What Are The iOS 17 Wallpaper Added To iPhone 15 Device

Apple has released its latest iOS 17 operating system for the newly launched iPhone 15 device. Along with several new features and updates, iOS 17 also introduces some beautiful new wallpapers for iPhone users. In this article, we will take a closer look at the new iOS 17 default and dynamic wallpapers available on the iPhone 15 and later models.

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Wallpapers are a great way to customize the look and feel of your iPhone screen. With each iOS update, Apple refreshes the collection of wallpapers to go with the new software and devices. iOS 17 is no different, bringing new abstract and gradient wallpapers that compliment the iPhone 15 design.

The default iOS 17 wallpaper features colorful gradients of red, orange, pink and blue. It comes in both light and dark versions to match the device’s appearance in light and dark mode. There are also new dynamic wallpapers with moving elements for a mesmerizing effect.

The Default iOS 17 Wallpaper

The default wallpaper shipped with iOS 17 has already become quite popular among iPhone users. It features a minimalistic abstract design with soft gradients across various shades of red, orange, pink and blue.

The colors transition smoothly from top to bottom in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The wallpaper evokes a sense of calm with its cool tones and relaxing palette.

Unlike the previous iOS 16 default wallpaper which was only available in the light version, iOS 17 brings both light and dark mode variants. So you can match the wallpaper to your iPhone’s appearance in the Settings app.

The light version uses lighter and brighter colors for a vibrant look. While the dark version has a dark blue background with gradients in darker shades. This results in a wallpaper that complements the phone’s interface in both modes.

The abstract style gives it a modern artsy vibe. Yet the simple design prevents it from looking too loud or distracting on the Home Screen. Overall, the wallpaper is unique while still being neutral enough to work well with app icons and widgets.

The New Dynamic Wallpapers

In addition to the default wallpaper, iOS 17 also introduces three new dynamic wallpapers. As the name suggests, these wallpapers have a moving element that animates when you long-press on the Lock Screen.

The three new dynamic wallpapers include:

  • Outer Space: This wallpaper shows gaseous clouds and faint orbs floating in deep space. As you long-press, the clouds slowly move and change shape against the dark background.
  • Bloom: The Bloom dynamic wallpaper features a coral reef scene. You can see various corals swaying in an underwater current when holding down on the Lock Screen.
  • Astronomy: This wallpaper has a stylized design showing planets, stars, and concentric circles. The circles slowly rotate and pulsate in a loop as you long-press.

These new additions provide more options for users who like wallpapers with motion. The animations are smooth and subtle, adding a bit of dynamism without being too distracting.

The spaced out color palette also makes them easy to pair with different Home Screen layouts and app icons. Overall, they have an artistic and futuristic feel reminiscent of iOS.

Accessing the New iOS 17 Wallpapers

Wondering how you can get these new wallpapers for yourself? Here are the steps to access the iOS 17 default and dynamic wallpapers on your iPhone:

To set the default wallpaper:

  1. Go to Settings > Wallpaper on your iPhone running iOS 17.
  2. Tap on Choose a New Wallpaper.
  3. Select either Stills or Dark Appearance to set the light or dark version of the default wallpaper.
  4. Choose Perspective or Home Screen to set it just for your Lock Screen or Home Screen respectively.

To set a dynamic wallpaper:

  1. Follow the same steps to access the Wallpaper settings in iOS 17.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Choose a New Wallpaper.
  3. Select Dynamic from the list.
  4. You will now see the three available options – Outer Space, Bloom, and Astronomy.
  5. Tap on your preferred dynamic wallpaper and choose whether you want it on your Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both.

That’s it! The wallpaper will be instantly applied to your chosen screen(s). Keep in mind the perspectives and zoom effects may look different based on your specific iPhone model.

Benefits of the New iOS 17 Wallpapers

The wallpapers that come with each iOS release are designed carefully to enhance the user experience. Here are some benefits of the new options in iOS 17:

  • Aesthetic appeal – The colorful gradients and abstract shapes of the default wallpaper give it a very pleasing and arty look. The dynamic wallpapers also have gorgeous designs with great attention to detail.
  • Suits iPhone 15 design – The wallpaper colors and styles fit in well with the new iPhone 15. The handset comes in deep purple, so the gradients also complement the hardware colorway.
  • Customization – With different options for light and dark mode as well as static and dynamic, there is more choice to customize your iPhone’s lock and home screens.
  • Subtle animations – The animations on the dynamic wallpapers are smooth and understated so they don’t distract from app usage. But still add a bit of visual interest.
  • Easy to apply – iOS makes it simple to find and set new wallpapers. Just dive into the Wallpaper settings to get the latest selections from Apple.

Wrapping Up

The addition of new wallpapers is one of the smaller but still significant changes accompanying each iOS update. iOS 17 brings a striking new default wallpaper in light and dark versions along with three new dynamic wallpapers for the iPhone 15 and newer models.

These wallpapers feature appealing designs ranging from abstract to sci-fi themes. The animations on the dynamic options are also crafted tastefully to enhance your iPhone’s screens. Overall, the new wallpaper collection continues Apple’s tradition of releasing stunning visuals to elevate the iOS experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the New iOS 17 Wallpapers

Here are some common queries about the wallpapers added in iOS 17:

Q. How many new wallpapers are there in iOS 17?

A. There is 1 new default wallpaper and 3 new dynamic wallpapers, so 4 new wallpapers in total.

Q. Does the default wallpaper have dark mode support?

A. Yes, the new default iOS 17 wallpaper is available in both light and dark versions.

Q. What are the names of the new dynamic wallpapers?

A. The names of the three new dynamic wallpapers in iOS 17 are Outer Space, Bloom, and Astronomy.

Q. Can I set different wallpapers for lock screen and home screen?

A. Yes, you can set one of the new wallpapers or any image from your Photos app separately on lock screen and home screen.

Q. Where do I change the wallpaper on iPhone running iOS 17?

A. Go to Settings > Wallpaper and select the new iOS 17 wallpaper or image you want from there.

Q. Do the new wallpapers also work on older iPhones?

A. The new wallpapers are only available on iPhone models that can run iOS 17, which means iPhone 15 and later models.

Q. Will my existing wallpaper change automatically when I update to iOS 17?

A. No, your current wallpaper will remain the same when you update to iOS 17. You have to manually go and change it.

Q. Can I download the new wallpapers to use on other devices?

A. Yes, you can find the iOS 17 wallpaper files online to download and use on your other Apple devices or even Android phones if you like.

Q. Do the new wallpapers have embedded logos or branding?

A. No, the iOS 17 wallpapers are simple clean designs without any Apple logos or branding on them.


The iPhone 15 series and iOS 17 have arrived with some stunning new wallpapers for users to enjoy. From the sleek default wallpaper with light and dark options to mesmerizing dynamic wallpapers, there is something for everyone. These new additions continue Apple’s tradition of complementing their software and devices with beautiful wallpapers. With more customization and aesthetic appeal, the iOS 17 wallpaper collection is sure to be a hit among iPhone users.

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