How to Send Your Current Location on iPhone with iOS 17

iOS 17 brought some great new features to the iPhone, including an updated way to easily share your real-time location using the Messages app. Whether you want to let friends and family know where you are for safety or coordinate meeting up, sharing your current location on iPhone is a breeze with iOS 17.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about sending your iPhone’s current location using the Messages app in iOS 17.

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An Overview of Sharing Location on iPhone

Being able to quickly share your location with others can be extremely useful. Here are just some examples of when you may want to share your current location from your iPhone:

  • Letting someone know where you are as you head to meet them
  • Giving friends or family your location for safety when traveling or out late at night
  • Helping someone find you at a crowded event or large venue
  • Showing someone your location to help give directions
  • Keeping tabs on your location when hiking, camping, or doing other outdoor activities

Luckily, iOS 17 makes the process of sharing your iPhone’s location simple using the Messages app. You have complete control over how long you share your location – either indefinitely, for the rest of the day, or for just 1 hour.

Now let’s look at how to get started sharing your location using Messages in iOS 17.

Step 1: Open a Message in the Messages App

To get started, first open the Messages app on your iPhone. This is the app you use for SMS and iMessage communication with other contacts using iPhone and Android devices.

You can either start a brand new message by tapping the pencil icon in the top right corner, or you can open an existing message thread with a contact.

Step 2: Tap the Plus (+) Button       

With a new or existing conversation open in Messages, tap the plus (+) icon on the left side of the text entry field.

This will open up a menu of options you can insert into your message, such as photos, GIFs, your location, Memoji stickers, and more.

Step 3: Select Location

In the menu that pops up, choose “Location” to insert and share your real-time location.

Step 4: Confirm Permission to Share Location

The first time you try to share your location via Messages, your iPhone will ask to confirm permission for the app to access your location information.

You’ll get a popup that says “Messages Would Like to Access Your Location.” Be sure to tap “Allow While Using App” to grant permission.

This allows the Messages app to pull your current location data from your iPhone’s GPS and insert it into your message.

Step 5: Choose Length of Time to Share Location

Once you tap “Location” and enable permission, you’ll see a map view showing your current location with several sharing options:

  • Share for 1 hour
  • Share until end of day
  • Share indefinitely

You can select how long you’re comfortable sharing your real-time location information:

  • 1 Hour – Great for sharing your location for a quick meetup or letting someone follow you on a short drive or trip. The location will automatically stop being shared after 60 minutes.
  • End of Day – Choose this if you want to share your whereabouts for the rest of the day. Your location will stop updating at midnight.
  • Indefinitely – Select this option if you want to continuously share your location with someone until you manually stop it.

Tap the option for how long you want to share.

Step 6: Send the Location Message

Once you’ve chosen how long to share your location, simply tap the blue arrow to send the message.

The message will go through with a map showing your precise real-time location. As you change locations, the updated location will automatically be sent for the duration you selected.

It’s that easy! With just a few taps, you can share your iPhone’s location and give contacts visibility into where you are.

Customizing Shared Location Messages

By default, your shared location message will show your location pinpointed on a map. But you can customize these shared locations with a bit more flair and personality.

Here are some ways to spice up shared location messages:

  • Add text – Rather than just a location, you can add a message with context like “Heading to the park!” or “At the restaurant waiting for you”.
  • Send your ETA – Enable the “Share ETA” switch below the map to show how long until you arrive at the shared location. Great for giving someone an estimate of your arrival time.
  • Share a photo – Along with location access, you can tap the camera icon to take and include a photo of where you are.
  • Use Memoji – iOS 17 lets you create a customized Memoji avatar. You can include your Memoji sticker in location messages.

Taking a bit more time to customize your shared location can give it a fun, personal feel and convey additional details.

Stopping Location Sharing

Once you’ve shared your location via Messages, the recipient will see real-time map updates for the duration you selected. However, you can stop sharing your location at any time.

Here’s how to end location sharing early:

  • Open the Messages conversation where you shared location.
  • Tap on the red text below the message that reads “Stop Sharing Location”.
  • Alternatively, you can tap the location pin icon in the conversation and select “Stop Sharing Location”.

The shared map will then update with a message that location sharing has ended.

Location sharing will also stop automatically once the time limit you chose (1 hour or until end of day) has passed. The location pin will remain visible in the message thread but will not update.

Location Sharing and Privacy

Location services provide tons of convenience, but it’s also important to consider privacy implications.

Here are some key privacy aspects to keep in mind:

  • Inform others you’re sharing location – Let people know when you’re actively sharing your real-time whereabouts to avoid surprises.
  • Limit duration – Only share location for as long as needed. Indefinite sharing should be avoided when possible.
  • Customize iPhone privacy settings – You can configure location sharing permissions, frequency, and more in Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  • Turn off location services when not needed – Your iPhone will automatically stop sharing location if you disable location access completely for all apps.
  • Use Apple’s Find My app wisely – Find My Friends and Find My [Device] can also reveal location, so use judiciously with contacts you trust.

