How to Get Pixelborn on iOS

Pixelborn is an exciting new digital card game for iOS that brings the magic of Disney’s upcoming Lorcana game to life. Developed by fans, Pixelborn accurately recreates Lorcana’s art, characters, and gameplay in a free app. This in-depth guide will walk you through downloading and installing Pixelborn on your iPhone or iPad using Apple’s TestFlight beta testing program.

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An Introduction to Pixelborn

For those unfamiliar, Pixelborn is a fan-made adaptation of Lorcana, the upcoming strategic card game from Disney and Ravensburger. Lorcana features beautiful Disney illustrations on collectible cards that allow players to build creative decks and battle opponents. It combines artwork spanning Disney’s entire catalog of beloved animated films.

While Lorcana’s physical launch is slated for late 2023, Pixelborn offers iOS users early access to experience the game now. Developer Pavel Kolev recreated Lorcana digitally through painstaking analysis of previews and released card images. Pixelborn contains accurate card data, effects, animations, and gameplay for over 300 cards. It offers digital versions of Booster Packs to open, along with deck building and matches.

Pixelborn is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Disney, Ravensburger, or Lorcana. However, it represents an incredible effort by fans to recreate the magic of a highly anticipated upcoming game. For Disney fans eager for their first taste of Lorcana gameplay, Pixelborn is the closest experience currently available on mobile devices.

Joining the Pixelborn iOS Beta Test

Because Pixelborn is still in active development, it is currently only available on iOS through Apple’s TestFlight platform. TestFlight allows developers to distribute beta apps to testers before their public launch on the App Store. Follow these steps to join the Pixelborn beta and get access to the game early:

Step 1: Visit the Pixelborn Website

On your iPhone or iPad, open your web browser and go to site. Scroll down and look for the “Join the Beta” section. This section should have an orange “Join the iOS Beta” button. Tap this button to continue.

Step 2: Follow the TestFlight Link

Tapping the beta button will redirect you to an invitation link on TestFlight. TestFlight is Apple’s official beta testing service integrated into the App Store. Tap “View in TestFlight” to open the link in the TestFlight app.

If you don’t already have TestFlight installed, you will be redirected to its App Store page to download it first. TestFlight is free from Apple.

Step 3: Request Beta Access

In TestFlight, you’ll be taken to the Pixelborn beta testing page. To join, tap the blue “Request” button.

This will register your interest in beta testing Pixelborn. Note that spots are limited, so access is not guaranteed.

Step 4: Install the Pixelborn App

If accepted into the beta, TestFlight will show a new “Accept” button. Tap it to officially become a Pixelborn tester. You’ll then see an “Install” button.

Tap Install to download Pixelborn directly to your home screen like any other app. It may take a few minutes to process and appear. But once downloaded, you’re ready to start playing!

Getting Started in Pixelborn

Once you have Pixelborn installed on your iPhone or iPad, opening it will launch you right into the game. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the app’s core features and gameplay:


On first launch, Pixelborn will begin with a guided tutorial. This will walk you through core gameplay mechanics like mana crystals, card costs, attacking opponents, and winning matches.

The tutorial uses pre-built decks and provides tips explaining key concepts. Follow the on-screen prompts to learn the basics of playing card battles.

Deck Builder

After the tutorial, you will unlock the Deck Builder. This allows you to create and edit decks using all the cards available in Pixelborn.

Tap cards to add or remove them from your deck. Decks must be between 40-60 cards. You can also name and save multiple decks for different strategies.

Card Collection

From the Deck Builder you can also browse your full card collection. Here you can view stats for every card you own, mark favorites, and filter by attributes.

New cards are added to your collection from opening Booster Packs. Pixelborn accurately models Lorcana Boosters down to the card rarity distribution.

Battle Opponents

Once you’ve built a deck, it’s time to battle! The main PvE Battle mode has you dueling against AI opponents. Matchmaking pits you against enemies of similar skill.

Matches play out just like Lorcana, with mana crystals, card costs, and lane-based combat. Defeat all of your opponent’s heroes to win!

More Modes Coming

Pixelborn’s current beta version is just the beginning. The developer has plans to add real-time PvP battles, ranked competitive ladders, draft mode, and more. Expect new features and improvements through future TestFlight updates.

Pixelborn Card Gallery

One of Pixelborn’s most impressive technical accomplishments is recreating the artwork on over 300 Lorcana cards. Here is a sampling of some visually stunning cards you’ll get to play with:

  • Maleficent, Mistress of Evil
  • Maleficent unleashes powerful dark magic spells against opponents. Her abilities can drain life, curse enemies, and summon evil minions.
  • Elsa, The Fifth Spirit
  • As the magical Fifth Spirit, Elsa excels at freezing foes and generating icy shields. Her singing can also empower allies.
  • Sven, Loyal Reindeer
  • Kristoff’s trusty reindeer Sven charges into the fray with horns first. His stampede can damage entire enemy lines.
  • Cogsworth, Majordomo
  • As the meticulous Majordomo of Beast’s castle, Cogsworth keeps your heroes wound and coordinated. His clockwork kit provides order.
  • And those are just a few example cards! With stunning original art and innovative effects, Pixelborn truly brings these Disney characters to life. Seeing them animated in-game is a treat for any fan.

Is Pixelborn Safe to Download?

Because Pixelborn is not an official Disney or Lorcana product, you may rightly wonder about its safety and legality. Here are some key facts to know about Pixelborn’s status:

  • Pixelborn is completely free with no in-app purchases. It is a non-commercial fan project.
  • The developer is not actually using any copyrighted assets. All card art and images are original creations mimicking Lorcana’s style.
  • Pixelborn does not include any licensed Disney or Lorcana branding. The developer is not claiming ownership.
  • Fan-made adaptions and parody projects generally fall under Fair Use protections in copyright law.
  • However, Disney does reserve the right to request takedowns of unlicensed fan projects at their discretion.

In summary, Pixelborn itself does not include any stolen assets or code. It is simply an impressive fan recreation for enthusiasts to unofficially experience Lorcana gameplay. Feel free to enjoy it responsibly!

Closing Thoughts on Pixelborn iOS

Pixelborn offers an exciting early glimpse into the magic of Disney Lorcana through the passion of dedicated fans. While unofficial, it recreates the card game with stunning attention to detail and care. For those eager to try Lorcana as soon as possible, downloading Pixelborn is an incredible option.

The game will continue improving through future iOS beta updates. We can expect more features and modes that further expand the experience. For any Disney fans and card game enthusiasts with an iPhone or iPad, now is the perfect time to join Pixelborn’s magical world.

Summary of Steps to Install Pixelborn on iOS:

  1. Visit the Pixelborn website and tap the “Join the iOS Beta” button.
  2. Follow the TestFlight link and tap “Request” to join the beta program.
  3. If accepted, tap “Install” in TestFlight to download Pixelborn.
  4. Complete the tutorial, build a deck, and start battling opponents!
  5. Look for updates to Pixelborn via TestFlight as new content is added.

Enjoy exploring the magical world of Disney Lorcana through Pixelborn on iOS today! Let the epic card battles begin.

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