How to Play Geometry Dash on iOS 17

Geometry Dash on iOS 17 is a popular rhythm-based platform game that was originally released in 2013. The game quickly became a massive hit among iOS users for its engaging gameplay, vibrant visuals, and catchy soundtrack. However, with the recent release of iOS 17, many Geometry Dash players have found that the game no longer works on newer iPhones and iPads.

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The Root Cause – 32-bit vs 64-bit Apps

The core issue preventing Geometry Dash from running on iOS 17 devices is that it is a 32-bit app, while Apple’s latest iOS update only offers full support for 64-bit applications. When iOS 17 was released in late 2022, Apple officially dropped support for all 32-bit iPhone and iPad apps, including favorites like Geometry Dash that had not yet been updated.

This effectively locked out users from opening or playing older 32-bit games and apps on new iOS devices. So even if you already have Geometry Dash installed, it will crash instantly or fail to open at all when running iOS 17.

Possible Solutions

Fortunately, there are a few potential solutions that may allow Geometry Dash fans to keep playing on updated iPhones and iPads:

Check for a Geometry Dash App Update

The developers of Geometry Dash may release an updated 64-bit compatible version at some point. Open the App Store on your iOS device and search for “Geometry Dash” to check if an iOS 17-compatible update is available to download. This would resolve the issues and allow the app to run properly.

Attempt to Reinstall the App

Try deleting Geometry Dash from your iOS device completely, restarting the device, then redownloading the app from the App Store. In some cases, this process has allowed the app to open and run successfully in spite of the 32-bit limitations. However, crashes and instability while playing may still occur.

Use an Alternative Geometry Dash App

For fans who still want to access Geometry Dash style gameplay on iOS 17 devices, consider downloading alternative versions published by the developer, RobTop Games. Geometry Dash Lite and Geometry Dash Meltdown are free companion apps that may potentially work on updated iOS devices, since they contain slightly different coding.

Wait for Official iOS 17 Support

The ultimate solution for most Geometry Dash players is to wait patiently for RobTop Games to release an official iOS 17 supported app update. However, there is no confirmed timetable for if or when an updated version will be released. Signing up for update notifications or checking the iOS App Store weekly can help detect an update as soon as one becomes available.

Until official iOS 17 support arrives, the only way to play the full original Geometry Dash game is by accessing devices still running older iOS versions. For devices already updated to iOS 17, workaround options are limited and unstable.

Outlook Going Forward

With Apple’s iOS 17 update fully dropping 32-bit app support, all iPhone and iPad games and applications with outdated coding will inevitably cease to work properly. Developers across the industry will need to release 64-bit versions for complete iOS 17 compatibility.

Geometry Dash is just one example of a hugely popular vintage mobile game now facing functionality issues under this new technical limitation. While frustrating for eager fans, updating the underlying coding architecture of complex apps like Geometry Dash will understandably take time and resources from the development team.

As a result, the playability of Geometry Dash and other unupdated 32-bit apps remains in limbo for the foreseeable future. iOS users seeking to play may need to explore alternative options or accept subpar performance. Until further notice, running the full original Geometry Dash experience will require sticking to older devices with supported iOS versions.

iOS VersionGeometry Dash SupportPotential Options
iOS 16 & LowerFull SupportPlay normally
iOS 17No support for 32-bit appsTry update or alternative

The context around Geometry Dash on iOS 17 highlights the continual balance of innovation vs. compatibility facing both app developers and platform owners like Apple. While the 64-bit requirement delivers faster performance and future-proofing benefits, it also undesirably cuts off apps clinging to outdated coding standards. This trade-off will likely repeat itself over time, forcing difficult upgrades to keep treasured apps alive.

For Geometry Dash and other 32-bit apps, the path forward is unclear. Dedicated players anxiously awaiting backwards compatibility will need to practice patience or reluctantly move on. Until iOS 17 support officially emerges, workarounds and downgrades provide the only unstable solutions for those still chasing cubes.


The iOS 17 update has created new hurdles for Geometry Dash fans hoping to play the beloved game on Apple’s latest devices. With Geometry Dash only released as a 32-bit app, it will no longer open or function properly on newer iPhones and iPads due to iOS 17 ending support for this now outdated coding standard.

A few unsatisfying solutions exist, like attempting to reinstall or use substitute apps. However, full stable functionality will only return if the developers release an official 64-bit Geometry Dash update optimized for iOS 17 devices. When and if that day will come remains uncertain.

Until then, players have little option other than downloading the game on older iOS versions, if they wish to enjoy the original title. The loss of support highlights complications arising from Apple’s reasonable technical advancements. While progress inevitably breaks some aging apps, developers now face pressure to issue resource-intensive upgrades to maintain access to loyal iOS audiences.

For Geometry Dash and other unupdated classics, the ultimate outcome is unknown. Fans must weigh if holding onto outdated devices is worthwhile to keep cubes jumping just a bit longer, while hoping tomorrow holds an update bringing their favorite back to life.

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