How to Get Android Emojis on iOS

Emojis on iOS have become an essential part of digital communication in the modern world. The cute and expressive icons help convey emotions and add fun to conversations. However, Android and iOS have their own sets of emojis, which can cause confusion or miscommunication when users on different platforms message each other. If you use an iPhone but want to access Android emojis, there are a few easy ways to get them on your iOS device.

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Why Would You Want Android Emojis on iOS?

Here are some key reasons why iPhone users may want to get Android emojis:

  • Wider variety: Android has more emojis than iOS, so you’ll have more options to express yourself. Popular ones like the shruggie (?️\u200d♂️), taco (?️), or face with cowboy hat (?️\u200d🤠) are missing on iOS.
  • Parity with friends: If most of your friends and contacts use Android, sending them iOS-only emojis may show up as blank boxes on their end. Getting Android emojis will ensure proper rendering.
  • Cool factor: Some people simply think the Android versions look better! The glossy iOS emojis may seem a bit more cartoonish and kiddish to some users.
  • Aesthetic continuity: If you also use Android devices, having matching emojis across platforms creates visual consistency.

How to Get Android Emojis on iPhone and iPad

Here are the top methods to get and use Android emojis on your iOS device:

Use Third-Party Keyboards

The easiest way is to download a third-party keyboard app from the App Store that includes Android emojis:

  • Gboard – This official Google keyboard has one of the most extensive emoji collections and is free to use.
  • SwiftKey – In addition to Android emojis, SwiftKey offers predictive typing and keyboard themes.
  • Fleksy – Fleksy’s customizable keyboard comes with Android emojis and GIFs.

To set up a third-party keyboard:

  1. Install the app from the App Store.
  2. Open Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards.
  3. Tap Add New Keyboard and select the app.
  4. Allow full access if prompted.
  5. Switch keyboards by tapping the globe icon when typing.

Install Emoji Fonts

You can install custom emoji fonts on your iOS device that replace the standard Apple emoji characters with Android designs:

  • EmojiOne – Offers simple, monochromatic emoji renditions.
  • Twemoji – Provides colorful and detailed emoji designs from Twitter.
  • EmojiCompat – Includes most Android emojis with very similar designs.

To set up emoji fonts:

  1. Install the font file from the provider (may require app or profile download).
  2. Open the font in the Files app and tap Install.
  3. Go to Settings > General > Fonts to enable the new emoji font.

Use Emoji Replacement Apps

Specialized apps can replace standard iOS emoji characters with Android versions as you type:

  • Androidify – Substitutes emojis and also allows creating custom emoji mashups.
  • Coursera – An emoji sticker pack with 1,500+ Android emoji replacements.
  • Sticker Maker – Convert photos into emoji stickers in Android style.

To use emoji replacement apps:

  1. Download the app from the App Store.
  2. Follow the setup prompts and allow keyboard access.
  3. The app will then automatically swap iOS emojis as you type.

Jailbreak Your iPhone

Jailbreaking removes Apple’s restrictions on iOS and allows installing unsupported apps and customizations like Android emojis:

  • EmojiLibrary – A Cydia tweak for jailbroken devices that adds Android emojis.
  • EmojiPort – Another jailbreak tweak to install Android emoji fonts.

However, jailbreaking comes with security risks and may void your iPhone’s warranty. Most users are better off using the other methods listed above.

Tips for Using Android Emojis on iOS

  • Not all emojis may render properly when messaging non-Android users. Expect to see empty boxes or standard iOS emojis on the receiving end at times.
  • If using third-party keyboards, enable emoji predictions and frequently used sections for quick access to Android emojis.
  • Many fonts only replace the standard emoji set. Newer emojis like the transgender flag (?️‍⚧️) may not get substituted.
  • Try out different emoji fonts and apps to find one that offers the style and breadth you want.
  • Keep your iPhone updated as Apple adds support for more cross-platform emojis over time.

The Future of Cross-Platform Emojis

The Unicode Consortium, which oversees emoji standards, aims to reduce inconsistencies and gaps between platforms over time. However, Android and iOS will likely continue having their own emoji designs for brand differentiation. Going forward, we can expect:

  • More emojis becoming available across both platforms.
  • Efforts by third-parties to provide cross-platform emoji support.
  • Users embracing emoji diversity rather than exact parity across devices.

The emoji language continues evolving rapidly. But with the various options to get Android emojis on iPhone and iPad, iOS users don’t have to miss out on the fun. Get the emojis you want using the techniques outlined above and express yourself in your own style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do iOS and Android have different emojis?

Yes, Apple and Google have their own distinct emoji designs, many of which differ significantly between their platforms. However, the total number of approved emojis is the same.

Do all Android emojis work on iOS?

Most Android emojis will show up on iOS if using a suitable third-party keyboard or font. However, some newer emojis may render as black-and-white images or iOS version. Full parity is difficult due to Apple restrictions.

Is it illegal or dangerous to get Android emojis on iPhone?

No, it is perfectly legal and safe to get Android emojis on your iOS device through keyboards, fonts, or apps. However, jailbreaking does involve modifying system files, so take precautions.

Will iOS and Android ever have the same emoji design?

Unlikely, as both brands want to stand out. But over time, more emojis are becoming nearly identical across platforms, and differences matter less to users.

Do SMS messages support cross-platform emojis?

SMS messages convert emojis into basic codes, so Android vs iOS emojis don’t matter. However, messaging apps can display platform-specific emojis if the recipient also has them.

Can I make my own custom emojis for iOS?

Yes, you can create custom emoji stickers and keyboards using apps like Bitmoji or Bobble. iOS 14 also lets you make personalized memoji emojis based on your face and expressions.


Emojis help us express a range of emotions and bring visual flair to conversations. While iOS and Android have their own emoji designs, you can easily get Android emojis on your iPhone or iPad using third-party keyboards, fonts, and apps. Try out a few options to find one that works best for you. With the techniques above, you’ll be able to use the latest and most popular Android emojis seamlessly on your iOS device.

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