iOS 17 New Ringtones and Alert Sounds Coming in iOS 17

Apple recently announced iOS 17, the latest version of the iPhone operating system, which is slated for release later this year. One of the most exciting new features is the addition of over 20 new ringtones and alert sounds that users can set for incoming calls, messages, notifications, and more.

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An Expanded Selection of Ringtones

The default ringtone for iPhones has long been “Reflection,” the simple yet catchy chime that has become Apple’s signature. However, iOS 17 brings a diverse selection of new ringtones, allowing users to customize their phone’s soundscape and make it their own.

According to Apple, iOS 17 will include over 20 new ringtones, bringing the total number of stock ringtones to 38. The new options span a variety of musical genres and styles, from energetic pop and rock anthems to subtle, ambient tones. For example, “Electric” is an upbeat electronic ringtone with pulsing synth notes, while “Bloom” is a gentle tune incorporating piano and strings.

While Apple has not released an official full list of the new ringtones, some user videos demonstrating the sounds can be found on YouTube. Based on these videos, some of the additions seem to include:

  • “Beat”: A rhythmic, percussion-driven ringtone with a catchy, pop-like melody.
  • “Cosmic”: A mystical-sounding ringtone with atmospheric synth pads and sparkling, pinging tones.
  • “Echoes”: A ringtone built around reverberant, echoing guitar plucks, creating a spacious vibe.
  • “Evolve”: A contemporary ringtone featuring arpeggiated synths that gradually evolve and change over time.

So no matter your taste in music, iOS 17 will have a diverse selection of ringtones to elevate your iPhone experience. The classics like “Reflection” and “Opening” aren’t going anywhere, but now you can opt for something more suited to your personal style.

Custom Sounds for Messages, Notifications, Alarms

In addition to ringtones, iOS 17 allows users to set custom sounds for other alerts on their iPhones, such as new messages, notifications, alarms, and calendar events. While previous iOS versions had basic sounds for these, iOS 17 introduces new and modern options.

For incoming text messages, you can now choose from futuristic sounds like “Celestial” or relaxing tones like “Blossom.” When you receive notifications from apps, select from a range of over 10 new options, like cheerful chimes, lush nature soundscapes, or even quirky electronic noises.

iOS 17 also brings new alarm and timer sounds, which can help wake you up gently in the morning or alert you when time is running out. Some examples include:

  • Morning Melodies: Gentle, ambient melodies to ease into your day.
  • Focus: Uplifting electronica to keep you energized and on-task.
  • Relax: Soothing nature sounds for a calm start.

So in iOS 17, ordinary system sounds become an opportunity for musical creativity and self-expression. The variety of tones allows you to customize your iPhone’s soundscape to perfectly complement your personality.

Experience the New Sounds on YouTube

While iOS 17 has not yet been officially released to consumers, many of the new ringtones and alert sounds can already be heard on YouTube. Tech enthusiasts have uploaded hands-on videos showcasing the different audio options you can expect when iOS 17 launches.

For instance, the YouTube channel iUpdateOS has a video demonstrating over 10 of the new ringtones. You can listen to the vibrant, poppy “Beat” ringtone, the mystical aura of “Cosmic,” and more ambient selections like “Chime.”

Other channels like iAppleBytes and Tech Moon have also uploaded videos spotlighting the new notification and alarm sounds found in iOS 17. This offers an early taste of the refreshed and modern sound palette that iOS 17 will bring to the iPhone experience.

So be sure to check out some of these videos to get a sneak preview of the catchy new ringtones and alerts coming in iOS 17. While the classic “Reflection” ringtone will live on, you’ll now have plenty of diverse options to truly customize your iPhone’s audio environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many new ringtones are coming in iOS 17?

Over 20 new ringtones will be added in iOS 17, bringing the total number of stock iPhone ringtones to 38.

What are some examples of the new iOS 17 ringtones?

Some of the new options include “Beat,” “Cosmic,” “Echoes,” and “Evolve,” spanning energetic pop, ambient electronica, echoing guitar tones, and more.

Can I set custom sounds for messages, notifications, and alarms?

Yes, iOS 17 allows you to customize the alert sounds for incoming messages, app notifications, alarms, timers, and more. There are over 10 new sound options optimized for these alerts.

Where can I listen to the new iOS 17 ringtones and sounds early?

Many tech YouTube channels have uploaded hands-on videos showcasing the new ringtones and alert sounds in iOS 17. Check out channels like iUpdateOS, iAppleBytes, and Tech Moon for audio previews.

Will the default “Reflection” ringtone remain in iOS 17?

Yes, Apple’s signature “Reflection” ringtone will still be available and set as the default. But iOS 17 provides many more options to personalize your ringtone.

The Takeaway on iOS 17’s New Sounds

With iOS 17, incoming calls, messages, notifications, and alarms on your iPhone will sound fresher and more personalized than ever. The over 20 new ringtones provide diverse genres to suit any music taste, from ambient and pop to rock and electronica. iOS 17 also introduces modernized alert sounds to complement your style. Check out the early previews on YouTube for a sneak peek at the new audio options before iOS 17 arrives on iPhones later this year. With this release, your iPhone’s soundscape will become more vibrant and expressive than ever before.


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