How to Download & Play Suika Game on iOS

Suika Game, also known as Watermelon Game, is a fun and addictive mobile game that has become hugely popular in Japan. The physics-based puzzle game challenges players to cut slices from a watermelon without making it explode. With its cute graphics and simple but challenging gameplay, it’s easy to see why Suika Game has become such a hit.

If you have an iOS device and want to join in on the Suika Game craze, there are two main ways to get the game: downloading the official app from the Japanese App Store, or playing an unofficial web version on your mobile browser. Here is a step-by-step guide to both methods.

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Downloading the Official Suika Game App

To download the official Suika Game app on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to go through the Japanese App Store. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create a New Japanese Apple ID

Since Suika Game is currently only available on the Japanese App Store, you’ll first need to create a new Apple ID set to Japan as the country.

To do this:

  • Go to and click “Create Your Apple ID”.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, then fill out your information as prompted.
  • For Country/Region, select Japan.
  • For payment details, you can select None.
  • Verify your new Apple ID via email confirmation.

Once you have a Japanese Apple ID, you can use it to access the Japanese App Store.

Step 2: Purchase a Japanese App Store Gift Card

To actually download paid apps from the Japanese App Store, you’ll need to add funds. The easiest way is to purchase a Japanese App Store gift card online.

Popular sites like Japan Code Supply, Play Asia, and OffGamers sell Japanese App Store gift cards in various denominations. Make sure to select Japan as your country when purchasing.

The gift card code will be emailed to you quickly. Prices are around $5-10 for 1500-5000 yen gift cards.

Step 3: Redeem Gift Card on Japanese App Store Account

Once you receive the gift card code, it’s time to redeem it.

On your iOS device:

  • Open the App Store app.
  • Tap on your profile picture in the top right.
  • Select “Redeem Gift Card or Code”.
  • Enter the Japanese App Store gift card code and tap “Redeem”.

The gift card balance should now be loaded and ready to use in the Japanese App Store.

Step 4: Search for and Download Suika Game

With funds in your Japanese account, you can now finally download Suika Game!

  • Open the App Store app. Make sure you are signed in to your new Japanese Apple ID.
  • Search for “スイカゲーム” – this is Suika Game in Japanese.
  • Tap “GET” to download Suika Game for free.

After downloading, you can play Suika Game just like any other app. The main menus will be in Japanese, but the actual game is easy to figure out.

And that’s it! By creating a Japanese account, adding funds, and searching the Japanese App Store, you can download and play the official version of Suika Game on your iOS device.

Playing the Unofficial Suika Game Web Version

If you don’t want to go through the process of using the Japanese App Store, there is an unofficial web version of Suika Game you can play right in your mobile browser.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Your Mobile Browser

On your iPhone or iPad, open up Safari or your preferred mobile browser.

Popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera all work well. The web version of Suika Game plays in any modern mobile browser.

Step 2: Go to the Suika Game Website

In your browser’s address bar, enter the URL:

Copy code

This will open the Suika Game web app. The site is designed to be mobile-friendly, with large tap targets.

Step 3: Tap “Play” to Start

On the Suika Game web page, simply tap the large “Play” button to start.

This will immediately load the Suika Game. The web version looks and plays almost identically to the mobile app.

Step 4: Slice Watermelons!

You can now enjoy playing Suika Game directly in your mobile browser.

Use your finger to slide lines and slice up each watermelon. Be careful not to make a wrong slice and blow up the fruit!

The web version has everything the full app offers – fun gameplay, cute sound effects, and challenging physics-based puzzles.

Step 5: Bookmark the Website (Optional)

If you want to easily return to the web version of Suika Game, bookmark in your mobile browser.

Then you can just open your bookmarks and tap the link to play again anytime. No App Store required!

Gameplay Guide for New Players

Now that you know how to get Suika Game on your iPhone or iPad, let’s go over the basics of how to play the game if you’re new to slicing watermelons.

The Goal

The goal of Suika Game is simple – slice up the watermelon displayed on screen without making it explode!

You need to cut complete slices that separate from the fruit. If you cut an incomplete slice or deeply slice the seeds, the watermelon will blow up in your face.

Slicing the Watermelon

To slice the watermelon, use your finger or stylus.

  • Tap once on the edge of the watermelon to anchor the slicing line.
  • Drag your finger to draw the line.
  • Lift your finger to complete the slice.

