How to Install TrollStore on iOS 17 Without Jailbreaking

TrollStore iOS 17 brought exciting new features like customizable lock screens and live activities to iPhones, but it also took away some user freedoms. Apple continues to lock down iOS devices, making it difficult for power users to customize their experience. This is where TrollStore comes in.

TrollStore is an app store alternative that lets you install unsupported and cracked apps on your iPhone without needing to jailbreak. It takes advantage of some iOS vulnerabilities to allow app sideloading. With TrollStore on iOS 17, you can install emulators, file managers, app tweaking tools, and more.

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An Introduction to TrollStore

TrollStore acts as an alternative to Apple’s App Store by letting you directly install .ipa app files. This avoids needing to go through the App Store review process. TrollStore takes advantage of developer certificates and provisioning profiles to trick iOS into thinking the apps are legit.

However, TrollStore itself does not actually perform a jailbreak on your device. This means there is less risk to your device security and stability than with a full jailbreak. TrollStore apps also do not have complete access to change system files and settings. But they do let you customize your experience beyond what Apple normally allows.

Some things you can do with TrollStore on iOS 17 include:

  • Install emulators for platforms like Game Boy, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, and more
  • Tweak app features and behavior with injection tools
  • Unlock premium app features for free with cracked apps
  • Manage files directly with file manager apps
  • Customize visual themes
  • Block ads
  • And much more!

The main thing to keep in mind is apps installed via TrollStore only work for 7 days at a time. Then you need to re-open TrollStore to refresh their certificates. Installed apps also do not appear on your home screen. You need to launch them each time through the TrollStore app.

Requirements for Installing TrollStore

Before installing TrollStore, your iPhone or iPad first needs to meet a few requirements:

  • Must be running iOS 17 or later
  • Needs to be an iPhone 8 or newer. Does not work with many older devices.

TrollStore also needs a valid developer account to generate the app signing certificates. This can come from:

  • A paid Apple developer account you own
  • An Apple developer enterprise account provided by a signing service
  • An online signing service

The last option is the easiest if you do not already have an eligible developer account. Signing services provide everything needed behind the scenes to make TrollStore work.

Some recommended signing services that work with TrollStore include:

  • AppDB
  • Signum
  • Signulous

These services register developer accounts on your behalf to generate the certificates. They typically charge an annual or monthly fee.

As long as your device meets the minimum version requirements, you can use one of these signing services to install TrollStore.

Downloading and Installing TrollStore with AltStore

To get TrollStore itself onto your iPhone, you will use another unofficial app installer called AltStore.

Here is an overview of the complete install process:

  1. Install AltServer on your computer
  2. Connect iPhone to computer and install AltStore
  3. Use AltStore to install TrollStore
  4. Install a signing service app
  5. Refresh TrollStore certificate
  6. Browse and install apps from TrollStore

Now let’s cover each of these steps in more detail:

1. Install AltServer

First, you will need to install the AltServer application on your Mac or Windows computer.

On a Mac:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Download for Mac
  3. Open the AltInstaller file once downloaded
  4. Follow the prompts to install AltServer and related mail plugins

On Windows:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Download for Windows
  3. Run the AltStoreInstaller executable
  4. Follow the setup wizard to install AltServer and mail plugins

Once installed, leave AltServer open in the background.

2. Connect iPhone and Install AltStore

Next, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer via USB. Make sure it is unlocked and has an internet connection.

Open the Apple Mail app on your device. You should see an AltStore Mail Plugin message. Tap View Mail then Install AltStore. This will trigger the AltStore installation process.

When the install completes, you will find the AltStore icon on your home screen.

3. Use AltStore to Install TrollStore

  • From the AltStore home screen, tap the + button in the upper-right corner. Next, tap on Add from URL.
  • In the text box, enter the URL to download TrollStore:
  • Tap OK to add TrollStore to your available AltStore apps. Then tap Install to begin downloading TrollStore itself.
  • When the TrollStore installation finishes, you will be able to open it from the home screen like any other app.

4. Install Signing Service App

In order for TrollStore to function properly, you need to install an app from your signing service of choice.

If using AppDB for example, you can install the AppDB Pro app. This handles all the background app resigning to keep TrollStore working.

Launch TrollStore and tap the + button in the top-right:

Search for your signing service app and tap Install. Follow any additional setup steps if the app requests device registration.

5. Refresh TrollStore Certificates

Before you can install other unsigned apps from TrollStore, there is one last step.

Open the TrollStore app and pull down on the My Apps tab to refresh:

This will trigger your signing service to re-register the TrollStore provisioning profile.

You will need to repeat this refresh process around once per week for TrollStore to keep working.

6. Install Apps from TrollStore

Now TrollStore is all set up! You can browse the Categories tab to discover tweaking tools, emulators, and cracked apps to install.

Tap any app row and then tap Install to begin sideloading it. Use the My Apps tab to re-open your installed TrollStore apps.

That covers the complete guide to setting up TrollStore on iOS 17 without a jailbreak! Take some time to explore all the customization possibilities it unlocks.


And that covers everything you need to know to get TrollStore up and running on your iOS 17 device! With this alternative app store installed, you can now enjoy customizing your iPhone experience far beyond what Apple permits out of the box.

Just remember to periodically refresh TrollStore certificates and carefully vet any unofficial apps before installing them using TrollStore. Used properly, it opens up many excellent tweaking and customization options for power users looking to make iOS their own.

Summary of TrollStore Install Process

For easy reference, here are the steps to install TrollStore on iOS 17 again:

  1. Install AltServer on your computer
  2. Use USB to connect iPhone and install AltStore
  3. Open AltStore and install TrollStore
  4. Install signing service app like AppDB
  5. Refresh TrollStore certificates weekly
  6. Browse and install unsigned IPA app files

Enjoy all the new customization abilities TrollStore brings to your jailbreak-free iOS device!

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