17 Best Manga Readers Apps/ Sites for iOS

Recently, I have become increasingly fascinated with anime. This amazing genre has captured my heart and ignited an obsession for reading manga. Now I can honestly say that I am a big fan of this captivating genre – its beautiful artwork and captivating storylines make it both enjoyable and an excellent way to pass time. If you share my enthusiasm, here are my top picks for manga readers on iOS.

Searching the internet will yield hundreds of manga reader apps and websites to read on iPhones. Unfortunately, some are illegal while others lack enough content to appeal to all readers like me.

Here, I have curated my top picks for the best mangareaders for iOS, where readers can find all the newest titles while supporting manga creators. Choose any of these platforms to dive deep into this vibrant world of manga!

Top Manga Reader Apps/Sites on iOS

1. MangaReader for iOS

Although the MangaReader iOS app isn’t available on the App Store, many iPhone users rely on MangaReader.io to read manga online. This ad-free manga reading and downloading app offers access to thousands of titles at no cost – boasting a large database of over 200,000 manga titles across all genres and subgenres! Essentially, Manga Reader.io serves as a one-stop shop for manga lovers everywhere!

Pros: Vast selection of manga titles, user-friendly interface, download manga for offline reading, free to use and no annoying ads.

Cons: Occasional glitches or crashes; some titles may not be available in certain regions; not an official platform.

2. Manga Plus by SHUEISHA

Manga Plus by Shueisha is one of the most popular and legal iOS applications to read manga online. Popular titles like Naruto and Dragon Ball can be found within this reader app’s library that is regularly updated so users always find new material to enjoy. Plus, this app is also available on the App Store so it is accessible to a wider audience.

Pros: Manga Plus offers officially licensed manga, the latest releases and additional features for readers.

Cons: Not as many titles as some other readers, not entirely free and the app may feel cluttered at times.

3. MangaDex

MangaDex is an established platform for reading manga comics online. There is also a MangaDex iOS app available which enables users to read manga on their Apple devices. The free-to-download application features an intuitive user interface but cannot be found on the App Store; you must access it from its website and add a shortcut to your iPhone homescreen instead. Overall, MangaDex for iOS offers manga fans an affordable, ad-free, convenient option to read manga on their Apple devices.

Pros: Ad-free, download chapters for offline reading, free to use

Cons: Signing in is required, not available on the App Store and unfriendly user interface.

4. MangaToon

MangaToon is one of the best free manga reader apps for iOS. Here, users can read comics, manhwa and other works including manga. It offers an expansive library with both popular and lesser-known series across various genres. Plus, you will have access to dozens of HD comics such as romance or action ones! Downloadable directly from the App Store is all that is required – enjoy unlimited reading today!

Pros: Multiple language support, access to titles from different countries, free downloading and offline download options

Cons: Occasional technical issues, slow loading pages and limited selection.

5. Manga by Crunchyroll

Manga by Crunchyroll is an iOS app that offers a diverse selection of manga titles across different genres. While Crunchyroll is best known for its anime streaming service, they also have an extensive library of manga titles available for reading – both free and paid content with some titles exclusive to the platform.

Pros: Wide selection of titles, some available exclusively on the platform; free with ads.

Cons: Some titles require payment for access while others cannot be licensed due to licensing restrictions.

6. VIZ Manga:

VIZ Manga is an iOS app that offers a vast selection of manga titles across genres. Users have both free and paid content to choose from, with print versions of their favourite manga available too. Plus, with previews before buying paid volumes, users are able to check out new chapters every week as well as brand-new series being added regularly – always at no cost! The latest chapters are always free!

Pros: An extensive library with some titles exclusive to the platform and the option to purchase print versions.

Cons: Some titles can only be accessed through paid content and not all content is free.

Honourable Mentions

7. Tachiyomi

8. Manga Dogs

9. INKR Comics

10. Shonen Jump

11. Manga Dogs

12. WebComics Daily Manga

13. Webtoon

14. ComiXology

15. Manga Box

16. Manga Storm CBR

17. Mangamo

Final words:

These are the top—or, I would say, the best—manga reader apps and sites available for the iPhone and other iOS devices. You can download the one that suits your needs and read your favourite manga series on the go.

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