With some common sense and smart privacy practices, you can enjoy location sharing features without compromising personal security.

Troubleshooting Location Sharing Issues

In some cases, you may run into problems when trying to share your location via Messages. Here are some common issues and fixes.

Can’t access location – Make sure location services are enabled for Messages in Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Also check that location access is turned on at the system level via Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Incorrect location – If your shared location shows the wrong place, try resetting your iPhone’s location and privacy settings to recalibrate the GPS. Close out of Messages and relaunch to fetch the right location.

Large location error radius – A wide location circle instead of precise pinpoint means your iPhone can’t pinpoint your exact location. Try moving outdoors with a clear view of the sky for improved GPS accuracy.

Location not updating – Check that you’re within the time window you selected for sharing. Make sure you have cellular data or Wi-Fi connection so your iPhone can send updated locations.

Can’t stop sharing – If the option to stop location sharing disappears, manually turn off location services in Settings or simply force close the Messages app.

If issues persist, contacting Apple support to troubleshoot further iOS and device issues may help identify solutions.

Using Maps and Other Apps to Share Location

The Messages app provides an easy way to share your location directly in conversations. But you can also use Apple’s Maps app and some third-party apps to share your real-time whereabouts.

Here are a couple alternative options for sharing location on iPhone:

  • Apple Maps – Open Maps and tap your profile icon in the top right. Select “Share My Location” and choose a sharing time and apps to share through.
  • Find My Friends – This built-in app lets you share location with contacts who also have the app installed. Location lasts for 24 hours and you can manually stop it any time.
  • Life360, Glympse – These third-party apps focus specifically on location sharing and notifications. Helpful for families monitoring members or groups coordinating meetups.

The Messages app integrated location sharing works seamlessly for most iPhone owners. But power users may appreciate the flexibility of dedicated GPS sharing apps for more control over time limits, notifications, groups, and more.

Useful Ways to Use Location Sharing

Now that you know how to share your location on iPhone, what are some helpful ways to put this feature to use in your daily life?

Here are some great uses for sending your real-time location in Messages:

  • Coordinate meeting up with friends at a crowded venue
  • Let loved ones monitor your location for safety during a long drive
  • Help someone find you when giving directions to an address
  • Share your location when traveling overseas to keep others informed
  • Send your location to emergency services if in an unsafe situation
  • Keep track of family members by sharing locations with each other
  • Meet a date or business contact at a restaurant or cafe
  • Help friends pick you up from the airport when flying into town

Location sharing is also useful for sharing trip progress during hiking, camping, long walks, running errands around town, and more.

Don’t forget to take advantage of time limit settings and custom messaging to share locations in a responsible manner that prioritizes privacy. Used wisely, location sharing can meaningfully boost convenience and security.

Key Takeaways

Sharing your real-time iPhone location with others is a breeze using the Messages app in iOS 17. To recap, here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  • Open Messages, tap the plus (+), and select “Location” to insert a shareable live map.
  • Choose a share duration – 1 hour, until end of day, or indefinitely.
  • Customize with text, ETA, Memoji, and photos for fun personal flair.
  • Stop sharing manually or let locations auto-expire based on chosen time limit.
  • Use location services thoughtfully with friends/family you trust and inform those you’re sharing with.

So now when you need to share your location from your iPhone, you’ll know exactly how to access this useful feature in Messages. Whether meeting up with friends or letting loved ones keep tabs on you, location sharing helps connect iPhones and their users.

Have fun sharing your whereabouts on your next iOS adventure!


Being able to quickly and easily share your real-time location on iPhone via Messages is an incredibly useful feature. iOS 17 makes sending your precise GPS location to contacts a breeze with just a few taps.

With customizable sharing durations, personalized maps, and automatic expiration, you’re in full control over when and how your location is visible to recipients. Use this great iPhone capability wisely by only sharing with trusted contacts and informing them when actively updating your location.

So next time you’re coordinating meetups, traveling, or just want to virtually update friends on your latest wanderings, remember to use the Messages app’s integrated location sharing. Never get lost in translation again!

Table for Key Details

Here is a helpful table summarizing the key details covered about sharing location in iOS 17’s Messages app:

ActionHow To
Open Messages AppTap Messages icon on Home Screen or in Dock
Start New MessageTap Pencil icon in top right
Open Existing MessageTap existing conversation
Insert LocationTap plus (+), choose “Location”
Enable Location AccessTap “Allow While Using App” when prompted
Select Sharing DurationTap 1 hour, until end of day, or indefinitely
Send LocationTap blue arrow to send message
Customize LocationAdd text, ETA, photo, Memoji
Stop Sharing LocationTap “Stop Sharing” or red text under message

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