPhone. However, this is a technical process that has limitations.

While not as fully-featured, these alternatives do allow iPhone users to blog from their mobile devices even without an official Mobiblog iOS app. The web and third-party options provide partial workarounds until an iOS version is potentially available in the future.

Will Mobiblog Come to iOS Eventually?

Looking ahead, iPhone users may wonder if Mobiblog will ever be released on the App Store in the future. Unfortunately, there has been no official word from Mobiblog Tech on iOS app development plans.

Unless demand from Apple users significantly increases, it seems unlikely that Mobiblog will expand to iOS given the required resources. However, if the Android app continues growing in popularity, the developers may eventually invest in building out an iOS version.

For now, iPhone users will have to rely on web browsers, third-party apps, or switching to Android to fully utilize Mobiblog for mobile blogging. But never say never – with sufficient demand, Mobiblog could possibly make its way to the App Store down the road.


In summary, Mobiblog is currently only available as an Android app and cannot be downloaded directly on iPhones from the iOS App Store. Due to being developed initially for Android, requiring substantial new development work, lacking resources as a smaller company, and having less iPhone-specific demand, the developers have not yet created an official iOS version.

While unfortunate for iPhone users who wish to use Mobiblog, there are some alternative options to consider like the web version, separate blogging apps, or platform conversions. However, none provide the full native experience. For now, Android remains the only mobile platform where Mobiblog can be obtained, unless the developers eventually decide to expand to iOS.

Table on Mobiblog App Availability by Platform

PlatformMobiblog App Available?How to Get
AndroidYesDownload directly from Google Play Store
iOSNoUse web version, 3rd party apps, or switch to Android
Windows PhoneNoNot available
BlackberryNoNot available

So in summary, only Android users can currently download and use the official Mobiblog app, while iPhone and other platforms are limited to workaround options for mobile blogging. Unless iOS development is undertaken, Mobiblog will remain an Android-exclusive app for the foreseeable future.

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