Is Granblue Fantasy Available on iOS?

Granblue Fantasy is one of the most popular Japanese role-playing games on mobile. With beautiful artwork, engaging storylines and strategic turn-based combat, it’s easy to see why Granblue has attracted millions of players worldwide. But is this hit game from developer Cygames available to play on iPhones and iPads? Let’s take a closer look.

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Granblue Fantasy first launched in Japan in 2014 and quickly gained a large following thanks to its console-quality production values and deep gameplay. It features a sprawling fantasy world with a lengthy main questline to follow. Players collect heroes, weapons, summons and more as they battle enemies in turn-based combat.

The game is free-to-play, with options to purchase in-game currency and bonuses. On Android, Granblue Fantasy is available worldwide through the Google Play store. But for iOS users, the situation is a bit more complicated. Here’s what you need to know about getting Granblue Fantasy on your iPhone or iPad.

Is Granblue Officially Available on iOS?

Granblue Fantasy is not officially available on the iOS App Store in Western regions like the United States and Europe. The game is only officially distributed through the App Store in Japan.

This means that in order to download Granblue Fantasy on iOS, you’ll need access to the Japanese App Store. Downloading from another regional App Store will not work.

The reason for the limited availability has to do with licensing and publishing rights. Cygames, the developer, has chosen to only distribute the iOS version of Granblue Fantasy in specific regions at this time.

How to Use a Japanese iTunes Account

Since Granblue Fantasy is only on the Japanese App Store, iOS users need a Japanese iTunes account to download and play the game. Here are step-by-step instructions for creating one:

Step#1.On your iPhone or iPad, open the App Store application.

Step#2.Tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner.

Step#3.Scroll down and select “Country/Region”.

Step#4.Tap “Change Country or Region”.

Step#5.Search for and select “Japan”.

Step#6.Agree to the terms and conditions.

Step#7.Provide a valid payment method or skip this step.

Step#8.Your App Store should now be switched over to the Japanese store.

With a Japanese iTunes account set up, you can now search for and install Granblue Fantasy on your iOS device. Just make sure you are logged in to your Japanese account first before searching.

How to Download and Playing Granblue Fantasy on iOS

Once you have access to the Japanese App Store on your iPhone or iPad, downloading Granblue Fantasy is straightforward:

Step#1.Search for “グランブルーファンタジー” – this is the Japanese name.

Step#2.Select the game and tap “Get”.

Step#3.The game will download and install like any other app.

Step#4.Upon first launching, you may need to enter your birthday and accept terms of service.

Step#5.Granblue Fantasy should now load up – you’re ready to play!

The game is completely in Japanese, but many menus and options are intuitive. There are also fan-made translation guides available online if you need help.

Tips for Playing Granblue on iOS

Here are some quick tips for getting the best experience playing Granblue Fantasy on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Playing over WiFi is recommended due to the game’s size and frequent updates.
  • Enable automatic updates so you always have the latest game version.
  • Use a third-party keyboard app to type Japanese characters if needed.
  • Consider linking your account to Twitter or Mobage for easy backup.
  • Purchase Granblue Coins ahead of time if you plan to buy in-game currency.
  • Turn notifications on for gifts, rewards and other alerts.
  • Follow @granbluefantasy on Twitter for news and updates.

With the right setup, Granblue Fantasy is just as enjoyable on iOS as any other platform. The game looks great on iPhone and iPad screens and the touch controls are optimized well.

Is an English Version Coming to iOS?

There is always hope that Cygames may eventually release Granblue Fantasy in English on the iOS App Store. However, the developer has made no announcements to indicate an English iOS version is in the works.

The Western fan community continues to request an official English release. But licensing hurdles and publishing rights make it challenging. For now, the Japanese version remains the only option for iOS users.

However, determined fans continue to play Granblue on iOS by accessing the Japanese store. And the gameplay is fully enjoyable without reading Japanese, especially with help from the enthusiastic fan community.


Granblue Fantasy stands out as one of the most impressively produced mobile RPGs available today. The game offers countless hours of exploration, questing and team-building depth for free.

While not officially available in English on iOS yet, it is possible to download and play Granblue Fantasy on your iPhone or iPad by creating a Japanese iTunes account. This extra step makes the game accessible for Western fans who want to enjoy this hit RPG.

With strategic turn-based battles, beautiful artwork and tons of unlockable characters and weapons, Granblue Fantasy is absolutely worth trying out on iOS devices. And hopefully someday English speakers everywhere can explore its expansive fantasy world right from their local App Store. But until then, a Japanese account will open up this incredible mobile RPG to iOS gamers who want to set out on their own Granblue adventure.

Table summarizing key points

Key QuestionAnswer
Is Granblue Fantasy on the iOS App Store?No, only in the Japanese store
Do I need a Japanese account?Yes, to access the Japanese App Store
Can I play in English?No, Japanese only at this time
Will an English iOS version happen?Unknown, not announced yet
Is the game fully playable on iOS?Yes, works great on iPhone/iPad

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