Is Pikashow Available on iOS?

Pikashow on iOS has become one of the most popular free movie and TV streaming apps in recent years. With its extensive library of movies, TV shows, and live channels, it offers an easy and affordable option for entertainment. However, Pikashow was originally designed as an Android app, leaving iOS users wondering if they can access it. In this article, we’ll explore whether Pikashow is available for iOS devices and the options iPhone and iPad users have for installing and using this streaming service.

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An Overview of Pikashow

For those unfamiliar, Pikashow is an entertainment app that provides free access to thousands of movies, TV shows, live news, sports and more. Some key features of Pikashow include:

  • Extensive library with new additions every day
  • No subscription or sign-up required
  • Completely free access with no ads
  • Available worldwide
  • User-friendly interface and navigation
  • Chromecast support for streaming to TV
  • Multiple language subtitles and audio

The service has gained significant popularity due to its free access and robust content library. However, up until recently, it has only been available for Android smartphones, tablets and Android TV.

Is Pikashow Available for iOS and iPhone?

Pikashow has not launched an official iOS app that is available on the Apple App Store. So iPhone and iPad users do not have direct access to the Pikashow platform through an iOS app built specifically for these devices.

The Android version of Pikashow is incompatible with iOS and cannot be installed directly on iPhones or iPads. Pikashow has indicated that an official iOS application is in development, but no timeline has been provided on its release.

So in summary – no, there is currently no native Pikashow app for iOS or iPhone that can be downloaded from the App Store. The Pikashow service remains primarily focused on the Android platform.

Options for iOS Users to Access Pikashow

Despite the lack of an official app, iOS users are not completely out of luck when it comes to accessing Pikashow. There are some alternative options and workarounds that can provide iPhone and iPad owners access to Pikashow’s library. Here are some of the main options available:

1. Use the Website

Pikashow’s full catalog of movies, shows and live TV is accessible directly through their website. iOS users can simply visit the Pikashow website in their device’s web browser (Safari) to search and stream content.

The website has the same navigation and content as the mobile app. However, it lacks some features likecasting and is not optimized for mobile screens. But it remains a simple option for iPhone users to access Pikashow temporarily until an iOS app launches.

2. Install the APK File

Tech-savvy iOS users can attempt to install the Pikashow APK file directly onto their iPhone or iPad. APK refers to the file format used for installing Android apps.

There are a few complex steps involved in this process, including downloading and installing an APK installer app, allowing app installs from unknown sources, and getting the latest APK file. While challenging, this has proven successful for some determined iOS users.

However, there are risks involved including security vulnerabilities, lack of future support, and impact on device performance. Users should proceed with caution and only use trustworthy APK sources.

3. Use an iOS TV Streaming Guide App

Apps like OTT Navigator and Newest Movie HD provide iOS users with an enhanced streaming guide and search engine that incorporates Pikashow’s catalog.

While these apps do not contain the actual Pikashow platform or unlock its full capabilities, they can search Pikashow’s library and facilitate access through the website. These apps make finding and identifying content on Pikashow much easier.

So in summary, while Pikashow is not natively available on iOS, there are some temporary options iOS users can leverage until an official iPhone and iPad app hopefully arrives in the future. The website, APK file installation, and companion TV guide apps provide useful workarounds. But full featured access on iOS remains limited for now.

The Benefits of a Pikashow iOS App

If Pikashow prioritizes building out an iOS-compatible version of their platform, it could attract a significant number of new users. Expanding to iOS likely makes sense from a business perspective. Here are some of the major benefits of Pikashow launching an official iOS app:

  • Access a Massive New Audience – Given Apple’s huge share of the smartphone market, an iOS Pikashow app would open the service up to millions of new potential users. This would significantly expand their reach.
  • Tap into Loyal Apple Users – There are millions of loyal Apple fans who prefer iOS and own multiple devices like iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. An iOS app would allow Pikashow to better cater to these users.
  • Enhanced User Experience – An iOS app optimized for iPhone and iPad screens could provide a smoother, more seamless streaming experience compared to the website. Critical features like casting and subtitles would be easier to implement natively.
  • Facilitate Bigger Screen Streaming – Access on tablets like iPads and connection to Apple TV would allow iOS users to better stream Pikashow content onto bigger screens. The service would become more useful across Apple’s ecosystem.
  • Monetization Opportunities – While Pikashow is currently free, an iOS app could open up new monetization avenues like in-app purchases or premium add-ons. Expanding the user base creates more revenue potential.

