How To Download And Use PeliSmart on iOS

Movie and TV show streaming apps have become incredibly popular in recent years, with services like Netflix, PeliSmart on iOS Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video dominating the market. However, one app that hasn’t gotten as much attention, but provides an amazing streaming experience, is PeliSmart. Unfortunately, PeliSmart is currently only available on Android devices.

But don’t worry iOS users – with a couple workaround options, you can still enjoy the magic of PeliSmart right from your iPhone or iPad. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get PeliSmart running on your iOS device, from downloading Android emulators to navigating the PeliSmart interface.

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An Overview of PeliSmart’s Features

Before we get into the installation process, let’s first take a look at why PeliSmart is worth the extra effort to install on iOS. Some of the standout features include:

  • Massive content library – Over 5,000 movies and TV shows available to stream on-demand, with new titles added regularly. You’ll never run out of things to watch.
  • Intuitive interface – Simple and easy to navigate menus make finding and playing content a breeze. No more endless scrolling trying to find a movie.
  • Offline downloading – Download movies and shows while connected to WiFi to watch offline when you don’t have an internet connection. Perfect for planes, road trips, or subway commutes.
  • Multiple profiles – Create customized profiles for different family members, with the ability to set restrictions for kids’ profiles.
  • Supports casting – Easily cast movies and shows directly from the PeliSmart app to your Chromecast or smart TV.
  • Affordable pricing – Access all features with a monthly or yearly subscription that is cheaper than competitors.

With this impressive set of features, it’s easy to see why PeliSmart has become a favorite among Android users. Now let’s look at how iOS users can get in on the action.

Option 1: Use an Android Emulator

The easiest way to run PeliSmart on an iPhone or iPad is by using an Android emulator. An emulator allows you to install Android apps by essentially tricking them into thinking they are running on an Android device, rather than iOS.

There are a few different emulator options available, but we recommend checking out BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. Both are free to download and relatively simple to set up. Here are the steps:

Download and Install the Emulator

  1. On your iOS device, open the App Store and search for “BlueStacks” or “NoxPlayer” to download the emulator app.
  2. Once downloaded, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  3. When prompted, sign in with your Google account or register for a new one. This will allow you to download Android apps from the Google Play Store.

Install and Sign in to PeliSmart

  1. Open the emulator and go to the homepage. This will look similar to an Android device home screen.
  2. Open the Google Play Store and search for “PeliSmart.” Download and install the app.
  3. On the PeliSmart app page, tap “Open” to launch the app.
  4. Follow the signup process by entering your email address and creating a password, or log in if you already have an account.
  5. And that’s it! PeliSmart should now be successfully installed on your iOS device via the Android emulator.

Using PeliSmart on the Emulator

Once installed, using PeliSmart via an emulator is the same smooth, intuitive experience as on an Android device. You can:

  • Browse, search, and stream movies and TV shows
  • Create multiple user profiles
  • Make downloads for offline viewing
  • Cast to a TV using Chromecast
  • Take advantage of updates and new features

Keep in mind that running apps through an emulator can sometimes come with minor bugs or lags compared to native performance. But overall, emulators provide a simple way to get PeliSmart working on iOS with few issues.

Option 2: Switch to an Android Device

If you try using PeliSmart on an emulator and find the experience unsatisfactory, the other option is to switch to an Android device for the full native app performance. Here are some pros and cons to weigh:


  • Native app experience – Get the smoothest performance without emulator lag or glitches
  • Full access to features – Use every feature seamlessly, including offline downloads and Chromecast capabilities
  • Wider selection of apps – Open up your access to thousands more Android-exclusive apps


  • Cost of new device – Need to purchase an Android phone or tablet, which can get pricey
  • Learning new system – Switching operating systems means adjusting to a new interface and ecosystem
  • Transferring data – You’ll need to move over your contacts, photos, apps, and other data to the new device

Making the Switch

If you decide switching to Android is the best way to enjoy PeliSmart, here are some tips:

  • Research the latest Android phones and tablets to pick one in your budget with features you want. The Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy lines are great options.
  • Use your Google account to install your favorite apps like PeliSmart seamlessly on your new device.
  • Take advantage of cloud storage services like Google Photos to transfer over images and videos.
  • Use the Move to iOS app from Google to easily transfer your contacts, messages, and other data.

It may take some adjustment, but once you get used to your new Android device, you’ll be able to immediately start streaming on PeliSmart and wonder why you didn’t switch sooner!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of PeliSmart

Once you have PeliSmart installed on your iOS device via an emulator or new Android device, check out these tips to get the most streaming enjoyment out of it:

  • Download over WiFi – Always download movies or shows while connected to WiFi to avoid using up mobile data.
  • Create multiple profiles – Set up customized profiles for each family member with their own watchlists and parental controls.
  • Browse new releases – Check out the New Releases section to stay on top of the latest movie and TV additions.
  • Look for deals – Take advantage of limited time sales or discounted subscription plans when available.
  • Turn on subtitles – Enable closed captioning for when you need help understanding dialogue.
  • Adjust data usage – Lower the playback quality in Settings to limit data usage for offline downloads.
  • Leave feedback – Use the “Send Feedback” feature to share suggestions for improvement directly with the PeliSmart team.

The Ultimate Movie Viewing Experience on iOS

While it takes a few extra steps compared to Android, iOS users can absolutely start enjoying everything PeliSmart has to offer by using an emulator or switching devices. The massive content library, elegant interface, offline viewing, and casting capabilities make PeliSmart a top-tier streaming app.

Follow our guide to get PeliSmart downloaded on your iPhone or iPad, and immerse yourself in the ultimate ad-free movie and TV show viewing experience. From the latest box office hits to your favorite throwback shows, PeliSmart provides endless entertainment options for you to stream anywhere, anytime. Ditch the vanilla streaming apps and unlock a world of cinematic joy.

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