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Bring Your FaceTime Calls to Life with Fun Video Reactions in iOS 17

FaceTime reactions has become an essential communication tool, allowing us to visually connect with friends, family, coworkers, and more. With iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, Apple is making FaceTime even more engaging by introducing Messages-like reactions that can liven up your video calls.

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Overview of New FaceTime Video Reactions

iOS 17 introduces the ability to trigger fun reactions and effects during a FaceTime video call using simple hand gestures. There are 8 different video reactions you can perform:

  • Heart – Make a heart shape with both hands to surround yourself with heart emojis.
  • Thumbs Up – Give a thumbs up to rain thumbs up emojis onto your video.
  • Double Thumbs Up – Give two thumbs up for celebratory fireworks.
  • Thumbs Down – Give a thumbs down for a cloudy rain shower.
  • Double Thumbs Down – Two thumbs down cue the sad face emojis.
  • Victory/Peace Sign – Flash a peace sign for balloons.
  • Rock On – Make devil horns with your hand for laser beams.
  • Jazz Hands – Wave jazz hands for confetti.

These reactions add a bit of visual excitement and humor to your FaceTime calls. Kids will especially love the animated effects!

How to Use FaceTime Reactions

Triggering the FaceTime reactions is quick and easy. There are two ways to access them:

1. Hold down on your tile. During a FaceTime call, press and hold on your own tile. This will bring up the reaction options so you can select your desired effect.

2. Use the Effects button. Tap the star icon in the top left corner to open Effects, then tap the smiley face Reactions icon.

Once you’ve activated reactions through either method, you can perform the hand gestures at any time to trigger the corresponding effect. Your reaction will be enabled for a few seconds before disappearing.

Others on the call will be able to see your reactions appear around your tile as you trigger them. You’ll also see their reactions on your screen. The effects add a lively visual element to your FaceTime calls!

Customizing Reactions

You have control over whether reactions are enabled for each FaceTime call. Swipe up during a call to return to the FaceTime menu, then toggle the Reactions button on or off accordingly.

You can also customize the reaction options to your liking. Go to Settings > FaceTime > Reactions and tap into each effect. Here you can change the reaction triggered by each hand gesture or swap it out for a different one entirely. Get creative with the reactions that best suit your personality!

Using Reactions Appropriately

Video reactions are meant to be a fun way to interact visually on FaceTime. However, it’s important to use them judiciously. Follow these tips on appropriate reaction usage:

  • Don’t overuse reactions or activate too many at once. This can become distracting or annoying to others on the call.
  • Gauge the vibe of the conversation and the reaction of others before triggering excessive effects. Make sure they enhance the discussion rather than disrupt it.
  • Be mindful of who is on the call. Use reactions appropriately around coworkers, family members, or other important contacts.
  • Respect it if someone asks you to tone down reactions or disable them for that call.
  • Don’t rely solely on reactions to communicate. Make sure your words and facial expressions also convey meaning.

Enhancing Your Calls

When used properly, the FaceTime video reactions in iOS 17 can take your calls to the next level. They help add color, visual interest, and a bit of fun to everyday conversations. Kids will love playing around with the effects and showing them off to friends. Professional users can also benefit from reactions by using them judiciously to inject energy and engagement into video conferences and remote meetings.

So go ahead – put a heart over your head, give a thumbs up, or wave some virtual balloons around. With FaceTime reactions, the possibilities are endless for putting more “face” into your time and lighting up video calls!

Key Features of FaceTime Reactions in iOS 17

Apple’s iOS 17 update introduces a fun new way to interact on FaceTime calls using hand gesture reactions. Here are the key features that enable visual effects and animations:

8 Different Reactions

  • Heart
  • Thumbs Up
  • Double Thumbs Up
  • Thumbs Down
  • Double Thumbs Down
  • Victory/Peace Sign
  • Rock On
  • Jazz Hands

Triggered by Hand Gestures

  • Each reaction is activated by a specific hand motion.
  • For example, a heart shape with both hands triggers the Heart reaction.

Appear Around Your Tile

  • When you trigger a reaction, the visual effect will appear wrapped around your FaceTime tile.
  • Others will see the reactions animate around you on their screen.

Enhance Visual Interest

  • Reactions add color, motion, and visuals to calls.
  • Makes conversations more lively and engaging.

Fun For All Ages

  • Particularly enjoyable for kids and younger users.
  • Can add excitement to everyday video calls.

