How to Play Granny Horror Multiplayer iOS

Granny Horror Multiplayer has quickly become one of the most popular multiplayer horror games on iOS. With its intense hide-and-seek gameplay and creepy atmosphere, it’s easy to see why so many iOS users are getting hooked. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started playing Granny Horror Multiplayer on your iPhone or iPad.

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An Introduction to Granny Horror Multiplayer

For those new to the game, Granny Horror Multiplayer is a multiplayer take on the original Granny horror game. Just like in the single player Granny game, the main objective is to try to escape the house while avoiding Granny. What makes the multiplayer version unique is that you can have up to 4 players in a match either working together to escape or competing against each other.

There are two main multiplayer modes in Granny Horror Multiplayer:

  • Coop Mode: In Coop mode, all players work together to try to escape Granny’s house. You’ll need to find keys, unlock doors, and discover useful tools scattered around the house to make your escape while avoiding Granny.
  • Versus Mode: In Versus, one player takes control of Granny while up to 3 other players try to avoid her and escape. This creates an intense game of cat and mouse as Granny tries to capture the players before they can get out.

In both modes, you’ll need quick reflexes and clever teamwork if you want to make it out alive. Granny is lurking around every corner!

Downloading and Installing the Game

Granny Horror Multiplayer is available for free on the iOS App Store. To install it:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Search for “Granny Horror Multiplayer”. It will be the app by DVloper.
  3. Tap Get to download and install the game.

The download size is about 100MB so it shouldn’t take too long to install depending on your internet connection speed. Once it’s finished downloading, you can open the app and get started!

Creating a Game Room and Inviting Friends

When you first launch Granny Horror Multiplayer, you’ll be prompted to create a display name that will serve as your in-game identifier. Enter your desired nickname.

After that, you’ll be taken to the main menu. Here are the steps to create a game room and invite up to 3 friends:

  1. Tap the Create Room button.
  2. Choose which gameplay mode you want: Coop or Versus.
  3. Tap the Invite button on the bottom left.
  4. Select the friends you want to invite from your contacts list and tap Invite.
  5. Your friends will receive an invite notification. When they accept, they will join your room.
  6. Once everyone has joined, tap Start Game and you’ll be matched into a Granny’s house to start playing!

Gameplay Basics and Controls

Granny Horror Multiplayer has easy tap-and-swipe controls that make gameplay intuitive. Here are the basic controls:

  • Move: Tap anywhere on the screen to move your character in that direction. Swipe to keep moving.
  • Interact: Tap on objects like drawers and doors to interact with them.
  • Use Item: Tap the item icon in the bottom right, then tap on something in the environment to use an item on it.
  • Crouch: Tap the crouch icon to crouch down and move quietly.
  • Sprint: Tap the sprint icon to run faster at the cost of making more noise.
  • Jump: Quickly double tap anywhere to jump over small obstacles.
  • Camera: The camera will follow behind your character. You can pan around by swiping the screen.

Working together with teammates (in Coop mode) or avoiding the player-controlled Granny (in Versus) are key to playing well. Communicate and use your items wisely!

Tips and Strategies for Surviving

Here are some valuable tips to increase your chances of escaping Granny’s house:

  • Search dressers and nightstands to find useful tools like lockpicks, weapons, and medkits. You never know what you’ll need!
  • Only sprint when necessary. Running makes a lot of noise which will alert Granny to your presence.
  • Use doors to obstruct Granny’s vision and slow her down.
  • In Versus mode, take advantage of Granny’s slow movement. Use hit and run tactics to stay alive.
  • Spread out and explore the house methodically as a team. Calling out item locations helps everyone.
  • If playing as Granny, patrol carefully and use your hearing to listen for noise to track down players.
  • Crouch walk near doors and corridors to sneak up and surprise the opposing team.

With sharp teamwork and stealthy gameplay using these tips, your chances of escaping Granny’s creepy house are much higher!

Additional Game Modes and Features

Along with the Coop and Versus modes, Granny Horror Multiplayer has other fun modes and features including:

  • Infection Mode: One player starts as Granny while the others try to avoid being “infected”. If Granny tags you, you become Granny too! The last player standing wins.
  • Prop Hunt: Players disguise themselves as household objects while Granny tries to find and smash them.
  • Emotes: A variety of silly emotes and dances help you communicate without voice chat.
  • Customization: Unlock new character skins, pets, and lobby decorations as you level up and play.
  • Leaderboards: Compare your stats and rank with friends or worldwide players. Can you climb to #1?

So while the core game is escaping Granny’s house, there’s lots of variety and replayability with the extra modes and progression features.

Playing on iPhone vs iPad

One of the best things about Granny Horror Multiplayer is that it works great on both iPhone and iPad. The gameplay is identical across devices so you can seamlessly play with friends no matter what iOS device they have.

The main difference is that the larger iPad screen makes seeing more of the environment easier. On iPhone, you may need to pan the camera around more frequently to spot objects and other players. But the automatically panning camera means you can play perfectly fine on both.

Thanks to the simple tap controls and top-down perspective, Granny Horror Multiplayer adapts nicely to big and small screens. Have fun sneaking around with friends no matter which iOS device is your favorite.

Tips for Less Powerful iOS Devices

If you have an older iPhone or iPad model, you may experience some lag or choppy framerates when playing Granny Horror Multiplayer, especially when multiple characters are on screen. Here are some tips to get the smoothest performance:

  • Close any other apps running in the background.
  • Disable unnecessary visual effects in the game settings.
  • Lower the graphics quality.
  • Disable ragdoll physics if available.
  • Play 1 versus 1 matches instead of with a full room.
  • Position the camera overhead and avoid quickly panning around.
  • Upgrade to a newer iOS device if possible. The A11 chip and up work best.

While visual fidelity may take a hit, these suggestions will prevent disruptive stuttering and make the game more playable on less powerful devices. Focus on the fun multiplayer gameplay over flashy graphics.

Troubleshooting Multiplayer Issues

As with any multiplayer iOS game, you may occasionally run into annoying issues with Granny Horror Multiplayer. Here is some troubleshooting advice:

  • Ensure you and your friends have stable internet connections for the best performance. WiFi is better than cellular.
  • Force close and restart the app if you experience excessive lag, glitches, or disconnections.
  • Double check that crossplay is enabled if playing between iPhones and iPads.
  • Make sure the app is updated to the latest version. Updates often fix bugs.
  • Contact the game developer if problems persist across multiple play sessions. They will investigate and patch problems.

With good conditions, Granny Horror Multiplayer should run smooth and allow for hours of spine-tingling fun with friends. But be sure to troubleshoot any persisting problems that harm the experience.

Final Tips for Granny Horror Multiplayer

To recap, here are some final tips to dominate Granny Horror Multiplayer on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Play coop mode with friends first to learn the maps and items before trying the more intense versus mode.
  • Sound is critical. Wear headphones to hear Granny coming. And don’t run unless you have to.
  • Master the timing of door barricading. It can effectively save lives or trap opponents.
  • Sneak around as much as possible. Don’t spend too long in one area or Granny will hunt you down!
  • Chat with your team and make callouts! Communication is key, especially in dark rooms.
  • Most importantly, have fun with the creepy gameplay! Gr

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