How to Download Snaptube ios For iOS 17 and Later Version?

Snaptube ios is a popular Android app that allows users to download videos and music from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and more. However, there is no official iOS version of Snaptube available on the App Store. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to download and install Snaptube on jailbroken iOS devices using Cydia.

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Apple’s App Store policies prohibit apps that allow downloading media from other platforms. Hence, Snaptube is not available for iOS officially. However, jailbroken iOS devices can install apps from third-party stores like Cydia. This allows installing Snaptube iOS by downloading the IPA file and sideloading it using Cydia Impactor.

While it is possible to get Snaptube on iOS using this method, it comes with risks. Downloading apps from unknown sources may compromise security or stability of the device. Additionally, the app may not function properly or could stop working after an iOS update.


Before downloading ensure the following:

  • The iPhone/iPad is jailbroken and has Cydia installed
  • Latest compatible version of iOS is installed
  • Cydia Impactor is downloaded on PC/Mac
  • Working internet connection on both devices

Also note that there may be legal risks involved in downloading copyrighted material without authorization.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to get Snaptube on your jailbroken iOS device:

1. Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

  • Open Cydia on your iOS device
  • Go to Settings
  • Enable the switch for “Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources”

This allows sideloading third-party IPA files.

2. Download Snaptube IPA File

  • On your computer, search and download the latest IPA file for Snaptube iOS from a trusted site
  • Connect your iOS device to the computer

Ensure both devices are connected to the internet.

3. Install Cydia Impactor

  • Download and install Cydia Impactor on your computer
  • Connect iOS device to the computer using a USB cable

This allows transfer of IPA file to iOS device.

4. Sideload Snaptube IPA using Cydia Impactor

  • Open Cydia Impactor on your computer
  • Drag and drop the Snaptube IPA file onto the Cydia Impactor window

This will install the IPA on your connected iOS device.

5. Trust and Verify

  • When prompted, enter your Apple ID and password to verify

This step is required to trust the uncertified developer.

  • Go to Settings > General > Profile on your iOS device
  • Tap on the new developer profile under “Device Management” and tap “Trust”

You can now open and use Snaptube app on your iOS device!

Using on iOS

Once successfully installed, Snaptube offers the following features:

  • Stream and download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and 1000+ sites
  • Convert videos to MP3 for offline playback
  • Manage and organize downloads on the device
  • Share media easily via messaging and social apps
  • Supports picture-in-picture mode for multitasking

While handy, use the app responsibly and avoid any copyright violations. Also, being uncertified software, Snaptube may stop working after iOS updates.

Uninstalling Snaptube from iOS

To remove Snaptube from your iOS device:

  • Delete the Snaptube app icon from the home screen
  • Go to Settings > General > Profile and delete the developer profile
  • Performing a factory reset will also remove any sideloaded apps

Uninstall when done to free up storage space or if the app stops functioning properly.


SectionsKey Points
Introduction<li>Snaptube not available officially on iOS App Store</li><li>Can be installed via Cydia on jailbroken devices</li><li>Comes with security and legal risks</li>
Prerequisites<li>Jailbroken device with Cydia</li><li>Compatible iOS version</li><li>Cydia Impactor on computer</li><li>Working internet connection</li>
Steps<li>Enable unknown sources in Cydia</li><li>Download Snaptube IPA file</li><li>Install Cydia Impactor on computer</li><li>Sideload IPA using Impactor</li><li>Trust developer profile</li>
Using Snaptube<li>Download videos and music</li><li>Convert to MP3</li><li>Manage downloads</li><li>Share media</li><li>Picture-in-picture</li>
Uninstalling<li>Delete home screen icon</li><li>Remove developer profile</li><li>Factory reset device</li>

While it is possible to install Snaptube on iOS through unofficial means, it involves security risks. Use the app responsibly avoiding any copyright violations. Also be prepared for the app to stop working after iOS updates.


Getting Snaptube on iOS requires jumping through a few hoops by jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad and sideloading the IPA file through Cydia Impactor. This allows installing apps not approved by Apple’s App Store policies.

However, bypassing iOS security in this manner can expose devices to malware and stability issues. There may also be legal concerns when downloading copyrighted material unlawfully.

Therefore, use caution when installing unofficial apps from third-party stores. Avoid piracy, ensure device security is not compromised, and don’t update iOS before uninstalling sideloaded apps like Snaptube.

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