How to Install the iOS 17 Public Beta

Apple has released the first public beta of iOS 17, giving users an early chance to try out the latest operating system before it officially launches later this year. Installing the iOS 17 public beta is easy to do, but there are some important things to keep in mind before you take the plunge. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to safely install and run the iOS 17 public beta on your iPhone or iPad.


The iOS 17 public beta offers an exciting glimpse into the future of Apple’s mobile operating system. iOS 17 brings new features like interactive widgets, major improvements to core apps like Maps and Mail, refined privacy controls, and much more. However, since this is pre-release software, you can expect to encounter bugs, battery drain, crashes, and data loss. So you should not install the iOS 17 beta on your primary iPhone or iPad.

Instead, use a secondary test device if you want to try out iOS 17. This will allow you to keep your main iPhone or iPad running smoothly on the current stable version of iOS. You also must have an Apple ID enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program to download and install the iOS 17 public beta. Read on to learn everything you need to know before taking the plunge with the iOS 17 public beta.

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Overview of iOS 17 New Features

Before jumping into the installation process, let’s briefly highlight some of the most exciting new features coming in iOS 17:

  • Interactive widgets – The widget system gains powerful new capabilities like support for video playback and scrolling feeds within widgets on the Home Screen.
  • Major Maps expansion – Apple Maps gets new 3D city maps, improved transit features, indoor mapping for airports and malls, and more.
  • Mail improvements – Updates include undo send, scheduling emails to send later, and refined search capabilities in Mail.
  • Rapid Security Response – iOS can quickly roll out urgent security fixes without requiring a full iOS update thanks to this new capability.
  • Passkeys in iCloud Keychain – A new approach to passwords that replaces them with digital keys for better security.
  • Enhanced privacy protections – Users will receive more transparency into how apps use their data.
  • Always-On Display – The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max gain an always-on lock screen thanks to their ProMotion displays.

This covers some of the highlights but iOS 17 has dozens more changes across the entire system. Now let’s get to the installation steps.

Requirements to Install iOS 17 Public Beta

Before you can install the iOS 17 public beta, your iPhone or iPad must meet the minimum system requirements:

  • Compatible device – iPhone 8 and newer or iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air 3 and newer, iPad 5th generation and newer, or iPad mini 5 and newer. Check Apple’s full list of compatible devices.
  • Apple ID enrolled in Beta Software Program – Sign up at with your Apple ID. This gives access to public betas.
  • Stable WiFi connection – The iOS 17 beta download is around 5GB, so you’ll need a solid WiFi connection to download and install it smoothly.
  • Sufficient battery charge – Your iPhone or iPad should be at least 50% charged before installing the update.
  • iCloud backup – Back up your device to iCloud or iTunes so you have a restore point if needed.

If your device meets these requirements, you’re ready to download the iOS 17 public beta profile and proceed with installation.

How to Enroll Your Device in the Beta Software Program

To gain access to the iOS 17 public beta (and other public betas from Apple), you must enroll your Apple ID in the Beta Software Program. Here’s how:

  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or computer, open a web browser and go to
  2. Tap or click Sign up.
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in. This must be the Apple ID associated with your iPhone or iPad.
  4. Read through the information about beta software. Scroll down and click Enroll your iOS device.
  5. Sign in again with your Apple ID if prompted.
  6. Tap or click Download profile and allow the beta profile to download.

The profile will automatically open in Settings after downloading so you can install it and opt your device into receiving public beta updates from Apple. You must enroll your Apple ID through the steps above before you can download and install the iOS public beta profile.

How to Install the iOS 17 Public Beta Profile

Once your Apple ID is enrolled in the Beta Software Program, you’re ready to install the iOS 17 public beta profile to opt your device into receiving beta updates:

  1. Download the iOS beta profile from on your enrolled iPhone or iPad.
  2. In Settings, tap Profile Downloaded. Tap Install in the upper-right corner to confirm installing the profile.
  3. Enter your passcode if prompted. Read the consent message and tap Install again.
  4. The profile will install. Tap Restart to reboot your iPhone or iPad.

The beta profile is now installed and your device is set to receive iOS 17 public beta updates. After restarting your iPhone or iPad, you can proceed to the next step of downloading and installing iOS 17.

Downloading and Installing the iOS 17 Public Beta

With your device enrolled and the beta profile installed, you can now download and install the iOS 17 public beta:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General, then tap Software Update.
  3. Once iOS 17 public beta appears, tap Download and Install.
  4. Enter your passcode if prompted.
  5. Read the consent message, then tap Agree to confirm download and installation.

The iOS 17 public beta will now download and install automatically. The download is around 5GB so it will take some time depending on your internet connection. Your device will reboot a few times during the installation process.

When installation is complete, iOS 17 public beta will be running on your iPhone or iPad! Take some time to explore all of the new features but remember that beta software can be unstable.

Tips for Running the iOS 17 Public Beta

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind during your iOS 17 public beta testing:

  • Install the beta on a secondary device rather than your primary iPhone or iPad to avoid stability issues.
  • Back up your device before installing since beta software can potentially corrupt data.
  • Report bugs and issues you find through the Feedback Assistant app. This helps Apple improve iOS 17 before release.
  • Expect faster battery drain and be prepared to charge your device more frequently as you test the beta.
  • Updates to fix bugs will roll out frequently, so check Settings often for new iOS 17 public beta versions.
  • Downgrade back to iOS 16 at any time by visiting Settings, General, then Profiles to remove the beta profile. Then you can install the stable iOS 16 release.
  • Join Apple’s public beta forums to discuss iOS 17 with other public beta testers and Apple engineers.

Following these tips will allow you to safely try out iOS 17 without compromising your primary iPhone or iPad. Take time to explore the new features and report any issues back to Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the iOS 17 public beta:

Can I install the iOS 17 beta without enrolling in the Beta Software Program?

No, you must enroll your Apple ID at first before you can download and install the iOS public beta profile and updates. This gives your devices access to beta software releases.

How is the public beta different from the developer beta?

The developer beta requires a paid developer account while the public beta is free for anyone to install. But they are the same software version – the public beta is essentially the developer beta but open to the public.

Is iOS 17 compatible with my iPhone model?

iOS 17 is compatible with iPhone 8 and newer. Some features may require newer models like iPhone X and up. Refer to Apple’s full compatibility list.

Can I downgrade back to iOS 16 after installing the iOS 17 beta?

Yes, you can downgrade and restore iOS 16 on your device. Simply remove the beta profile under Settings, General, then Profiles and you’ll begin receiving normal iOS 16 updates again.

Will my apps and data be wiped when installing the iOS 17 beta?

Your installed apps and data will remain intact when moving to iOS 17. But it’s always wise to have an iCloud or iTunes backup as a precaution before installing beta software.

When will the final iOS 17 release be available?

Apple has not confirmed an official date yet, but the full iOS 17 launch will likely happen in September 2023 alongside the release of the iPhone 15.


Installing the iOS 17 public beta is an exciting way to experience Apple’s latest innovations before the general public. This guide covered everything you need to know, from enrolling in the Beta Software Program to safely installing the beta and testing new features. Make sure to use a secondary device for beta testing and report bugs back to Apple. The full version of iOS 17 will bring even more refinements when it launches later in 2023.

Here is a summary table for installing the iOS 17 public beta:

Enroll in Beta Software ProgramSign up at with your Apple ID
Install beta profileDownload and install the profile from the beta site
Download iOS 17 betaGo to Settings > Software Update to download the beta
Install iOS 17 betaFollow the prompts to install after downloading
Test beta softwareExplore new features but beware of bugs!

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