How to Fix NHL66 Not Working in Safari

Hockey fans know that NHL66 is one of the best sites for streaming NHL games online. However, you may sometimes find that NHL66 does not work properly or at all in the Safari web browser. There are a few potential reasons for this issue and several steps you can take to get NHL66 working again in Safari.

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Common Causes of NHL66 Not Working in Safari

Here are some of the most common reasons why you may be having trouble accessing NHL66 streams in Safari:

Geographical Restrictions

Like many sports streaming sites, NHL66’s content is geo-restricted in certain regions and countries. So if you are outside North America or another approved location, NHL66 may detect your geographical IP address and block access. Using a reliable VPN that allows you to switch your virtual location can usually bypass these restrictions.

JavaScript Disabled

NHL66 relies on JavaScript to function properly, such as for video playback, site navigation and interactive features. Safari blocks JavaScript by default, so you’ll need to explicitly enable it for NHL66.

Cached Old Site Files

Sometimes issues can occur if your browser has cached old files or data from the NHL66 site. Clearing your Safari cache forces the browser to freshly load the site.

Site Blocked by Safari

In some cases, Safari may have blocked access to NHL66 due to security concerns, parental controls or other reasons. You can check if this is the case and unblock the site.

Buggy Site Code or Heavy Traffic

Like any website, NHL66 can suffer from bugs or glitches in its code. Heavy traffic loads can also sometimes cause streaming issues. Trying again later often resolves these temporary problems.

How to Fix NHL66 Not Working in Safari

If you’re having issues using NHL66 in Safari, here are some step-by-step solutions to try:

1. Check and Change Location with VPN

The first thing to check is whether NHL66 is being blocked in your geographical location. The easiest way around these restrictions is to use a virtual private network (VPN) service to change your virtual location.

To get started:

  • Sign up for a reliable VPN service with servers located in NHL66-approved regions like the US and Canada. ExpressVPN and NordVPN both work well.
  • Install and launch the VPN software on your device.
  • Connect to a server located in an NHL66-approved region.
  • Launch Safari and try loading NHL66. The site should now work normally.

Using a VPN allows you to bypass geographical blocks and access NHL66 from anywhere. Be sure to select a server located close to you for the fastest streaming speeds.

2. Enable JavaScript in Safari

If NHL66 still isn’t loading properly, JavaScript may be disabled in Safari. Enabling it is easy:

  • In Safari, go to Safari > Preferences > Websites
  • Click the radio button next to “Allow JavaScript from:”
  • Select “All Websites” from the dropdown menu
  • Close Preferences and restart Safari

This allows NHL66 to leverage JavaScript for features like video players. Keep in mind that enabling JavaScript for all sites reduces security, so you may want to selectively enable it only for NHL66.

3. Clear the Safari Cache

Outdated cached data can sometimes disrupt sites like NHL66 from loading correctly. Clearing your Safari cache forces the browser to re-download the site’s files and resources:

  • In Safari, click Safari > Preferences > Advanced
  • Check “Show Develop menu in menu bar” to enable the Develop menu
  • Click Develop > Empty Caches to clear the existing cache
  • Restart Safari and navigate to NHL66 again

After clearing the cache, NHL66 should load fresh resources instead of using any corrupted cached data.

4. Unblock NHL66 in Safari

In rare cases, Safari may have blocked access to NHL66, treating it as a suspicious or dangerous website. You can override this to unblock access:

  • Go to Safari > Preferences > Websites
  • Click “Manage Website Data”
  • Look for NHL66 and click “Remove” to delete any existing blocking rule
  • Restart Safari and you should now be able to access NHL66 without issues

If NHL66 was inadvertently blocked, this will unrestrict the site.

5. Try an Alternate NHL Streaming Site

If you still can’t get NHL66 working even after trying the above steps, it likely indicates a deeper technical issue affecting the site. As a workaround, you can use alternate NHL streaming sites instead:

  • NHLGames – NHLGames works similar to NHL66 with both live and on-demand game streams. It offers Chromecast support and 60FPS HD quality feeds.
  • Sportsurge – Although not NHL-specific, Sportsurge indexes live NHL streams from various sources. Streams are aggregated from subreddits. Quality and reliability varies.

While not exact replacements, these sites can help you access NHL action while NHL66 resolves any problems.

6. Contact NHL66 Support

If NHL66 is down entirely or still not working for you after trying everything, you can reach out to their support team:

  • Go to
  • Click the “Contact Us” link
  • Explain the NHL66 issues you are experiencing in Safari
  • Include details like your location, Safari version, and any error messages

The NHL66 support team may be able to provide additional troubleshooting help or let you know if they are working to address site problems.

Final Thoughts

NHL66 is one of the handiest sites for streaming NHL games online. But Safari users may occasionally find it stops working for reasons like geographical restrictions or technical issues. In most cases, you can get NHL66 up and running again in Safari by toggling your virtual location with a VPN, enabling JavaScript, clearing your cache and

Table 1: Summary of Fixes for NHL66 Not Working in Safari

Geographical RestrictionsUse a VPN to change virtual location
JavaScript DisabledEnable JavaScript for NHL66 or all sites
Cached Old Site FilesClear the Safari browser cache
Site Blocked by SafariUnblock NHL66 in Safari website preferences
Buggy Site Code or Heavy TrafficTry again later or contact support

Following the troubleshooting tips in this guide should help you bypass any NHL66 problems. With the site back up and running smoothly, you can resume streaming your favorite NHL hockey action on any device using the versatile Safari browser. Just be sure to have reliable VPN protection active whenever accessing geo-restricted sports streaming sites like NHL66 for the best experience.

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