iOS 17 Brings Powerful New Focus Filters to Help Users Manage Distractions

Apple’s iOS 17, coming later this year, will introduce a major upgrade to Focus mode with the addition of Focus Filters. These highly customizable filters give users granular control over what content and information is displayed in apps while a certain Focus is activated.

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What Are Focus Filters and How Do They Work?

Focus Filters are a new feature in iOS 17 that allows users to filter out content within apps to show only certain information relevant to their current Focus.

For example, if you have a “Work” Focus, you could set up filters in your email app to only show emails from coworkers. Or in your calendar app, you could filter out personal events and appointments and only see your work schedule.

The filters work on an app-by-app basis. When setting up a Focus, you can scroll down and select “Focus Filters.” Here you can tap individual apps and choose exactly what types of content or accounts you want to see for that Focus.

So if you want to remove distractions while working, Focus Filters gives you a simple way to hide irrelevant information and focus on just what you need to get things done.

Customizing Focus Filters for Your Needs

Focus Filters are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor them precisely for your specific needs. Here are some of the things you can filter in your iOS 17 apps using Focus Filters:


  • Filter out personal email accounts
  • Only show emails from VIPs
  • Only show emails from certain senders or domains


  • Filter out personal calendars
  • Only show work calendars
  • Only show calendars for specific projects or teams


  • Filter out group conversations
  • Only show messages from favorite contacts


  • Filter out specific websites or domains
  • Only allow productivity or work-related sites


  • Filter out personal albums
  • Only show specific shared albums


  • Filter out saved personal locations
  • Only show work or office locations

And many other apps like Reminders, Notes, and third-party apps can incorporate Focus Filter options. Developers can integrate these filters using Apple’s Focus Filter API.

Focus Filters in Action: Examples

Let’s take a look at some real-world examples of how Focus Filters can help streamline your iOS apps:

Work Focus for Email

When your “Work” Focus is activated, you could set up filters in your email app to:

  • Only show emails from work domains (
  • Hide emails from personal accounts
  • Only show emails marked as Important
  • Hide newsletters, promotions, etc.

This allows you to focus solely on critical work messages without other distractions.

Reading Focus for Safari

Your “Reading” Focus could filter Safari to:

  • Only allow certain websites like Wikipedia, news sites, or reading blogs
  • Block distracting sites like social media, videos, etc.
  • Hide ads, pop-ups, and other distractions

You can create an immersive reading environment free of things that pull your attention elsewhere.

Fitness Focus for Apple Music

In your “Fitness” Focus, you could set Apple Music to:

  • Only show your workout playlists
  • Filter out all other music, podcasts, and audio
  • Hide music videos to avoid distractions during exercise

This lets you tune out everything but the pumping workout mixes to motivate your training.

Family Focus for Photos

Your “Family” Focus could filter your Photos app to:

  • Only show albums shared with family members
  • Hide work or personal albums
  • Filter out old screenshots and other clutter

You can instantly focus on your most meaningful family memories.

Customizing Your Own Focus Filters

The key benefit of iOS 17’s Focus Filters is the ability to fully customize them for your own needs. Consider which apps you find distracting and what content pulls your focus away while using a particular Focus mode.

Then, set up filters to hide that distracting information, leaving only what’s essential for your current moment and task. Focus Filters put you in control of your iOS experience, letting you minimize digital distractions.

To set up Focus Filters on your devices when iOS 17 arrives, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Focus
  2. Tap the Focus mode you want to customize
  3. Scroll down and tap “Focus Filters”
  4. Tap the + icon to add a filter for an app
  5. Select the app and choose what content to filter
  6. Repeat for other apps you want to filter

Configure your Focus Filters precisely to enable distraction-free productivity and creativity. Reclaim your attention with this powerful new iOS 17 feature.

Frequently Asked Questions About Focus Filters

Here are answers to some common questions about the new Focus Filters capability:

How is this different from existing Focus modes?

Current Focus modes like Do Not Disturb and Sleep simply mute notifications. Focus Filters takes things much further by letting you customize what content is visible within apps.

Do Focus Filters work with third-party apps?

In addition to Apple’s apps, third-party apps can integrate Focus Filters using the new developer API in iOS 17. So you may see filtering capabilities added to your favorite productivity, social, and other apps.

Can I have different Focus Filters for the same app?

Absolutely. You can customize Focus Filters separately for each Focus mode. For example, you may want different email filters for your Work Focus vs. your Personal Focus.

What happens to hidden content while a Focus is active?

Content filtered by Focus Filters is simply hidden from view temporarily while that Focus is activated. It will reappear when you switch to a different Focus or turn the feature off.

Can I save different Focus Filter presets?

Yes, iOS 17 allows you to save custom presets for Focus Filter configurations that you can switch between easily.

Empower Yourself with iOS 17 Focus Filters

Focus Filters put unparalleled control over your iOS apps directly in your hands. If distractions are dragging your attention in too many directions, Focus Filters allow you to hide irrelevant content and focus your mind precisely where you want.

iOS 17 introduces many great new capabilities, but for productivity seekers, creative pros, or anyone wanting to reclaim their concentration, Focus Filters could be the most transformative update.

Be ready to take back your attention when iOS 17 arrives by planning how to best leverage Focus Filters to filter out digital noise. Reduce anxiety, increase mindfulness, and allow space for your most essential priorities, projects, and relationships to flourish. The power is yours with Focus Filters on iOS 17.


Focus Filters give users more control over their digital environment, allowing for greater productivity, less distraction, and a more refined iOS experience tailored to each person’s needs. With highly customizable filters, Focus Modes can now filter out more nuanced content on an app-by-app basis. As this feature rolls out across Apple’s own apps and third-party apps integrate Focus Filter capabilities, users will be able to target distractions more precisely. For those continually seeking better tools to manage their attention in an increasingly crowded digital space, Focus Filters in iOS 17 promise to be a game-changer.

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