How to Download PGSharp on iOS 16 [Update]


PGSharp is a popular modded version of Pokémon Go that provides various cheats and enhancements for the game. It allows you to play Pokémon Go with joystick navigation, auto walk, auto catch Pokémon, teleport anywhere, and more. However, PGSharp is only officially available for Android devices.

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With the recent release of iOS 16, many iOS users are wondering if it is now possible to download PGSharp on their iPhones and iPads. Unfortunately, there is still no direct way to install PGSharp on iOS due to Apple’s restrictions. In this article, we’ll explore whether there are any workarounds to get PGSharp on iOS 16 and discuss alternative options for iOS users.

Is PGSharp Compatible with iOS Devices?

PGSharp is designed specifically for Android and is not natively compatible with iOS. The developers of PGSharp have not made a version for iOS devices due to the platform’s restrictions. Apple has very strict policies about apps installed outside of the App Store. Downloading PGSharp directly would violate Apple’s terms of service.

Attempting to install PGSharp through unauthorized methods like sideloading may result in your iOS device being banned from the App Store. There are also major technical challenges in porting the app due to differences in iOS and Android systems. Overall, PGSharp does not officially support iOS devices currently.

Can You Download PGSharp on iOS 16?

With the release of iOS 16, some users were hopeful that new features like iCloud Shared Photo Library would allow installing PGSharp. However, iOS 16 does not change the fundamental restrictions that prevent direct installation of PGSharp.

There is no way currently to download PGSharp directly from the App Store on iOS devices. The app is not available on the App Store since it violates Niantic’s terms of service for Pokémon Go. Any links claiming to offer PGSharp for iOS are highly suspicious and likely scams.

While iOS 16 introduces useful features, it does not modify the core limitations around third-party app installation. There are still no reliable methods to download PGSharp on iOS 16 as of now. Attempting unsupported installation techniques may risk getting your Apple ID or device banned.

Alternative Options for iOS Users

Though PGSharp itself is not available, iOS users do have some alternative options to enhance their Pokémon Go experience:

  • iSpoofer: A popular Pokémon Go spoofing app for iOS that allows joystick navigation, auto walk, and teleporting. However, it cannot do auto catch or other major enhancements.
  • iTools Mobile: Provides joystick navigation and auto walk for iOS devices. Like iSpoofer, auto catch is not possible due to limitations.
  • iAnyGo: Similar iOS spoofing app to iSpoofer with joystick and teleporting but no auto catch. Provides enhanced throws and other utility features.
  • Apple Watch: You can use an Apple Watch paired to your iPhone to help with hatching eggs, buddy candy, and passive gameplay when out walking or running.
  • PokeKeys: A Bluetooth device that auto catches Pokémon by automatically spinning PokéStops and throwing Poké Balls for you. It has an iOS app but requires the PokeKey device.

While these can’t provide the full range of PGSharp’s features, they do offer some options for iOS users to enhance their gameplay. Be cautious when using third-party apps and make sure to follow Niantic’s fair play policy.

Accessing PGSharp on a Android Virtual Device

If you need access to the full features of PGSharp, one option is to install it on an Android virtual device through software like BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install the Android emulator software on your iOS device.
  2. Create a new virtual Android device in the software.
  3. Open the Google Play store on the virtual device and search “PGSharp”. Download and install it.
  4. Login to the modded app with your Pokémon Go account credentials.
  5. You can now access PGSharp features like auto walk, auto catch, joystick on the virtual device while playing on your iOS phone.

This gives you a way to unofficially use PGSharp through an emulated Android environment. However, be aware this violates Niantic’s rules so use at your own risk.

Key Takeaways

  • PGSharp is not natively compatible with iOS devices and cannot be directly downloaded from the App Store.
  • Attempting to install PGSharp via unauthorized methods may get your iOS device banned.
  • iOS 16 does not change the core limitations that prevent installing PGSharp on iOS.
  • Alternative spoofing apps like iSpoofer provide some enhanced gameplay options for iOS users.
  • Using an Android emulator like BlueStacks can allow access to PGSharp but violates Niantic’s terms.
  • Be cautious of links offering PGSharp for iOS as they are likely unsafe or fake.

While PGSharp remains Android-exclusive for now, iOS users do have some choices to enhance their Pokémon Go experience safely and within policy guidelines. As methods evolve, there still are risks associated with unauthorized installation that should be carefully considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to get PGSharp on my iPhone or iPad?

No, there is currently no direct way to install PGSharp on iOS devices due to Apple’s restrictions against third party apps outside of the App Store. Any links claiming to offer PGSharp for iOS are likely fakes or scams that should be avoided.

Can I just download the APK file and install it?

The APK installation format is for Android devices only. PGSharp’s APK cannot be directly installed on iOS devices due to operating system differences. Attempting to install it may cause issues.

What happens if I try to install PGSharp on iOS without Apple’s approval?

Your Apple ID account and even device could get permanently banned from the App Store and other Apple services. Unauthorized installation bypasses security reviews and violates terms of service, so it has serious consequences.

Is iOS 16 going to allow installing apps like PGSharp?

No, the core limitations and restrictions that prevent sideloading PGSharp remain in place with iOS 16. The latest OS update does not modify key policies enforced by Apple regarding third party apps.

Are third party app stores safe for getting PGSharp on iOS?

No, downloading PGSharp or similar apps from third party stores carries high risk. These stores lack the security vetting of the official App Store and often distribute pirated or fake apps that could compromise your privacy and security.

Can I use Android emulators like BlueStacks to use PGSharp on iOS?

In theory yes, but setting up an Android emulator to install PGSharp constitutes unauthorized access and violates Niantic’s fair play policy, risking bans. Use at your own discretion understanding the consequences.

What iOS spoofing apps offer similar features as PGSharp?

Some recommended options are iSpoofer, iTools Mobile, and iAnyGo. They provide joystick navigation and auto walking but lack major enhancements like auto catch. They still carry risk of Niantic bans if abused.

Is it legal to use PGSharp if I’m on iOS?

No, attempting to access PGSharp via unauthorized methods on iOS violates the terms of service. Even on Android, using PGSharp or any spoofing app to cheat may constitute fraud depending on applicable laws in your region.


In summary, PGSharp remains exclusive to Android devices for the foreseeable future. iOS users have limited options to enhance their Pokémon Go gameplay through official apps like Apple Watch companions or spoofers like iSpoofer. However, directly downloading PGSharp on iOS 16 is still not feasible currently. While creative workarounds exist, they involve high risk of account bans and other consequences. Unfortunately, iOS users will have to continue waiting for an official iOS release of this popular modded app. Until then, ensure you thoroughly research and understand the implications before attempting any unauthorized installation methods.

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