How to Fix “Open image with URL” Error in Pixlr iPadOS

Pixlr is a popular free photo editing app available for iOS and iPadOS devices. It provides powerful tools to edit, adjust, and enhance photos right on your mobile device. However, some users have reported issues when trying to open images from a URL in the Pixlr app on an iPad. Specifically, they get an error saying “Unable to open image with URL”.

This error prevents you from opening and editing images directly from the web. It can occur due to various reasons, from iPadOS compatibility issues to problems with app settings. Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve this Pixlr error on your iPad.

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Understanding the “Open Image with URL” Error

The “Open Image with URL” error appears in Pixlr when you attempt to open or edit a photo from a web URL. For example, if you try to open an image from Google Images or other websites, Pixlr may show the following error message:

“Unable to open image with URL”

This usually happens when the app is unable to retrieve or access the image file from the URL you provided. Some common causes for this error include:

  • Problems with internet connectivity on your iPad
  • Invalid URL or unsupported URL format
  • Outdated version of Pixlr app
  • Restrictions with app permissions or settings
  • Incompatibility issues with the current iPadOS version

Without access to the photo file, Pixlr cannot open or edit the image from that URL. To use web images in Pixlr, you need to resolve this issue first.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the Error

Here are some troubleshooting tips to fix the “Open Image with URL” error in Pixlr on your iPad:

Check Your Internet Connection

First, ensure that your iPad has an active internet connection. Pixlr needs access to the web to retrieve images from a URL.

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and make sure you are connected to a working wireless network. Alternatively, check that cellular data is enabled if using mobile connectivity.

Also open the Safari browser and try to load some websites. If webpages fail to load, it indicates an issue with your internet access that prevents Pixlr from opening URLs.

Use a Valid Direct Image URL

Another potential cause is using an invalid URL or URL redirection.

Pixlr requires a direct link to the image file. Some image search sites like Google Images provide redirect links that lead to webpages instead of images.

Make sure to use the direct URL for the image file, usually ending in common image extensions like .jpg, .png, and .gif. You can typically get the direct URL by right-clicking and copying image address.

Using a valid direct link helps ensure Pixlr can access that image file without any redirections.

Update to the Latest Pixlr Version

An outdated version of the Pixlr app could also be the culprit behind the error. The developers may have fixed related bugs and issues in newer Pixlr updates.

Go to the App Store on your iPad and check if any Pixlr updates are available. Install the latest version of Pixlr to get performance improvements and bug fixes. An update can resolve compatibility problems that cause the “Open Image with URL” error.

Check App Permissions

Pixlr requires access to your photos, camera, and internet connection to function properly. If you have denied certain app permissions, it could prevent opening images from URLs.

Go to Settings > Pixlr and make sure all the necessary app permissions are enabled. Toggle ON photos, camera, and internet access. Give Pixlr the permissions it needs to access image URLs and your photo library.

Adjust Restrictions and Parental Controls

The error may also occur if you have set restrictions or parental controls on your iPad that block Pixlr’s functionality.

Under Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions, check if there are any restrictions for Pixlr or image/website access in general. Remove any limitations that could prevent Pixlr from retrieving photos from URLs.

Make Sure Pixlr Supports Your iPadOS Version

Pixlr may fail to open URLs if it doesn’t support the iPadOS version on your device. Using an outdated operating system can cause app compatibility issues.

Check that your iPad is updated to a supported iPadOS version. Updating to the latest iPadOS via Settings > General > Software Update can help fix problems with Pixlr.

You can also contact Pixlr Support to check if the app works on your specific iPadOS version.

Reinstall or Update Pixlr App

If other troubleshooting steps are unsuccessful, try reinstalling or updating the Pixlr app:

  • Delete and reinstall Pixlr from the App Store to clear any corrupted data or cache issues.
  • Install available Pixlr updates for potential bug and compatibility fixes.
  • Upgrade to a newer iPad model that supports the latest Pixlr and iPadOS versions if your device is too outdated.

Reinstalling the app or upgrading your iPad can help eliminate any software issues causing the error.

Contact Pixlr Support

If you still cannot resolve the problem after trying all troubleshooting methods, get in touch with Pixlr’s customer support team:

  • Visit Pixlr’s Help Center and search for solutions related to your issue.
  • Use Pixlr’s contact form to report the specific error and problem details.
  • Check the Pixlr user forums to see if other users have reported similar issues.

Pixlr Support can investigate the underlying cause and provide customized troubleshooting guidance based on your iPad model and settings.

Preventing the Error in the Future

Once you’ve resolved the current error, you can take proactive measures to avoid “Open Image with URL” issues reoccurring in Pixlr:

  • Maintain a stable internet connection on your iPad.
  • Use direct image file URLs instead of web page links.
  • Keep Pixlr updated to the latest version via the App Store.
  • Don’t restrict Pixlr’s app permissions or enable limitations that might block functionality.
  • Make sure to update your iPad’s operating system regularly.
  • Contact support if the error appears again without any obvious cause.

Following best practices for installing apps and managing your iPad can help prevent recurring technical issues with Pixlr down the road.


The “Open Image with URL” error in Pixlr for iPad can certainly be frustrating. But in most cases, it can be resolved with systematic troubleshooting and proper app management. Checking your internet connectivity, URLs, app settings, iPadOS version, and Pixlr updates can typically get the app opening web images again. Just be patient and try the different solutions outlined here to get Pixlr working smoothly once more. With the right troubleshooting approach, you’ll be editing online images to your heart’s content.

Useful Table for Troubleshooting the “Open Image with URL” Error in Pixlr

IssuePotential CauseSolution
Unable to open image from URLNo internet connection– Check WiFi or cellular data <br>- Test connection by visiting webpages
Invalid URL– Use direct image file URL instead of web page URL <br>- Check URL ends in .jpg/.png/.gif
Outdated app– Update Pixlr to latest version via App Store
Restricted app permissions– Enable Photos, Camera, Internet access in Settings
Parental controls blocking access– Adjust restrictions for Pixlr under Screen Time settings
Incompatible iPadOS version– Update iPadOS to supported version <br>- Check Pixlr system requirements
App issues– Reinstall Pixlr app <br>- Contact Pixlr Support

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