How to Fix 9anime Not Working on iPad

Watching anime on the go is easy when you have access to 9anime on your iPad. But sometimes you might run into issues with 9anime not working on iPad properly. Don’t worry, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try to get 9anime up and running again on your iPad.

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Use Google Chrome Browser

One of the most common reasons that 9anime may not work on the iPad is if you are using Safari as your web browser. 9anime seems to have issues running properly on Safari. The best solution is to use the Google Chrome web browser on your iPad instead.

Chrome has better compatibility with the 9anime platform. Download Chrome from the App Store and set it as your default browser. Try loading up 9anime again in Chrome and it should start working properly.

Chrome also has the advantage that you can install browser extensions that may help with any 9anime functionality issues. Make sure Chrome is your go-to browser for watching 9anime on iPad.

Change the Video Host

9anime offers different video hosts that you can select to load the anime videos from. It uses third-party hosts which means sometimes certain hosts stop working properly on certain devices.

If you are unable to get videos to load in 9anime on your iPad, go to the “Host” section in the 9anime sidebar menu. This brings up a list of different hosting providers. Click through each one until you find a host that loads the videos properly.

Some hosts that typically work well on iPad include MP4Upload, Mpserver, and Vidstreaming. Sometimes it is just a matter of finding the right hosting provider that works with your device and internet connection.

Check 9Anime Server Status

Before troubleshooting on your end, make sure that 9anime’s servers are up and running properly. The problem could be on 9anime’s end and have nothing to do with your iPad or browser.

You can check the official 9anime Twitter account which often posts updates if there are any service outages or technical issues. This can at least confirm if others are also having trouble accessing the site.

There are also 9anime server status checking websites you can use. These perform automated checks on 9anime’s servers from locations around the world. Simply Google “check 9anime server status” and you’ll find a few good options.

This allows you to see if it’s an isolated issue for you or a wider problem affecting 9anime for multiple users. That can help narrow down where the issue lies.

Clear Cache and Cookies

A simple fix you should try is clearing out the browser cache and cookies for 9anime. Over time, excess cached data and cookies can build up which can cause issues loading pages and videos properly.

In Google Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear Browsing Data. Make sure cookies and cached images/files are selected. Choose the timeframe as “All time” and then click “Clear data” to wipe the browser data.

Reload 9anime and test if videos will now play correctly. Flushing out the old browser data often helps resolve page loading problems. Make sure to also disable any ad blockers and VPNs as they can sometimes interfere with 9anime’s loading and functionality.

Use a VPN Service

Enabling a VPN connection is actually a clever trick for accessing 9anime if you are blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some ISPs identify 9anime and restrict access. Using a VPN routes your iPad’s internet connection through a different server, bypassing the block.

There are free and paid VPN services you can use. For iPad, we recommend ExpressVPN which offers fast servers that work flawlessly with streaming video. Connect to a server location that isn’t restricted and you’ll have full access to 9anime again.

The great benefit with ExpressVPN is that it offers a 30-day money back guarantee. You can try it out to confirm if a VPN allows you to open 9anime on your iPad successfully.

Restart the iPad

Before getting too in-depth with troubleshooting, try the old classic step of restarting your iPad. Close out of all apps and power down your iPad completely. Wait 30 seconds and then power it back on.

Once the iPad is booted back up, launch Chrome and try loading 9anime again. After a restart, your browser will have cleared out any glitches that may have been preventing 9anime from working properly.

Make sure to also check for any available iOS software updates. Installing the latest iOS update can also potentially fix general iPad performance issues that may impact 9anime.

Adjust Subtitle Settings in 9Anime

If you are having issues specifically with subtitles not displaying correctly on 9anime in your iPad, there are settings you can adjust in 9anime to fix subtitle problems.

When watching an anime video, click on the “CC” icon in the bottom right corner of the video player. This opens up the subtitle settings.

First, make sure the “Subtitles” toggle is enabled, so subtitles are turned on. Then click “Subtitle Settings”.

This allows you to select which subtitle language you want loaded. Try different languages until you find ones that display properly.

You can also adjust options like the subtitle font, color, size, and background. Adjusting these can help make subtitles readable if they aren’t displaying well.

Finally, make sure the video host you are using supports subtitles properly. Test different hosting sources until you find ones that work best for subs. With these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to get subtitles working again in 9anime on iPad.

Update the iPad Software

Keeping your iPad’s operating system up to date is always recommended. Apple releases software updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and address issues with apps and websites not working correctly.

To update your iPad’s iOS version go to:

Settings > General > Software Update

Install any available updates. This will upgrade your iPad to the most recent iOS version with fixes that can potentially resolve problems with 9anime functionality.

Check for new updates regularly to make sure your system is always running on the most optimized iOS software. Updates sometimes specifically target fixes for Safari and other apps which could improve 9anime access.

Enable Flash on Safari

9anime uses Flash for playing videos on desktop browsers. By default, Safari on iPad does not support Flash. To allow Flash:

Step#1. Open Settings > Safari.

Step#2. Find the ‘Smart Search Field’ and toggle it off.

