How to Use Auto Clicker on iOS (Without Jailbreaking)


An auto clicker is an automated tapping tool that can come in handy for repetitive touchscreen tasks on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. With a good auto clicker app, you can set up automated screen taps at specified intervals and locations without needing to continuously tap the screen yourself.

Auto clickers can be useful in a variety of situations, like automating click-heavy mobile games, rapidly filling out online forms, or automating other redundant tapping tasks. However, most auto clicker apps require jailbreaking your iOS device in order to function properly.

Fortunately, there are a few auto clicker apps available on the App Store that can work on non-jailbroken iOS devices. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to successfully use an auto clicker on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without jailbreaking:

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Choosing an Auto Clicker App

The key to using an auto clicker without jailbreaking lies in finding an app that can simulate screen taps using iOS accessibility features rather than requiring elevated system permissions. Here are some top auto clicker apps for non-jailbroken iOS devices that you can try out:

  • Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap: This simple free auto clicker supports customizable tap locations and intervals. Easy to configure and run in the background.
  • Auto Clicker & Recorder: Feature-packed auto clicker with options like scheduled stops, customizable tap areas and multi-touch recording. Free with in-app purchases.
  • Auto Tapper: Has a floating control icon for easy tap settings access. Lets you configure multiple taps with different intervals and locations. Free with ads.
  • Repetitouch: Full-featured auto clicker supporting highly configurable multi-touch automations. More technical to set up but very powerful. $4.99 upfront cost.

The best option depends on your needs and budget. Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap offers the simplest free solution for basic auto clicking, while Repetitouch gives you advanced customizability at a premium price. Make sure to check app reviews and download a few to test out before deciding.

Granting Accessibility Permissions

The key technical requirement for auto clickers on non-jailbroken iOS devices is being granted Accessibility permissions. Accessibility allows apps to simulate touch and tap actions system-wide.

Here’s how to grant the needed Accessibility permission to your chosen auto clicker app:

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility.
  2. Under “Accessibility Shortcut”, ensure triple-click home is enabled. This allows quick access to Accessibility settings.
  3. Open the auto clicker app you want to use. It will prompt you to enable Accessibility if not already granted.
  4. Triple-click the home button when prompted to open Accessibility settings.
  5. Under “Accessibility”, find the auto clicker app and toggle on the switch next to it.

The app now has Accessibility privileges enabled. You can disable Accessibility access for the app at any time by toggling the switch off in Accessibility settings.

Configuring Click Settings

Once your auto clicker app is installed and Accessibility permissions are enabled, you can proceed to configure it for your desired automated tapping behavior. The exact settings will vary by app, but generally you can customize:

  • Click interval: How often it taps, e.g. every 5 seconds
  • Click duration: How long each tap lasts
  • Click location: Where on the screen it taps

For example, in Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap, you adjust interval and duration under “Automatic Tap Settings”, then position the tap overlay circle where you want clicks to occur.

Take some time to test different settings combinations – longer intervals like 5-10 seconds work well for most basic automation needs without causing stability issues. Precision tap positioning also helps.

Some apps have additional options like multi-touch recording, schedules for starting and stopping clicking after set times, and more – take advantage of these for more advanced automation.

Running the Auto Clicker

Once your click settings are configured, actually running the auto clicker is straightforward:

  • Ensure Accessibility permission is still enabled for the app under Settings > Accessibility.
  • Open the app and start the auto-tap by tapping the “Start” button or equivalent.
  • Move the app to the background by going to your iOS home screen or switching apps. The clicking will continue running.
  • When done, reopen the app and stop the auto clicking. Turn off Accessibility permission if desired.

A key benefit of Accessibility-based auto clickers is the ability to run completely in the background without needing the app open and visible at all times. Just make sure not to fully force-quit the app from the app switcher view or the automation will stop.

Monitor your iOS device occasionally while auto-tapping to make sure the clicks register as expected and heat doesn’t become an issue with prolonged use. Adjust settings or stop as needed if problems occur.

Use Cases and Applications

Here are some of the most common and useful ways to apply auto clicking on iOS without jailbreaking:

Gaming Automation

Many mobile games involve repetitive tapping through menus, battles, loot boxes, etc. An auto clicker can help automate the busywork and make gaming less of an endless tapping chore. Just be careful not to violate any game terms of service.

Filling Out Forms

When faced with completing long web-based forms or questionnaires on an iOS device, auto clicking can rapidly fill in multiple choice bubbles or tap through Yes/No options. Be mindful of accuracy.

Scheduling Social Media Posts

Social scheduling apps allow auto posting at specific times. An auto clicker can speed up scheduling large batches of content by rapidly toggling settings like date, time and post content that need configuring.

Automating Tedious Tests

Whether its tapping through educational apps or taking redundant corporate e-learnings, an auto clicker can help breeze through inflating app engagement numbers or time on task metrics. Use judiciously.

Fast Photo Sorting

Quickly blast through sorting images in your iOS Photos app or other galleries by setting up an auto clicker to tap through selecting images for albums, deleting unwanted pics etc.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Auto clickers on non-jailbroken iOS devices have some limitations that can cause potential issues to be aware of:

  • Loss of accessibility permission: Check Settings > Accessibility to make sure the app still has permission enabled. Triple-click home to grant access again.
  • App is suspended/closed in background: The app needs to stay open in the background to keep clicking. Don’t force quit it from the app switcher.
  • Clicks don’t register properly: Try adjusting interval duration and click position. Some screen areas may not register taps.
  • Device overheats: Excessively high click rates over long periods can cause overheating. Use reasonable intervals and take breaks.
  • Strange app behavior: If you notice apps behaving oddly with automated clicks, try resetting app state by force quitting affected apps.
  • Touchscreen unresponsive: In rare cases, clicking behavior interferes with touch sensitivity. Reboot device and adjust click settings.

While limitations exist, a little trial and error usually gets auto clicking working smoothly without jailbreaking required. Just exercise restraint and patience when running into issues.


Using an auto clicker on non-jailbroken iOS devices takes a bit more effort than with jailbroken setups, but is doable with the right app and accessibility configurations. Choose an app that fits your needs, take the time to test different settings, grant required permissions, and you can automate repetitive tapping tasks with ease.

Just keep in mind that auto clicking is best used judiciously and ethically. Be upfront with others if using it for activities involving their content or data. And as with any automation tool, use responsibly and don’t let it become a crutch preventing you from developing critical thinking skills.

With the right approach, auto clickers for iOS can be powerful productivity enhancers that reduce tedious tapping tasks so you can focus on more meaningful and engaging activities. Automate wisely and make the most of your iOS device!

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