Mangareader on iOS: A Safe and Free Way to Enjoy Manga Online

Manga has earned a huge fan following due to its interesting stories and artwork. However, finding the best apps or sites for reading manga cannot be an easy task. Some manga reading sites have a limited catalog, while manga reading apps on iOS come with a paid subscription. That is why many manga enthusiasts turn to, a popular manga site that provides thousands of manga titles for free. Here, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about MangaReader on iOS.

What is MangaReader?

Mangareader is a free manga site that allows users to read and download their favorite manga titles. The site can be accessed at and has a vast collection of manga, covering all genres and sub-genres. Whether you are into action, romance, or comedy, you’re sure to find a manga title that suits your taste.

One of the best things about MangaReader is its user-friendly interface. The site’s design is simple and easy to navigate, making it accessible to users of all ages. In addition, Mangareader is ad-free, which means you won’t be interrupted by annoying ads or pop-ups while reading.

Is MangaReader Available for iOS?

Yes, Mangareader is available for iOS devices. You can access Mangareader on your iPhone using your web browser. The site is optimized for mobile devices, which means you can enjoy your favorite manga titles on the go.

To access Mangareader on your iOS device, simply open your web browser and type in From there, you can search for your favorite manga title and start reading.

Is Mangareader Available on the App Store?

Mangareader is not available on the App Store. In order to access this manga website, you need to use its website.

For instant access, you can add the Mangareader website to your home screen.

Features of Mangareader on iOS

Mangareader on iOS provides users with a range of features that enhance their manga reading experience. Here are some of the key features of MangaReader:

A Large Collection of Manga Titles

Mangareader has one of the largest collections of manga titles, covering all genres and sub-genres. Whether you’re looking for a classic manga or the latest release, you’re sure to find it on Mangareader.

Ad-Free Reading

Unlike other free manga sites that are filled with ads and pop-ups, Mangareader is completely ad-free. This means you can enjoy your favorite manga titles without any interruptions.

High-Quality Scans

Mangareader provides high-quality scans of manga titles, ensuring that you can enjoy the artwork and text without any distortion.

Fast Content Updates

Mangareader updates its content regularly, which means you can enjoy the latest manga titles as soon as they are released.

User-Friendly Interface

Mangareader has a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes it accessible to users of all ages.

Safe and Secure

Mangareader is a safe and secure platform for reading manga online. The site is ad-free, which means you won’t be exposed to any malicious ads or pop-ups. In addition, Mangareader does not require any registration or personal information, ensuring your privacy and security.

No Geo-Restrictions is available all across the globe, so you can read and enjoy manga wherever you like.

How Does Mangareader Compare to Other Manga Reading Apps on the App Store? Best Alternatives to

As I clarified, the MangaReader app is not available on the App Store. In order to access the massive database of MangaReader, you must use its website. However, if you need manga reader apps on iOS, there are various options.

You can check out our blog, 17 Mangareader Apps/Sites for iOS. These sites and apps can also be the best alternatives to Here, I have explained how Manga Reader is compared to some of the best manga reading apps on the App Store.

Manga Storm CBR

Manga Storm is a popular manga reading app on the App Store that provides access to DRM-free comics. The app has a clean and user-friendly interface and provides options to download and read manga offline. Manga Storm CBR also offers users the ability to customize their reading experience.

Compared to MangaReader, Manga Storm offers a wider selection of sources for manga and the ability to read offline. However, Manga Storm requires a one-time purchase to unlock all features, and its collection is limited, while MangaReader is completely free and offers a huge catalogue of manga.


MangaToon is another popular manga-reading app that allows users to read manga from their iOS devices. The app offers a customizable reading experience and provides options to download manga for offline reading. MangaToon also includes a feature to recommend manga based on the user’s reading history.

When compared to MangaReader, MangaToon offers a more personalized reading experience. However, MangaToon doesn’t offer everything for free, while MangaReader doesn’t cost a single penny.

Crunchyroll Manga

Manga and anime fans don’t need the introduction of this app as it is already a popular anime streaming platform. This app also offers manga on its iOS app. iPhone users can read a wide range of manga. You can also download and read manga offline.

Compared to MangaReader, Crunchyroll Manga offers access to licensed manga and provides the option to download manga for offline reading. However, Crunchyroll Manga has a limited number of manga titles compared to MangaReader.

Final Words:

In a nutshell, MangaReader is a free manga reading website that offers the largest manga series collection to iOS users. It has a simple UI and UX to make the reading experience smooth and easy. Plus, it doesn’t run ads or pop-ups on its website.

However, this is not an official platform, so it doesn’t offer licensed manga. If you wish to support creators, we recommend using manga reading apps available on the App Store.

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