Step#3. Open Safari and go to Menu > Settings for This Website > Enable Plug-ins.

Now when you open 9anime, it will show the Flash-based video player. Enable any permissions it asks for and the videos should load properly.

Having Flash enabled isolates the issue to Safari and allows you to determine if the lack of Flash support is what is preventing 9anime from working rather than other connectivity or server problems.

Try Anime Streaming Apps

Rather than accessing 9anime directly in the browser, consider using free anime streaming apps for iPad. Apps like AnimeZone, Anime Glare, AnimeXStream offer interfaces similar to 9anime with endless anime that you can stream.

The advantage of apps is they are designed for mobile optimization and touch controls. You can watch subbed or dubbed shows, keep track of watch history, and download episodes for offline viewing.

Apps do not have the same functionality as the full 9anime site, but offer an easy way to view anime conveniently on your iPad if you are having issues getting 9anime to work.

Switch to Desktop Mode

The 9anime website is optimized for desktop browsers. The mobile version can sometimes have issues. A workaround is to switch your browser to desktop mode:

  • Safari – Go to Settings > Safari and enable “Request Desktop Website”
  • Chrome – Go to Settings > Site Settings and select “Desktop site”

When accessing 9anime, it will now show the desktop site even on your iPad, which may provide better functionality. The desktop mode eliminates any mobile formatting issues.

However, the desktop 9anime site is not designed for touchscreens and can be tricky to navigate. Use this option as a temporary fix and make sure to switch back to mobile mode for general iPad browsing.

Access through a Mirror Site

Mirror sites are copies of 9anime that retain all the same content and functionality. If the main 9anime site is down or blocked, mirrors allow you to bypass that by accessing 9anime through an alternate domain.

Some top working 9anime mirrors include:


Copy the mirror site’s address into your iPad browser to check if you can now access 9anime successfully. The content is identical, so you can browse anime and stream videos just like on the original site.

Mirrors act as handy 9anime backups when you have trouble reaching the main site. Bookmark a few reliable mirrors to easily switch between them as needed.

Reset iPad to Factory Settings

If you’ve tried all other troubleshooting steps and 9anime is still not working on your iPad, a last resort option is restoring your iPad to factory default settings.

This will wipe your device back to like-new condition which can eliminate any corrupted files or settings that may be interfering with 9anime functionality.

To reset your iPad:

Step#1. Backup your iPad data to iCloud or iTunes. A factory reset will erase all data.

Step#2. Go to Settings > General > Reset.

Step#3. Select “Erase All Content and Settings”

Step#4. Confirm the reset. It will take several minutes to complete.

Once your iPad reboots, try accessing 9anime again. With all settings erased, it should now work normally without any previous configurations causing problems.

Resetting the iPad gives you a clean slate environment to properly test 9anime access and pinpoint the issue. Remember to restore your files from backup after resetting.

Contact 9anime Support

If you still can’t get 9anime Not Working on iPad after trying all troubleshooting methods, you can contact 9anime support. They may be able to provide additional solutions or confirm any issues on 9anime’s end.

To contact support, go to 9anime and click “Contact Us” in the sidebar menu. This will open an email form. Describe your iPad issue in detail and submit the form.

Make sure to provide information like your iPad model, iOS version, browser, and any error messages you see. This will help 9anime support investigate and identify potential solutions.

You can also try contacting them via social media like Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes they may respond faster to posts highlighting 9anime problems. Check if other users are reporting the same issue.


9anime Not Working on iPad, from changing browsers, clearing cookies, using VPNs, and even factory resetting your iPad, there are many troubleshooting techniques you can follow to try fixing 9anime access on your iPad. Testing different video hosts, updating software, and contacting 9anime support also helps identify the root cause.

Patience and systematically working through these solutions will hopefully get 9anime running smoothly again for your anime streaming. Don’t hesitate to try alternatives like desktop mode or dedicated streaming apps if you find the website itself is down. With the right workaround, you’ll be enjoying new anime episodes on your iPad in no time.

Summary of Troubleshooting Steps

  • Use Chrome browser instead of Safari
  • Change 9anime video host
  • Check 9anime server status
  • Clear browser cache/cookies
  • Enable a VPN connection
  • Restart the iPad
  • Adjust subtitle settings
  • Update iPad software
  • Enable Flash on Safari
  • Try anime streaming apps
  • Switch to desktop site mode
  • Access via mirror site
  • Factory reset iPad
  • Contact 9anime support

Troubleshooting 9anime Not Working on iPad

Safari browser problemsUse Google Chrome browser instead
Videos not loadingChange the video host in 9anime
Site not loadingCheck 9anime server status
Page loading problemsClear cache and cookies in browser
ISP blocking accessEnable VPN connection
General functionality issuesRestart the iPad
Subtitles not workingAdjust subtitle settings in 9anime
Bugs and performance problemsUpdate iPad software
Lack of Flash supportEnable Flash in Safari browser
Simpler interfaceUse anime streaming apps
Mobile site issuesSwitch browser to desktop site mode
Main site blockedAccess 9anime via mirror sites
Persistent issuesFactory reset iPad to default settings
Other problemsContact 9anime support

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