The Disappearance of iPhone Live Wallpapers in iOS 16: Understanding Apple’s Decision

Apple has recently made a surprising move by removing the iPhone Live Wallpaper feature with iOS 16. This popular feature had been a staple for many iPhone users since its introduction in iOS 11.

So, what prompted Apple to make this decision? As an iOS user and expert, I have provided the following:

  • The reasons behind Apple’s this decision.
  • Explored the new dynamic wallpaper featureavailable in iOS 16.

Reasons for Removing Live Wallpapers

Apple hasn’t clarified why Live Wallpaper was removed from the iPhone with the launch of iOS 16. As an iOS expert, I think of some reasons that must have influenced this decision of the iPhone maker.

The removal of Live Wallpaper is connected to the gesture needed to activate the wallpaper’s animation on the lock screen. Here are the key points of my opinion:

Conflict with Customizable Lock Screen

Apple has long been interested in offering a customizable lock screen, similar to the feature found on the Apple Watch.

To do so, they needed to either introduce a new gesture to activate the custom lock screen or completely remove the Live Wallpaper functionality.

The latter option was chosen, allowing Apple to maintain consistency and seamlessness across their devices.

Low Usage Rates

Apple’s internal research reportedly showed that not many users were consistently utilizing Live Wallpapers. Tell me honestly did you use it?

As a result, the company anticipated that removing this feature would not significantly disappoint its user base.

Prioritizing User Experience

Apple is known for valuing a smooth and consistent user experience over many features.

By removing Live Wallpapers, the company was able to align the user experience of the iPhone and Apple Watch more closely, making both devices easier to operate.

Exploring the New Dynamic Wallpaper Collections

Although Live Wallpapers are no longer available, Apple has introduced a new collection of wallpapers, i.e., animated and dynamic wallpapers in iOS 16. Plus, you can customize these wallpapers to make them more appealing.

Depth effect and changing clock color and font in iOS 16are some features that can personalize the new customizable iOS 16 lock screen.

  1. Unlock and long presson the iPhone lock screen. 
  2. Tap the + icon located next to “Customise.”
  3. Browse through the available wallpapers and select one that appeals to you.
  4. After tapping Apply, your chosen Wallpaper will be immediately installed.

The Astronomy and Weather Live Wallpapers are two of the most impressive dynamic wallpapers in iOS 16. These two options are the best alternative to the previous Live Wallpapers.

These wallpapers are interactive and utilize your location to provide accurate and relevant information.

I have used both wallpapers, and I find them more attractive than the old Live Wallpaper.

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Final Words

Apple’s decision to remove Live Wallpapers from iOS 16 may have surprised many users, but it was a strategic move aimed at streamlining the user experience and aligning it with other Apple devices.

Although the popular feature is no longer available, users can still enjoy the new dynamic wallpaper collections introduced in iOS 16. These wallpapers offer a visually appealing and interactive experience that can enhance the overall look and feel of your iPhone’s lock screen.

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