How to Make Aesthetic Dynamic Wallpapers on iPhone in iOS 16

Now you have an abundance of ways to personalize your lock screen, and nothing beats customizing and making your lock screen as well as home screen background wallpaper.

You’re bound to look at your wallpaper if you spend the majority of your time on your iPhone. So why should it be monotonous? Create your own backgrounds to replace the generic defaults!

Why use the same old boring wallpapers that you get by default when you can customize your background? Going with the trend, being aesthetic is in the market.iPhone users can make aesthetic dynamic wallpaper in iOS 16.

Aesthetic fashion is inspired by various aspects of our lives. What we wear is frequently inspired by the music we listen to, the movies we watch, history, art, and even our mental condition. It is crucial to recognize that every one of us is unique, and the aesthetics we choose are undoubtedly a way to express ourselves and demonstrate our individuality to others around us.

The same goes for setting the iPhone wallpaper. Looking at our phones is something we do every day, and why not make our iPhone look aesthetic? That will give you good vibes and inspiration whenever you unlock your device.

So, this article will show you how to make aesthetic dynamic wallpapers on iPhone in iOS 16.

Make Aesthetic Dynamic Wallpapers on iOS 16 iPhone Easily:

With iOS 16, Apple is now giving users control over one of the iPhone’s most recognizable features. iOS 16 now supports customized lock screens.

This implies that you have full control over your lock screen customization and can make it look however you want it to be. So, if you have full control over it then why not make it look aesthetically pleasing?

  1. Go to the lock screen on your iPhone.
  2. Unlock your device with your face ID or passcode.
  3. Long press on the screen and you will see the pop-up for customization.
  4. Keep sliding to the left until you have the Add New Options window.
  5. Tap on the plus icon.
  6. Scroll down until you see the “Collections” option.
  7. Slide across all the options until you reach the second last option in the collection section.
  8. It is the dynamic wallpaper that you will be selecting.
  9. Tap on it.
  10. To see different dynamic wallpapers, swipe through that screen.
  11. There are a total of nine dynamic wallpaper options that you can choose from.
  12. For more customization, click on the 3-dot icon.
  13. Tap on “Appearance.”
  14. You will get 3 options; Automatic, Light, and Dark. Choose any of your choices.
  15. Click on the Add option to apply these changes.

You can follow these steps if you want to choose dynamic wallpaper from the default options available. 

How to Create a Customized Aesthetic Wallpaper on iPhone iOS 16:

If you don’t want the usual system wallpapers that come with iOS 16, you can even create a customized aesthetic wallpaper. Follow the steps given below to get your aesthetic lock screen.

  1. Go to Safari or Pinterest, search for aesthetic wallpaper, and choose the image of your choice. Make sure the image that you are choosing is in HD quality.
  2. Save the image in your gallery.
  3. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  4. Go to wallpapers.
  5. Click on the “add new wallpaper” option.
  6. Select photos from the top left corner of your screen.
  7. Go to albums.
  8. Click on recent.
  9. Select the image that you saved.
  10. Swipe across the screen to customize it.
  11. You will have 4 options; natural, black & white, duotone, and color wash. Choose any according to your liking.
  12. Click on the Add option to get your wallpaper on your lock screen.

After you’ve personalized your lock screen by selecting the appropriate font, colors, and background, you can select from a variety of aesthetic iOS 16 lock screen widgets.

If you are confused and stuck on choosing your wallpaper to make it look more aesthetically pleasing, then allow me to give you some insights on which type of wallpaper you may choose for your lock screen. Check out some of the aesthetic lock screen ideas!

Aesthetic Lock Screen Ideas for iOS 16 Lock Screen

Aura & Gradient Lock Screen

Gradients provide a feel to any space; they’re the right blend of modern and vibrant without being too busy. A lovely gradient theme will instantly improve the aesthetics of your lock screen.

Lock Screen: Minimalist

A simple theme will keep your lock screen tidy. Whether you prefer a solid color or a soothing image for your background, just choose a contrasting color for the clock and widgets and you’re set!

Lock Screen with Plants

Allow your green thumb to rub off on your iPhone with a relaxing plant lock screen. Green will surely give you peace and give your lock screen its own aesthetic with soothing images of plants.

Aesthetic Y2K Lock Screen

Relive the 90s and early 2000s directly on your lock screen! Grab a Y2K-inspired wallpaper—whether a frame from your favorite 90s cartoon or a VHS-inspired image—and match the typography and colors on your lock screen to complete the look.

Lock Screen with Landscapes and Nature

Create the ideal nature-themed lock screen by combining your favorite panoramas with fonts and colors that complement the setting, whether it’s an aerial image over an autumn forest or a stunning mountain in the sky.

Depth Effect on 3D Foreground Lock Screen

iOS’s Depth Effect, powered by clever AI algorithms, automatically takes the subject from your photographs and isolates it from the backdrop, perfectly incorporating the clock into your wallpaper image—no Photoshop necessary. This will surely make your lock screen wallpaper unique among others.

A Lock Screen with a Boho Theme

Use neutral, earthy tones in your wallpaper and clock/widget accent color, and change the typeface to the built-in serif option for a trendy Boho lock screen!

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