Is Microsoft Copilot available for Mac

Microsoft Copilot for MAC, an AI pair programmer that helps developers write better code, has gained immense popularity since its launch in 2021. With advanced natural language processing capabilities powered by OpenAI Codex, Copilot provides suggestions for entire lines or blocks of code as you type.

Recent Released: Why Is TikTok Asking for a Passcode on iPhone?While Copilot was initially available only for Windows, Microsoft has now launched it for macOS as well. In this article, we will look at Copilot’s availability on Mac, system requirements, installation process, and key features when used on a Mac system.


Microsoft announced the technical preview of Microsoft Copilot for macOS at WWDC 2022. It is now compatible with macOS 12 Monterey and newer operating systems. Copilot offers the same functionalities on a Mac as it does on Windows, like next-line suggestion, documentation, error detection, etc.

Copilot integrates seamlessly into Visual Studio Code on a Mac. As you write code, it draws context from your codebase and suggests entire lines or functions to keep your coding flow uninterrupted. This saves precious development time and reduces mistakes.

Availability of Copilot on Mac

Here is a quick rundown of how you can use Copilot on a Mac:

  • Web App: Copilot is available as a web app that you can use in the Safari browser. Simply open in Safari, log in with your Microsoft account, and start using it.
  • macOS Web App: In macOS Ventura 13 and newer versions, you can install Copilot as a web app. This gives it deeper integration and allows some additional features.
  • Visual Studio Code extension: If you have access to the Copilot technical preview, you can install it as a VS Code extension too. This gives the full Copilot experience integrated into your coding environment.

System Requirements

Copilot has the following minimum system requirements when used on a Mac:

  • macOS: macOS 12 Monterey or newer
  • Apple Silicon: Any Mac with Apple M1 chip or newer
  • RAM: At least 8 GB for optimal performance
  • Cores: 2 CPU cores
  • Connectivity: Internet connection for downloads and updates

Installation Process

Here are step-by-step instructions to install Copilot on your Mac:

1. Install Visual Studio Code

Download and install Visual Studio Code on your Mac. VS Code is needed for the Copilot extension integration.

2. Install Copilot Extension

If you have access to the Copilot Technical Preview program, you can install the Copilot extension within VS Code.

  • Open Extensions sidebar
  • Search for ‘Copilot’
  • Click Install

This will download and enable Copilot inside VS Code.

3. Connect to OpenAI Account

Finally, connect your OpenAI account to enable Copilot suggestions.

  • In VS Code, open Command Palette
  • Run ‘Copilot: Sign in to OpenAI Codex’
  • Follow prompts to sign in with OpenAI credentials

Once connected, Copilot will start suggesting code in real-time as you type.

4. Use as Web App (Optional)

Alternatively, you can simply use the Copilot web app in your browser without installing anything. Make sure to enable pop ups on the site.

Key Features

When used on a Mac, some of Copilot’s standout features include:

  • Next Line Suggestions: As you type code, Copilot will suggest entire lines and functions to continue what you were writing seamlessly.
  • Documentation: Get contextual documentation and comments aligned with your code.
  • Error Detection: Copilot can detect bugs and errors in your code and suggest fixes.
  • Natural Language Integration: You can describe code functions in plain English and Copilot will generate the actual code block.
  • Code Formatting: The suggestions come properly formatted, indented, and styled as per best practices.
  • Hundreds of Languages: Copilot supports over a hundred programming languages including Python, Javascript, Java, C++, and more.

In summary, with the wide availability of Microsoft Copilot on Mac, developers can now reap the benefits of AI assistance regardless of their operating system. The seamless integration with Visual Studio Code provides a smooth coding experience. As Copilot continues advancing out of preview, we can expect even richer features tailored for Apple silicon Macs.

Web AppAvailable
macOS Web AppVentura 13+
VS Code ExtensionTechnical Preview
Operating SystemmacOS 12+
ChipApple M1+


Microsoft Copilot aims to boost productivity for programmers by suggesting context-based code in real-time. With support now extended to macOS, Mac users can utilize Copilot’s AI capabilities across web, mobile, desktop, and cloud development. The integration with Visual Studio Code provides a streamlined coding environment. As Copilot comes out of preview later this year, we can expect more advancements like deeper Apple silicon optimization. For now, Mac developers have an early access pass to start simplifying their workflows with AI assistance through Microsoft Copilot.

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