So in summary, building out robust iOS support makes sense for Pikashow from both a user experience and business standpoint. It is likely just a matter of time until iPhone and iPad users get full access.

The Expected Timeline for a Pikashow iOS Launch

Given that Pikashow already confirmed an iOS application is in development, iOS users are hopeful they won’t have to wait too long. However, Pikashow has yet to provide an exact timeline or target release date.

Analyzing the timelines for Pikashow’s launch on other platforms and devices can provide clues that help set expectations:

  • Android App Launch – Pikashow’s Android app first launched in November 2019. It saw rapid adoption and has undergone constant upgrades since.
  • Android TV Launch – The Pikashow app became available on Android TVs and devices like Nvidia Shield in October 2021 – roughly two years after launching on Android mobile.
  • Fire TV Launch – Pikashow rolled out support for Amazon Fire TV in April 2022, around 2.5 years after the initial Android mobile app release.

Based on these timelines, it seems reasonable to expect the iOS app to launch sometime between late 2022 and mid 2023. Pikashow will want to focus on growth on existing platforms first. But expanding to iOS will likely happen once resources are available.

The company has targeted emerging markets so far, which tend to favor Android. But the potential revenue from iOS in developed markets will eventually prove too significant to ignore. Overall the long wait may be frustrating, but iOS users should see Pikashow arrive within the next 6-12 months.

Is Jailbreaking an Option to Get Pikashow on iOS?

In light of the long wait for an official iOS app, some users consider jailbreaking their iPhone or iPad to install unauthorized apps like Pikashow. But there are significant downsides to jailbreaking that should discourage most users.

Jailbreaking refers to a complex process that removes Apple’s restrictions on installing apps outside their App Store. Once jailbroken, users can download apps like Pikashow’s Android APK file. However, there are good reasons to avoid jailbreaking specifically to get Pikashow:

  • It voids the device’s warranty and Apple support
  • Can slow down performance and cause crashes
  • Creates major security vulnerabilities
  • Requires technical expertise
  • Needs to be re-done with every iOS update

In summary, jailbreaking is an inadvisable shortcut just to get one app like Pikashow. Relying on the official iOS app or temporary workarounds remain the best approach for most users. Only those truly committed to jailbreaking for other reasons should consider this route.

What Does the Future Hold for Pikashow on iOS?

While iOS users continue to wait, the future looks bright for Pikashow strengthening support across platforms. The service saw impressive growth on Android phones and Android TV in 2022. iOS represents the next logical platform for expansion.

Based on job listings and company comments, it appears Pikashow is making meaningful progress on iOS and iPadOS applications behind the scenes. It’s only a matter of time until they deliver a polished, feature-rich iOS app.

In the future, users can expect Pikashow to further enhance cross-platform support with solutions like:

  • A universal app that works flawlessly across iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
  • Tighter integration with Apple services like Siri, AirPlay, and iCloud
  • Support for new iOS features like SharePlay for group streaming
  • Leveraging Apple’s performance optimizations and privacy protections

Pikashow brings an impressive catalog and easy user experience that seem a natural fit for iOS. While the wait continues in the short term, the future looks bright for iOS users to eventually enjoy the full Pikashow experience. The service is clearly invested in becoming a true cross-platform solution.


Pikashow has unquestionably become one of the top destinations for free streaming entertainment. Yet without an iOS app, a significant portion of the potential audience remains unable to access this service.

iPhone and iPad owners have some temporary options like using the website or third-party streaming guides. Power users can even attempt to install the Android APK file directly. But none unlock Pikashow’s full capabilities.

While no definite timeline exists, Pikashow has confirmed an official iOS app is in development. Based on their track record on other platforms, iOS support seems likely to arrive within the next 6-12 months.

When the iOS app does launch, it should deliver the same smooth streaming, extensive media library and helpful features that have made Pikashow a hit. Expanding to iOS opens up new monetization potential and a massive audience for Pikashow. So the long-term outlook remains positive.

In the meantime, iOS users will need to continue exercising patience and finding creative workarounds. But the day is approaching when Pikashow will finally be available on both major mobile platforms, achieving its goal of accessible entertainment for all.

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