You can draw lines in any direction. Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal – get creative with your slicing angle!

The physics engine will realistically cut and separate the watermelon segments you create.

Avoiding Explosions

Watch out for the seeds inside each watermelon. If you cut too close and expose or divide the seeds, the fruit will explode!

You have to carefully cut around the inner seed pocket, carving the melon away bit by bit. Take it slowly.

Also be sure to complete each slice. If you start carving a piece but don’t finish the cutting line, this will blow up the watermelon as well.

Completing Each Watermelon

The goal is to remove every last edible piece of watermelon flesh.

Keep slicing away parts of the rind until you are left with just the bare seeds. If any flesh remains when the seeds are isolated, you fail!

It takes precision, planning, and patience to fully slice each watermelon. But the satisfaction of completing a level is worth it!

Advancing to New Stages

As you progress, Suika Game will present you with larger and more complex watermelons to slice.

The game saves your progress, letting you advance through hundreds of stages. See how far you can go!

With practice, you’ll be able to conquer even the trickiest watermelon slicing puzzles that the game throws your way.

Tips and Strategies for Slicing Success

Here are some helpful tips and strategies to improve your watermelon slicing skills:

  • Start on the outside – It’s usually best to slice off the outer rind before attempting inner cuts. This gives you more room to work.
  • Follow seed contours – Pay close attention to the seed pocket shape and cut cautiously around it. Don’t blindly cut inward.
  • Vary slice angles – Diagonal, curved, and horizontal cuts all have their place for navigating tricky melon patterns.
  • Take small steps – Patience pays off. Remove pieces in small increments, and don’t get greedy trying to force a big cut.
  • Utilize pivot points – Completed slice segments can act as anchors. Pivot your next line off them to open new angles.
  • Visualize ahead – Plan out the order of your slices and which pieces you’ll target next. Think before you cut.
  • Learn from mistakes – Explosions show you what doesn’t work. Let each failed melon teach you for next time.
  • Stay calm – Some melons require slow, meticulous slicing. Resist rushing if you feel frustrated.

Mastering these tips and strategies takes time. But each completed melon brings you one step closer to becoming a master watermelon game slicer!

Troubleshooting Suika Game Issues

While Suika Game is straightforward to play, you may encounter the occasional technical hiccup. Here are some common issues and fixes.

App Won’t Install from Japanese App Store

If you can’t get the Suika Game app from the Japanese App Store, make sure you:

  • Are signed in to your Japanese Apple ID in the App Store
  • Have sufficient funds in your Japanese account
  • Search for the Japanese name スイカゲーム

Also check for errors like incorrect password or payment processing failure.

Web Version Won’t Load

If the web version gets stuck loading, try:

  • Refreshing the page
  • Clearing your browser cache and cookies
  • Switching browsers or resetting network settings

Check your internet connection and try loading on both mobile data and WiFi.

Can’t Draw Cut Lines

If your slicing touch inputs aren’t registering, attempt these fixes:

  • Close and re-open the app
  • Clean your screen
  • Use a stylus instead of finger input
  • Try holding your device in landscape orientation

Make sure your touchscreen is fully functional and responsive.

App Crashes or Freezes

As a last resort if Suika Game is crashing frequently:

  • Force close and restart the app
  • Power cycle your device
  • Check for app or iOS updates
  • Delete and reinstall the app
  • Contact the game developer for support

This should get things slicing smoothly again so you can keep playing!

Enjoy the Juicy Fun of Suika Game

That covers everything you need to know to start playing Suika Game on your iPhone or iPad.

Downloading the official app using a Japanese Apple ID gives you the full experience. But the web version is a quick and easy way to try Suika Game without going through the Japanese App Store.

With simple one-touch controls, cute graphics, and challenging physics-based puzzles, Suika Game is a must-try for casual gaming fans. Becoming an expert at slicing every last bit of watermelon without causing an explosion takes skill and strategy.

As you progress through the hundreds of stages, you’ll improve your cutting reflexes and precision. Master the satisfying art of watermelon slicing, only in Suika Game!

Table summarizing the key steps:

Official App1. Create Japanese Apple ID 2. Buy Japanese gift card 3. Redeem gift card 4. Download Suika Game
Web Version1. Open mobile browser 2. Go to 3. Tap “Play”

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