Is Pikashow Available on iPadOS

Pikashow on iPadOS is a popular screen mirroring and media streaming app that allows users to wirelessly share their iPhone/iPad screen or media files to smart TVs, PCs, and other devices. With its easy-to-use interface and reliable streaming, Pikashow has become a favorite choice for those looking to screencast from their iOS devices.

A common question asked by many iPad users is whether Pikashow is available on iPadOS. The short answer is yes, Pikashow is fully compatible with iPadOS and can be downloaded from the App Store for use on any iPad model running iPadOS.

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An Introduction to Pikashow

For those unfamiliar, Pikashow is an app developed by Apowersoft that enables wireless screen mirroring and media streaming from iPhone, iPad and Mac to different receiving devices. Some key features and capabilities of Pikashow include:

  • Mirror iOS device screen in real-time – Pikashow streams everything displayed on your iPhone/iPad to another bigger screen wirelessly. This allows you to share apps, videos, photos, presentations and more.
  • Media streaming – You can use Pikashow to stream media files like videos, music and photos stored on your iPhone/iPad to another device.
  • Cast to smart TVs – Pikashow lets you mirror your iOS screen or stream media to smart TVs like Samsung, LG, Sony, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Airplay etc.
  • Cast to PCs – You can cast your iOS screen to PCs/Mac running Pikashow app or browser extension.
  • Remote control – Pikashow provides virtual touch controls to remotely control your iPhone/iPad from another device.
  • Screen recording – The app can record your iOS screen mirrors and save it as a video file.
  • Annotation – Draw, sketch, highlight over the mirrored screen for presentations.
  • Password protection – Apply password to prevent unauthorized streaming.

With such useful features, Pikashow has become the preferred casting and streaming app for many iOS users looking to share their device screens.

Pikashow Compatibility with iPadOS

Now coming to the main question – yes, Pikashow is fully compatible with iPadOS and available for download on the iPad App Store.

iPadOS is the dedicated operating system from Apple designed to provide an enhanced experience on iPad devices. While earlier iPad models ran the same iOS version as iPhones, Apple bifurcated the operating system into iOS and iPadOS from version 13 to optimize the OS for iPad’s larger screen and hardware capabilities.

Pikashow app supports all iPad models running iPadOS including:

  • Latest iPad Pro models (11-inch & 12.9 inch, 2021 and later)
  • iPad Air models
  • iPad Mini
  • Standard iPad models

The app is optimized to leverage the full-screen real-estate of iPad for an immersive casting experience. You can mirror your iPad screen in full resolution or stream 4K videos without any latency or quality loss.

The latest version of Pikashow is fully compatible with the newest iPadOS versions:

  • iPadOS 16 – Released in October 2022
  • iPadOS 15 – Released in September 2021
  • iPadOS 14 – Released in September 2020

and does not require any jailbreak or root access. You can simply download Pikashow from the App Store on your iPad to get started with wireless screen mirroring.

Downloading and Using Pikashow on iPad

Downloading and setting up Pikashow on your iPad running iPadOS is quick and straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Install Pikashow App – On your iPad device, open the App Store and search for ‘Pikashow’. Download and install the app. Alternatively, you can visit the Pikashow App Store link and get the app.
  2. Enable Screen Mirroring – Open Pikashow and enable screen mirroring access when prompted. This allows the app to record and stream your iPad’s screen.
  3. Connect Receiver – On the receiving device (TV, PC, Mac, phone etc), also install and open Pikashow app or browser extension/program.
  4. Start Casting – Back in sender iPad, tap on the ‘Cast Screen’ option and select the receiving device to start casting.

Once connected, your iPad screen will be streamed in real-time to the receiving device. You can also use in-app options like annotation, remote control, screen recording while casting.

The Pikashow app provides the same reliable and high-quality casting experience on iPad as it does on iPhones. The full-screen mirroring allows you to leverage your iPad’s large and beautiful display for more engaging presentations, demos etc. to external displays.

Key Benefits of Using Pikashow on iPad

Here are some of the major benefits of using Pikashow for screen mirroring on iPad instead of other casting apps:

  • Optimized for iPadOS – As mentioned already, Pikashow is fully optimized to work seamlessly on iPadOS without any hacks. Other casting apps may have compatibility issues or bugs.
  • Zero Lag Mirroring – Pikashow employs advanced compression algorithms to provide real-time lag-free iPad screen mirroring over WiFi or wireless networks. This is critical for smooth user experience.
  • High Quality Video – Your iPad screen is mirrored to external devices without any loss of quality or degradation. You get full HD/4K streaming based on receiving device capabilities.
  • Touch Controls – Pikashow allows you to control your iPad remotely from the receiving device. This enhances user interactivity.
  • Cast to Multiple Devices – You can cast your iPad screen to multiple receiving devices simultaneously. This is useful for multi-screen presentations.
  • Ad-free Experience – Unlike some apps, Pikashow does not show annoying ads that can interrupt your casting sessions.
  • Screen Recording – Pikashow lets record your iPad mirroring sessions directly on the app. This allows you to save important demonstrations or lessons for later reference.
  • Annotation – You can draw, sketch, annotate over your iPad screen mirror for more interactive and engaging sessions, especially useful during teaching or training scenarios.

In summary, Pikashow delivers the complete screen casting experience on iPad leveraging the power of iPadOS without limitations.


To recap, Pikashow app is fully available and compatible with iPadOS across all iPad models including iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and standard iPad versions. The app can be conveniently downloaded from the Apple App Store on any iPad running iPadOS versions iPadOS 16, 15, 14 or earlier.

Pikashow provides a fluid and powerful wireless casting solution for iPad users to mirror their device screens in real-time as well as stream media files. It leverages the capabilities of iPad hardware and iPadOS to deliver an optimized, lag-free and high-quality casting experience. The availability of useful features like remote control, multi-screen casting, annotation, screen recording combined with reliability and ease of use makes Pikashow the preferred app for casting your iPad screen.

So if you own an iPad and want to wirelessly share your iPad OS screen with other devices, Pikashow is the best solution available today. Download Pikashow to turn your iPad into a powerful wireless presentation and casting tool.

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