iOS 16.5 Beta 2 Released: Apple Gears Up for Future Updates

Apple has rolled out iOS 16.5 developer beta 2, as part of its ongoing efforts to prepare its devices for future software updates. This release brings with it several changes and improvements, so let’s dive into the details of this latest update.

iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 2 Release

The iOS 16.5 developer beta 2 is now available, following the release of the first beta. Public beta testers can expect this update to arrive on their devices within the next 24 to 48 hours. If you’re updating from beta 1 to beta 2, the update size is approximately 600 MB, although it may be larger if you’re updating from an official public release.

In addition to iOS 16.5 beta 2, Apple has also released updates for its other platforms, including iPadOS 16.5 beta 2, macOS 13.4 beta 2, watchOS 9.5 beta 2, and tvOS 16.5 developer beta 2.

Beta Testing Timeline

Based on the latest build number (20F5039e), it is estimated that there will be another two to three beta releases, followed by the release candidate (RC) and the official release. This means that there might be another month of beta testing before the final version of iOS 16.5 is available to the public.

Preparing for Future Updates

While iOS 16.5 beta 2 doesn’t introduce any major features, it does include changes that signal Apple’s preparation for future software updates. One of these changes concerns the software updates section for watchOS and macOS. Previously, users were required to install profiles to receive beta updates for watchOS.

Now, users need to sign in with a registered Apple developer account or a public beta testing developer account to continue receiving beta software updates on their Macs and Apple Watches.

This new option is now available in the watch application on the iPhone. Users can choose whether they’re a developer or a public beta tester for watchOS or remove that option entirely, streamlining the beta update process for watchOS.

Bottom Line

iOS 16.5 developer beta 2 is now available, and although it doesn’t bring major new features, it does indicate Apple’s commitment to preparing its devices for future software updates. As the beta testing phase continues, we can expect further refinements and improvements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest iOS news and Apple software releases.

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