How to Make Live Wallpapers on iPhone

Live wallpapers can bring your iPhone to life with motion and vibrancy. While live wallpapers are not supported natively in iOS, there are a few clever workarounds iPhone users can implement to simulate animated backgrounds. With a little creativity, you can make your lock screen or home screen feel alive.

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What Are Live Wallpapers?

A live wallpaper is a customized, animated background for a smartphone screen. Live wallpapers may incorporate flowing patterns, interactive textures, scrolling designs, or moving imagery. They add visual flair and interest to the user interface.

Live wallpapers became popular with the release of Android operating systems, which supported them natively. They allowed users to set customized videos or animations as their wallpaper. The wallpaper would then play on loop as the background of the home screen.

Apple’s iOS operating system has never officially supported live wallpapers in the same way. However, iOS users still have some options to mimic live wallpapers on their iPhones.

Why Use a Live Wallpaper on iPhone?

Live wallpapers may seem like a novelty, but they offer some unique benefits:

  • Customization: Live wallpapers allow you to deeply customize the look and feel of your iPhone. You can reflect your personality or interests with animated images.
  • Visual Interest: A static wallpaper can get boring after a while. Animated wallpapers add visual flair and keep your screen feeling vibrant.
  • Notifications: Some live wallpapers react to notifications, allowing you to see them subtly animate on your home screen.
  • Motion: The motion creates an illusion of depth and dimensionality on the otherwise flat iPhone screen.

While live wallpapers drain more battery than static images, the impact is relatively minimal on newer iPhone models. The visual payoff is worth it for many users.

How to Make a Live Photo Wallpaper for iPhone Lock Screen and Home Screen

The easiest way to simulate a live wallpaper is to use the Live Photos feature built into iOS. Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Choose a Live Photo

First, you’ll need to find or create a Live Photo. A Live Photo is like a short video clip – the image will animate when you press and hold it. You can create Live Photos directly in the iOS Camera app, or find one online. Make sure it will loop nicely to work as a wallpaper.

Step 2: Set the Live Photo as Your Wallpaper

To set a Live Photo as a wallpaper:

  1. Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper
  2. Select the Live Photo you want to use
  3. Tap Set and choose if you want it as your Lock Screen, Home Screen or Both

The image will now animate subtly in the background! Keep in mind the animation will only occur when you touch and hold the wallpaper.

You can use the same Live Photo across your Lock Screen and Home Screen for a uniform animated background.

Step 3: Adjust Wallpaper Settings

For a truly immersive animated wallpaper, you’ll also want to adjust a few settings:

  • Perspective Zoom: Enable Perspective Zoom under Wallpaper settings. This will add a subtle zooming effect to your Live Photo animation.
  • Reduce Motion: Turn off Reduce Motion in Accessibility settings. This ensures the wallpaper animation plays at full motion.

With those tweaked, your Live Photo will really stand out as an animated wallpaper.

How to Make a Video Live Wallpaper for iPhone

Unfortunately, iOS does not support video formats as animated wallpapers. But you can fake it using workarounds. Here are a few methods:

Use a Live Photo Converter App

Several apps in the App Store will convert video clips into Live Photos. Then you can set the converted Live Photo as a wallpaper just as covered above.

Some top apps include:

  • IntoLive: Converts videos up to 9 seconds long into Live Photos
  • LiveWallpaper: Creates seamless Live Photo loops from videos
  • Videotolive: No time limits on video conversions to Live Photos

The process goes like this:

  1. Record or download a short video you want as your wallpaper
  2. Import the video into the conversion app and export as a Live Photo
  3. Set the resulting Live Photo as your iPhone wallpaper

With the right short, seamless video loop, this method can create a convincing live wallpaper for iPhone.

Use a Lock Screen Wallpaper App

Another workaround is to use a lock screen wallpaper app. These specialized apps allow setting a video file directly as your lock screen wallpaper.

Some top options:

  • Videolock: Customize lock screen with videos up to 20 seconds long
  • LOCKPHA: Convert videos into dynamic lock screen backgrounds
  • Life On Lock: Uses AI to play different lock screen videos based on time of day

The process goes:

  1. Import a short wallpaper video into the lock screen app
  2. Set the video loop as your lock screen background

While these apps only impact the lock screen, that alone can give a live wallpaper feel.