Fully Customizable

  • You can customize which reaction matches each gesture.
  • Toggle reactions on/off for each call as desired.

Appropriate Use Recommended

  • Best used judiciously instead of excessive activation.
  • Read the vibe and don’t disrupt important calls.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Reactions

Ready to start reacting on FaceTime? Here is a step-by-step guide to using the new video reactions in iOS 17:

1. Start a FaceTime Call

  • Open the FaceTime app and initiate a call with a friend or family member as usual.

2. Access the Reactions

  • During your call, press and hold your own tile to bring up reactions.
  • Alternatively, tap the star icon and select Reactions.

3. Choose a Reaction

  • Decide which reaction you want to activate based on the hand gesture.
  • For example, thumbs up for thumbs up emojis.

4. Perform Gesture

  • Show the corresponding hand motion to trigger your chosen reaction.
  • Your friend will see the effect animate around you!

5. Repeat as Desired

  • Repeat steps 3-4 to keep activating reactions during your call.
  • Change up the gesture and effect each time.

6. Disable When Necessary

  • Swipe up to return to the FaceTime menu and toggle reactions off if needed.

Have fun reacting on FaceTime in iOS 17! The effects add an engaging new element to your video calls.

Top 7 FaceTime Reactions and When to Use Them

The FaceTime reactions in iOS 17 allow you to showcase visual effects that match the tone and emotion of your conversations. Here are 7 top reactions and scenarios where they fit best:

1. Heart

Gesture: Hands in heart shape

Matches: Romantic conversations, expressing love

2. Thumbs Up

Gesture: One thumb up

Matches: Agreement, approval, congratulations

3. Double Thumbs Up

Gesture: Two thumbs up

Matches: Celebration, excitement, elation

4. Balloons

Gesture: Victory/peace sign

Matches: Birthdays, accomplishments, special occasions

5. Confetti

Gesture: Jazz hands

Matches: Parties, festive times, singing happy birthday

6. Lasers

Gesture: Rock on/devil horns

Matches: Rocking out to music, fun energetic conversations

7. Fireworks

Gesture: Double thumbs up

Matches: Big achievements, very celebratory moments

Pick reactions that best fit the vibe of your FaceTime calls! But always use judiciously.

How To Responsibly Use FaceTime Reactions

The new reactions can provide fun visuals to FaceTime calls in iOS 17. However, they should be used responsibly so as not to disrupt your calls. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t overuse reactions. Triggering too many effects can become chaotic and distracting. Use sparingly for the greatest impact.
  • Read the mood. Ensure reactions match the tone of the conversation. Avoid jarring visuals that conflict with the vibe.
  • Think before reacting. Consider who is on the call and whether reactions are appropriate before activating.
  • React naturally. Reactions should complement your conversations rather than dominate them. Don’t force reactions just to use them.
  • Observe etiquette. If someone requests you turn reactions off or down, respect their wishes graciously.
  • Don’t rely solely on reactions. Make sure your words still convey your intended message. Reactions should enhance, not replace communication.
  • Use best judgment. Carefully consider your audience and the nature of the call before activating effects. Reactions may be received differently in professional versus personal settings.

With great power comes great responsibility. When used properly, reactions can take your FaceTime calls to the next level without disruption. Employ them judiciously!

Key Takeaways

  • iOS 17 introduces 8 fun video reactions for FaceTime triggered by hand gestures.
  • Reactions like hearts, thumbs up, fireworks and more can visually enhance your calls.
  • To use them, hold down your tile or tap the Effects button and select Reactions.
  • Perform the corresponding gesture to activate reactions during your FaceTime calls.
  • Customize which gesture triggers each reaction via Settings > FaceTime > Reactions.
  • Toggle reactions on/off for each call by swiping up to access FaceTime controls.
  • Use reactions wisely and don’t disrupt important conversations with excessive effects.
  • Overall reactions are a great way to add color, motion and excitement to FaceTime calls in iOS 17!


The new video reactions bring FaceTime calls to life by incorporating visual effects triggered by hand gestures. With 8 reactions to choose from activated by simply waving your hand, iOS 17 enables you to showcase emojis, fireworks, balloons and more to match the mood of your conversations. While best used judiciously, reactions can take your calls to the next level with lively motion and interest. Whether chatting with family, hanging with friends, or even during work meetings, reactions help inject color, emotion, and dynamics right into your FaceTime interactions. So try making a heart, thumbs up, peace sign or jazz hands on your next video call! Reactions make expressing yourself on FaceTime even more fun in iOS 17.

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