iOS 16.6 Beta 2: An In-Depth Look at the Latest Update

Apple has recently released iOS 16.6 Beta 2 to registered developers and soon to public beta testers. This update comes with a host of changes and features that are worth exploring. Let’s discuss the details of this update, discussing its size, build number, new features, performance, and battery life.

Update Size and Build Number

The size of the second beta is just over 400 megabytes, making it a relatively small update. The new build number for this update is 20G 5037d. The presence of a ‘d’ at the end of the build number suggests that we are nearing a final release, although there is likely to be at least one more beta to go.

What’s New in iOS 16.6 Beta 2?

One of the most notable changes in this update is the removal of the iMessage contact key verification reference, which was present in Beta 1. This feature was likely removed because Apple didn’t want it to be public yet. It’s expected that this feature will be included in the final release of iOS 16.6, but it seems that Apple is not ready for beta testing it yet.

This feature is designed to ensure that you are indeed communicating with the person you believe you are, making it particularly useful for those who are prone to digital attacks, such as government workers and journalists. However, it’s worth noting that this feature will not be very useful for the majority of users.

Release Notes and Known Issues

Interestingly, Beta 1 did not come with release notes. However, Beta 2 does include two known issues. The first issue is related to the Home application. Specifically, pairing a first matter accessory in a new Apple home will fail when paired by selecting an accessory from the nearby accessories list. However, there is a workaround for this issue: simply scan the QR code.

The second known issue is related to Xcode, but there is also a workaround for this issue. No new features or resolved bugs have been mentioned in the release notes for 16.6 Beta 2, further suggesting that 16.6 will be a minor update overall.

Performance and Battery Life

In terms of performance, iOS 16.6 Beta 2 scored a 25-16 on the single core and a 62-69 on the multi-core in Geekbench tests. These scores are similar to those of Beta 1 and slightly higher than those of iOS 16.5. While a major jump in performance is not expected, any bugs or slowdowns could potentially be resolved with the release of iOS 16.6.

Battery life on iOS 16.6 Beta 2 is reported to be similar to that of iOS 16.5. This has been tested on the iPhone 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max, with both devices showing comparable battery life.

What to Expect Next?

Looking ahead, iOS 16.6 Beta 3 is not expected to be released next week, as Apple will be unveiling new software updates like iOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS 14 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5th.

The release of iOS 16.6 Beta 3 will likely occur the following week. The build number of Beta 3 will determine when we can expect the final release of iOS 16.6. If the build number ends with an ‘A’ or ‘B’, we could see a final release by the end of June. If not, the final release will likely occur in early July.

The Future of iOS Updates

After the release of iOS 16.6, it’s likely that Apple will continue to release minor updates with bug fixes and security enhancements until the final release of iOS 17 in September. This is when Apple typically holds their big fall events to announce new products, such as the iPhone 15.

It’s also worth noting that iOS 16.6 is likely to be the final iOS 16 version to receive beta releases. We may see an iOS 16.7, but last year Apple only dropped the release candidate (RC) for the final 0.7 release. After that, we can expect minor double point updates until the final release of iOS 17.


While iOS 16.6 Beta 2 may not bring any groundbreaking changes, it’s an important step in the ongoing development and refinement of the iOS platform. It’s clear that Apple is committed to improving the user experience, addressing known issues, and enhancing security.

As we look forward to the release of iOS 17 and its new features, it’s reassuring to know that Apple continues to support and improve the current version of iOS. Whether you’re a developer, a tech enthusiast, or an everyday user, staying informed about these updates can help you get the most out of your Apple devices.

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