Creative Live Wallpaper Ideas for iPhone

Once you know the techniques, the possibilities for live iPhone wallpapers are endless. Here are just a few creative ideas:

  • Nature landscapes: Use a Live Photo of gentle water or clouds rolling by. Adds a soothing aura.
  • Neon cityscapes: Capture traffic trails and nightlife lights to give an energetic urban vibe.
  • Fireworks displays: The bursts of light and color make exciting animated wallpaper.
  • Particle animations: Overlay apps like Pixaloop can add floating particles to your Live Photo.
  • Seasonal themes: Capture falling autumn leaves or gentle snowflakes for seasonal flair.
  • Trip memories: Relive the sights and motion from your travels and vacations.
  • Outer space: Use astronomical imagery like swirling galaxies for a cosmic ambiance.

The options are truly endless. You’re limited only by your imagination and creativity. With the right animated image, you can make your iPhone feel alive.

Benefits and Drawbacks of iPhone Live Wallpapers

Before implementing a live wallpaper, it helps to weigh the benefits against potential downsides:


  • Adds visual interest to your iPhone interface
  • Allows for self-expression and customization
  • Can reflect your personality or current interests
  • OLED iPhones emit less light with dark wallpapers, increasing battery life


  • Live elements may distract from productivity
  • Increased motion drains battery life slightly faster
  • More demanding on processor performance
  • Can be perceived as unprofessional in some contexts

The impact on system performance is usually negligible on newer iPhone models. For most users, the aesthetic payoff outweighs the slight technical compromises. But it depends on your priorities and preferences.

Best Practices for Live Wallpapers

To make the most of your iPhone live wallpaper, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Use Sparingly: Limit motion to a focal point instead of the entire image for best effect.
  • Keep Light & Bright: OLED screens emit less light displaying white/bright colors, reducing battery impact.
  • Short Looping Videos: Seamless 5-10 second video loops work best. Longer videos drain battery.
  • Lower Brightness: When using video wallpapers, lower brightness slightly to conserve battery.
  • Test Notification Impact: Make sure notifications remain clearly visible over the animation.
  • Consider Context: Avoid live wallpapers with sensitive content for work devices.
  • Customize Both Screens: Using matching live wallpapers on your lock and home screen creates consistency.
  • Restart Your Device: After changing wallpaper settings, restart your iPhone for changes to fully apply.

Following these tips will ensure your iPhone live wallpaper looks great while avoiding potential performance pitfalls.

Troubleshooting Common iPhone Live Wallpaper Issues

Live wallpapers not working as expected? Try these troubleshooting tips.

Wallpaper Not Animating

  • Check the Reduce Motion setting is disabled in Accessibility. This prevents animations.
  • For Live Photos, press and hold to activate the animation. It won’t play automatically.
  • Restart your iPhone after applying new wallpaper for changes to take effect.

Draining Battery Quickly

  • Reduce screen brightness to around 70%. This affects battery drain hugely.
  • Avoid hyper-active wallpapers with constant motion in the entire image. Use subtle isolated motion.
  • Check background app refresh and location settings. Disable apps not needing continuous access.

Wallpaper Reverting to Still Image

  • Open Settings > Wallpaper to confirm live wallpaper is still actively set.
  • The image may change from live to still when battery drops below 20%. Charge phone to reactivate.
  • Check the image hasn’t been replaced during a recent iOS update. Reapply custom wallpaper.

Videos Not Converting to Live Photo

  • Try a different Live Photo converter app. Some work better than others.
  • Ensure the video is under 10-20 seconds. Shorter clips have higher success rates.
  • Confirm the video framerate matches iPhone’s 60fps. 30fps videos may not convert properly.

Lock Screen Not Showing Live Wallpaper

  • Check the app permissions. Enable access to photos and wallpaper settings.
  • Reinstall the lock screen app and re-configure the custom video wallpaper.
  • Try an alternative lock screen wallpaper app. Some apps work more reliably.

The Future of Live Wallpapers on iPhone

While iOS 16 unfortunately discontinued official Live Photo wallpaper support, the demand for animated iPhone backgrounds remains. Apple may reintroduce an improved native live wallpaper feature in the future.

Until then, the App Store offers ever-evolving solutions for iPhone users wanting to enjoy live wallpapers. As apps become more advanced, the workflows will only get simpler and produce higher quality results.

User response indicates live wallpapers are more than just a novelty. They allow for greatly enhanced personalization and self-expression. Based on their popularity, they are likely here to stay in some form on iPhones.


With creativity and the right apps, iPhone users can enjoy gorgeous live wallpapers with animations and motion. While not officially supported, the workarounds provide convincing results. Set a Live Photo or short video loop for mesmerizing background visuals. Just be mindful of increased battery drain and system demands. When used judiciously, live iPhone wallpapers can make your home screen feel alive.

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