How To See Blocked Numbers on iPhone

The iPhone allows you to Blocked Numbers on iPhone block unwanted calls and messages from specific numbers. This can be useful for blocking spam, robocalls, or numbers from people you don’t want to hear from.

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If you have blocked some numbers on your iPhone, you may want to view the list of blocked numbers and manage those blocked contacts. Here are some easy ways to see and manage blocked phone numbers on your iPhone.

Access Blocked Contacts List in Settings

The easiest way to see all blocked numbers on an iPhone is through the Settings app.

Step#1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step#2. Scroll down and tap on Phone.

Step#3. In the Phone settings, tap on Blocked Contacts.

Step#4. You will now see the list of all numbers and contacts blocked on your iPhone.

Thisblocked contacts list shows the names and numbers of all contacts you have blocked. You can tap on a contact to see details or unblock them.

View Blocked Numbers in Phone App

You can also view blocked numbers right within the Phone app on your iPhone.

Step#1. Open the Phone app.

Step#2. Tap on the Contacts tab at the bottom.

Step#3. Scroll down and tap on Blocked Contacts at the bottom of the Contacts list.

Step#4. You will see the list of blocked numbers.

This provides easy access to blocked numbers while using the Phone app. You can unblock contacts directly within the Phone app as well.

See Blocked Contacts in Messages

If you have blocked someone in the Messages app, you can see those blocked contacts in Messages settings:

Step#1. Open the Messages app.

Step#2. Tap on the Contacts tab.

Step#3. Scroll to bottom and tap Blocked.

Step#4. View your list of blocked contacts.

This will show you any numbers or contacts blocked directly within the Messages app.

View Blocked Email Addresses in Mail App

For any email addresses you have blocked in the Mail app on your iPhone:

  1. Step#1. Launch the Mail app.
  2. Step#2. Tap on the Contacts tab at the bottom.
  3. Step#3. Scroll and tap on Blocked to see blocked emails.

So if you have ever blocked an email address from the Mail app, this is where you can view and manage blocked emails.

Unblocking Numbers on iPhone

If you want to unblock a number from your blocked contacts list on your iPhone, here is how:

  1. Step#1. Go to Settings -> Phone -> Blocked Contacts.
  2. Step#2. Swipe left on the number you want to unblock.
  3. Step#3. Tap Unblock to remove the number from your blocked list.

You can also unblock numbers and contacts directly from the Phone app, Messages app, and Mail app by following similar steps.

Reblocking a Number on iPhone

To block a number that you had previously unblocked on your iPhone:

  1. Step#1. Go to your Contacts list and select the contact.
  2. Step#2. Tap Block this Caller.
  3. Step#3. Confirm that you want to block the number.

This will add the number back to your blocked contacts list so you won’t receive calls or texts from them again.

Key Takeaways

  • View blocked numbers in Settings under Blocked Contacts.
  • See blocked contacts in the Phone, Messages, and Mail apps.
  • Unblock numbers via the Blocked Contacts menu in Settings or respective apps.
  • Reblock a number by selecting Block this Caller from the contact’s information.

So whether you want to view, unblock or reblock a contact, use the Blocked Contacts list in iPhone Settings or the blocking options in the Phone, Messages and Mail apps on your iPhone. This gives you full control over managing blocked numbers on your iPhone.

Summary Table

Here is a quick summary of how to see blocked numbers on an iPhone:

AppSteps to View Blocked Numbers
SettingsSettings > Phone > Blocked Contacts
PhonePhone > Contacts > Blocked Contacts
MessagesMessages > Contacts > Blocked
MailMail > Contacts > Blocked


The iPhone makes it easy to block and unblock numbers as needed. Using the Blocked Contacts list in Settings or the blocking options in the Phone, Messages, and Mail apps, you can easily manage blocked contacts on your iPhone. This allows you to avoid unwanted communication from specific numbers. Hopefully this guide has helped you understand how to view, unblock or re-block numbers on your iPhone.

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